The attackers of Tottenham are facing the army. It'll save the Asian Games gold – 1xSport
The attackers of Tottenham are facing the army. It'll save the Asian Games gold

The attackers of Tottenham are facing the army. It'll save the Asian Games gold

Sleep Heung min

The further fate of Tottenham Heung Mina's striker is dependent on the result of the South Korean team at the Asian Games currently taking place in Indonesia. The thing is that the main talent of Korean football is still not served in the army, and to give a reprieve from the service he can only gold games. So now all the thoughts and forces of the striker are directed to the final match: September 1 Koreans to play with Japan. Otherwise UPDF still have to change boots on army boots, and a million salary-for 150 dollars a month.


The law of South Korea is such that every man between the ages of 18 and 35 years is obliged to serve in the Army either 21 or 24 months – the term depends on the type of troops. A few exceptions have been made for the players. First, they need up to 28 years to get the service. Secondly, you can get an exemption from the army-all you need to win a medal at the Olympics or take gold at the Asian Games. In this case, the player passes only military charges for four weeks, and then forever forget about the service.

It is on the champion of the Asian Games and hopes now dream. For him, this is the last chance to get an exemption from the army, otherwise with England still have to say goodbye. And this situation is not advantageous either to the player or to Tottenham. Especially since recently the dream extended the contract with the club until 2023.

What's the Asian game?

The sports competitions are held every four years among all Asian countries under the aegis of the Olympic Council of Asia and are regulated by IOC supervision. Football, by the way, one of three kinds of sports which is presented on Asian from the beginning, that is since 1951. In these games, the South Korean team withdrew from the second place, and then defeated Iran, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and made it to the final. Interestingly, in general, the Asian Games are players born in 1995 and younger, but as an exception, you can declare three players born before 1995-one of them just became a dream Heung min.

But Pak Ji Sung did not serve. Why?

He received an exemption from service in the Army for the 2002 World Cup. Then the national team of South Korea under the leadership of Hus Hiddink showed a sensational result, finishing fourth place.

Why didn't Heung Mina sleep before?

According to the law of South Korea, a man can send an application for the desire to undergo military service at any time until he is 35 years old (or, in the case of athletes, 28). The dream could have been released from the army in 2014, when the South Korean team in the Asian Games final defeated the DPRK and won the gold. But the club did not let him go to the competition: Bayer insisted that the games are not included in the official FIFA calendar. So the dream until the last was waiting for the opportunity to get release. Fortunately for the player, this time "Tottenham" made concessions and allowed the striker to skip the beginning of the season.

What if they take it?

Not so sad: Sona has a big chance to get into the football club instead of the army part. In the Championship of Korea there are two teams, where players play: One Army ("Sangju Sanmu"), the other-Police ("Asanas Mugunghwa").

-There are only the best players, the middle class players there to be difficult,-told in an interview to the championship Valery Sarychev, founded in Korea goalkeeper School. — There is a coaching board, which chooses the players for the season from those who will serve in the army. Take the best of the best. During the service they also play football, just a certain amount of time is paid also military training. It's a must.

By the way, the performance for such clubs does not deprive the players of the opportunity to get to the big tournaments. For example, in the national team of Korea, there were three players in the world Championship in Russia: Hon Chol and Kim Ming Woo from "Sangju sanmu" and Chu Se Jong from "Asan Mugunhua".

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Valery Sarychev knows everything about Korean football. He's known as Shin Sona.

Important point: To get into the army or police club, it is necessary to play in the K-League half a year. If it is not a big problem for the players who play in the local championship, there is a huge minus for playing abroad. That's why many people try to serve early. Moreover, it is almost impossible to slope from the army in Korea, but kick behind bars for dodging is easy. Moreover, the Korean people are so sensitive in this matter that without a military ticket you will find it difficult to get a job, get married, and also have to live in an eternal censure from the public. In general, did not serve-became a waste of society.

Other options to avoid the Army no?

You can, of course, consider the option of changing citizenship, but so far no such story related to celebrities has not ended well. For example, the model Yu sung Jun in 2002 received an American passport to avoid service in the army. But suddenly its popularity has waned, and the Government of Korea did not allow him to conduct activities on the territory of the country.

So Sleep Heung Mina has only two options: either to win gold in the final, or to go to the army for two years.


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