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Symbolic team of the fifth round RPL

Symbolic team of the fifth round RPL

Symbolic team of the fifth round RPL

Anton Shunin (Dynamo)

In the match against Spartak, the goalkeeper Dynamo did not save the team from defeat. But without his 10 rescues, the Derby account could have been smashed. Some of them were very effective. I was especially impressed by the episode that was not in the statistics. After the reflected impact Shunin quickly climbed to his feet, rushed to the barbell and, despite the fixed offside, played a moment to the end, making another save. His game Anton gave his team a chance to win back.

Anton Shunin Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, "championship"

Lorenzo Melgarejo (Spartak)

In the absence of Eschenko, Spartacus ' attack roll went to the left flank, and in the match against Dynamo Melgarejo more than coped with the increased load. The defender has done a huge amount of running work, managing flank jerks distract attention Holmena from the Mesa and practice in defense. Right now Paraguayan because of its versatility looks preferable Kombarova. The winning goal in Derby only adds Melgarejo extra points in the fight for the place in the start.

Lorenzo Melgarejo Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, "championship"

Sverrir Ingason (Rostov)

Thanks to the pair of Icelandic defenders of "Rostov" the biggest spectacle of the match in Tula and remained carpet on the guest sector. In this case, if Sigurdsson was useful at his penalty, Ingason hosted on the whole half of the field "Rostov". The team defender made several important selections when Arsenal conducted rare tempo attacks. At the gate of the Icelandic without violations of the rules supplanted attacking owners of the penalty area, not allowing them to beat from advantageous positions. Ingason-The main culprit that Arsenal did not create almost anything at the gates of Abayeva.

Sverrir Ingason Photo:

There's one defensive team in RPL that can't be called a bus.
Watching their football is possible without matches in the eyes.

Adesoje Ojevole (Orenburg)

In the match against Krasnodar, the defender played a key role in the change of possession of the ball. Positionally Ojevole was located above other defenders of the team and in defense acted proactively, trying to take the ball at the beginning of attacks "Krasnodar". The defender made 5 interceptions, after which the transfer was sent to the free zone of Sutormina or Kozlov. Orenburg is the most dangerous Kontratakujushhaja team of the beginning of the season. including thanks to Ojevole.

Photo: RIA Novosti

Grzegorz Kryhovjak (Lokomotiv)

Kryhovjak perfectly played the match with "Anzhi" on the non-core position of the "eight". The pole gave Stoprocentnuju accuracy of transmissions in the final third, did not make any mistakes at long throws, and in the second half has executed a chic assist, as Loskov in the best years. The first in the season a truly top-match from the top-transfer "Lokomotiv".

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, "championship"

Tar, spectators, "Cockroaches!" … Cherkizovo fun!
And the locomotive scored more than one ball!

Eric Bicfalvi (Ural)

The next successful match of the leader of the Urals. In game with "Ahmatom" Romanians more often fell from a position "tens" in depth and already from there tried to play in aggravation. From the match in the match the number of cut-off Bicfalvi rivals confirms: The passing of the midfielder "Ural" is deadly, if the player all the time not to exert pressure.

Photo: RIA Novosti

Pavel Mogilev ("Rubin")

The whole first half did not give breath Razgonjajushhemu attack CSKA Bijolu. Mogilev intensively worked in Intimidations on another half of the field, smashing the already crude build-up of the team Goncharenko. After the replacement of Bijola midfielder was not so active in defense, but several times dangerously involved in counterattacks. In the second half from his transfer to the penalty was to score a substitute Bukharov.

Pavel Mogilev Photo: RIA Novosti

Nikolai Dimitrov (Ural)

The main addressee of genius Bicfalvi. Dimitrov was forced to play against the compacted left edge of the defense "Akhmat" with helped two flank players Ismajelem. Close Bulgarian failed. Dimitrov the defenders of "Akhmat" several times. Midfielder immediately found a transfer bicfalvi-in one of these Zabeganij "Ahmat" saved only the crossbar.

Nikolai Dimitrov photos: RIA Novosti

Alexei Ions (Rostov)

The most stubborn player of the tour. The whole match against Arsenal of ions was opened on the last line of defense of the opponent. The striker twice appeared in offside, and when still got a ball in a penalty, across on defenders of "Arsenal" and remained with nothing. The player was not able to score from the game, but in one of the border with offside situations cheated vigilance linesman and earned a penalty, which decided the outcome of the meeting.

Alexey ions Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, "championship"

This helped Spartak win the Derby. Tactical analysis
"Spartak" wisely took advantage of Dynamo's mistakes.

The Luis (Spartak)

Provided a quick way out of defense through the shifts in the flanks to the free space. He started the command pressure of "Spartacus" on the foreign half of the field. The whole match was used as a gap between dynamo lines, opening as comfortably as possible under the owned ball of the partner. Finally, never turned off from the game, from nothing earning a penalty for his team. The game in Derby-an example of the fact that the striker is not always to speak exclusively scored goals.

The Luis Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, "championship"

Andrey Kozlov (Orenburg)

3 goals in the first 5 matches of the championship and the first line in the Bombardier race-not bad for 29-year-old debutant RPL. In the game with "Krasnodar" Kozlov did not give life to Spaichu, had with a five great moments to bury the guests in the first half, but scored only one of them. However, all Russian strikers have such "problems" with implementation.

Photo: RIA Novosti

Coach: Vladimir Fedotov (Orenburg)

The Kontratakujushhaja game of Vladimir Fedotov's team is one of the main discoveries of the championship. Fedotov instilled "Orenburg" high-quality low block and fast flank transition from defense to attack. It turns out chic. In the match against Krasnodar, Orenburg, acting from defense, scored 2.34 XG-more than any other team in the 5th round.

Vladimir Fedotov Photo: RIA Novosti


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