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Zenit – Spartak without Vilkova. The sunset of the cult judge

Zenit – Spartak without Vilkova. The sunset of the cult judge

Michael Forks

Mikhail Forks is a legend of Russian football. And it is amazing that the cult character in our days is not a person who paints eyebrows, makes a tattoo on the face or commits with itself something extravagant, and downed and Ruddy Novgorod Kalac, confidently hiding the forehead under the srednepolosnoj bangs downwards.

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Forks did not do anything unusual for the crowd to've its elements omnipotence. It is said that this judge influenced the fact that red-White conceded 15 goals from Zenit in 3 Petersburg matches. Exactly forks arranged so that "Spartak" with him gains only 20 percent of points. And Mikhail Fedorovich performs the will of Gazprom, all whistling and whistling for Zenit victory.

And no one can interfere with this judge: neither the Fedun, nor the Mutko, nor the changing heads of the judicial departments – whatever estimations are made, in whatever references Mikhail Novgorod is not sent – he goes on the pitch and decides in the main matches.

The cult of personality of Vilkova now reaches such values when the texture and the essence are no longer needed. But sometimes it is useful to peel the husks.

Here is the match between Zenit and Spartak in 2012.

Who gave the team football, in which Petrograders could score 3 in the first 15 minutes? Who forced Biljaletdinova to step on the ball in the middle of the field and still bring assist attack in their gates? Who prevented Chelsea to catch at least that flew at arm's length? Who allowed Zenit to create 12 scoring chances, but did not allow Spartak to hit the goal more than 2 times? Who shatter nerves McGeady, again busload to foul on red?

Maybe a judge?!

Of course, given that the forks from the bottom put a penalty shootout "Spartacus" in the score 2:0, when Hubocan completely knocked out the ball from under the foot Emenike. It was a tricky plan and, of course, the forks knew that Bilyaletdinov would punch in the center and jog late on finishing, finally destroying his team.

But all the details disappeared, leaving the legendary: Zenit-Spartak-5:0. Delete: McGeady. Judge-Forks.

Max-Factor "Zenith"
Zenit did not notice the loss of the main attackers. The confirmation of this is the uniform defeat of "Spartacus" with victorious Maxim Kanunnikova and the access to the sole leaders of the championship.

But fast forward to 2016.

The judge so wants to help Zenit, which treats a difficult episode in favor of "Spartacus", allowing the ze with Popov to open an account. Further we are waiting for a festive match, where a weaker team Alenicheva in the open chopped with the Hulk, Vitselem and Villashem-Boashem, long lead in the score, does not realize five or six of his moments and in the ending misses a few cool balls.

And again, there is no doubt that these forks ordered the Luis to get into the crossbars, and Makeevu not to keep up and to foul, in parallel prohibiting the grenade to select the balls and fight, and the eyebrow-to bail out.

I would, by the way, go further, saying that it was the judge that night put on the plane of Spartak Dzjubu and set Alenicheva in front of fedunom and fans.

But the madness and courage of that "Spartacus" were erased from memory.

There is another, "Zenit"-"Spartak"-5:2. Delete: Makeev. Referee: Forks.

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Spartak had one more five in 2017.

It happened a year ago, and hopefully not yet need to explain who created the goals and programmed Luiz Adriano to run the entire field to hit Smolnikova and fly out of football for three matches. So here we write with the correct historical approach.

Zenit – Spartak – 5:1. Removal: Luiz Adriano. Referee: Forks. Aggregate: 15:3.

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And all right would be the forks dragged only "zenith". With him, Spartak won only 4 matches out of 22, and we only take RPL. Do you know how the judges killed the Carrera team in the last season's match against Ahmatom (1:3)? Remember how Mikhail Fedorovich a couple of years ago helped win in Moscow distress "Anzhi" (1:2), appointing, however, in the gate Mahachkalincev penalty? And the season 2014/15 and defeats from "Amkar" and Tula "Arsenal" (I would not be surprised that the fall of the fan from the roof of the stadium-also the work of the hands of Vilkova) in the guest-it is impossible to forget?

Well, in fact, it is difficult to remember the big and scandalous decisions at least in one of the listed matches. Forks-something-will have to spoil the legend-not so influential villain. He is an ordinary, good Novgorod judge, who lately is so much and wildly mistaken, that it is unlikely that there will ever be judged "Spartak" with "Zenit".

In three matches of this season his brigade arranged suicide.

First in "Ufa" they did not count the goal of "Lokomotiv", although during the whole episode (from the beginning of the episode to the goal of the strike) Eder was in feet from the position outside the game.

Finished himself forks in Tyumen on the game "Yenisei" with "wings".

On the 13th minute he did not put a penalty in the gates of the hosts after hitting the ball extended hand Yatchenko. Perhaps he was prevented by a crowd of players. So it happens-when the goalkeeper does not respond to the blow from behind the wall.

On the 23rd was not punished for the simulation of Obradovic. May have judged that the Serbian did not restrain balance in the struggle. Again a special case: players sometimes also choose the wrong decisions.

But the episode on the 33-th minute, if compared with football fjejlami, is similar to the accented strike on its own goal in the absence of rivals.

The removal of Lanina, invented by Vilkovym, is the strangest thing in Russian football in recent years. Samarec not rude, lacked an opponent for a T-shirt, did not beating the attack from the tempo-he tactfully grabbed Obradovic for the corps and got a commanded in the face. You can talk for a long time about the interpretation and position of the judge, but it is time to call things by their names.

First, if someone had to get a red card, the player "Yenisei".

Secondly, this terrible decision of the judge spoiled the match and affected the result.

Third, if the forks after two matches on the third (read about his work at the match "Amkar"-Arsenal in March last year) creates scandals on the empty spot and destroys the reputation, so, can not match the level, and his place on the bench.

So the department of judging, to again not look magically comical, is obliged to make a decision. The decision, in which there will be no pressure of "Zenit", Fans of "Spartak", Andrey Tikhonov from "Wings", the judge-friend-Nizhny Igor Egorov in "Yenisei", The Lost "Amkar" or surviving "Anzhi". The decision, to which the legend of Russian refereeing has led itself.


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