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Promes One Foot in Seville. "For" and "against" transfer

Promes One Foot in Seville. "For" and "against" transfer

Quincy Promes

Sevilla and its fans stefanyked from anger: The faithful transfer of Mariano from Lyon fell a couple of days before the closing of the transfer window. Plans of the Andalusian club brazenly upset the metropolitan grand. According to Diario de Sevilla, Real Madrid has put forward an ultimatum: "Either go to Madrid or stay in France." As a holder of the player's rights, he had the right to dictate the player. Yes, and Mariano, apparently, was not averse to return to the team of youth. Thus, Julen Lopetegi received an attacker who "ordered" his superiors, and his Seville colleague Pablo Machin forced to activate "plan B". In the list of his unrealized "wanted" under the second (after Mariano) number is Quincy Promes.

The leader of "Spartak" showed the goods to the face of "Sevilla" last autumn, when literally "Zamordoval" the Spanish guest on "opening the arena". That evening, red-white gave the brightest match evrosezona, and not even one, and Promes-perhaps the best game for the time of performances in Russia. Since then "Rohiblankos" has changed the coach and seriously updated the composition, but his Dutch "executor" in the club did not forget. And in the coming days, maybe even the clock will try to recruit him.

Will promes go to Seville? RPL Transfers Table
CSKA buys a Japanese, and "Ufa" is a player from Luxembourg.

At first glance, all of them are interested in this transfer. With the player everything is clear: Quincy Long needs a new career challenge, and one of the oldest and authoritative clubs in Spain is able to satisfy his athletic vanity. This is certainly not "real" or "Barcelona", but at the age of 26 to reject such proposals in the naïve hope of the grand's attention-silly. Moreover – after the departure from the Champions League. The interest of Sevilla in Promese is also easily explained: The club outgoing in the summer capital strengthened the destructive block of the team, but practically did not strengthen the offensive. Pablo Machinu Elementary lacks "material" for the construction of "Seville" of his dreams. Not from a good life he is forced to use in place of the extreme forwards in the system 3-4-3 then attacking midfielder Vazquez, the classic forwards Nolito. The situation is aggravated by the unimportant form of Ben-Jedera: In super against "Barca" Wissam left for 5 minutes, in the last round of the championship against "Viljarreala"-on 7. The value of the Mesa in the eyes of Machina increases its versatility: if necessary, Quincy is able to move from the flank to the edge and perform a "nine"-any experience there. 66 goals and 34 "assist" in 135 matches for "Spartak" is also a convincing argument. The results at the start of the new season – five wins in five matches of the Europa League and four points out of six in the example – seemingly do not imply the needs of the club in the emergency hiring. But with real "thoroughbred" opponents "Sevilla" has not played yet. What was enough for the defeat of "Rayo Vallecano" or "Zalgiris" against "real" or "Barca" may not be enough even for a draw. The desire to machina lengthen and improve the quality of the clip is natural and fair.

Spartacus has an interest in this story. Leonid Fedun for a long time did not sell players with appreciable "Navarom", and here Nakljovyvaetsja a record transfer jackpot in club history. So far, the first number in the ranking of sales of red-white is Roman Pavlyuchenko and 17.4 million euros from Tottenham. Obviously, for the Mesa is really bail out more. And the thing here is not even in the difference in the class of performers-try to calculate it from the Masters of different specializations. Just the money for the past ten is so depreciated that the purchases for fifty million people do not cause otoropi. Madrid "Real", not even guessing about it, played in the hands of "Spartak". Now Muscovites can dictate the conditions of Sevilla. True, short and not too hard. If the parties do not reach a consensus before closing the window, the red and white will remain without money, and most likely without the previous mesa. No matter how exemplary the pros and the cleverest Quincy, the Russian championship no longer excites him as before. He gave to Spartak all that he could, and clearly needs new stimuli, emotions and atmosphere. It can be seen on the game, on the mood. By evidence in social networks.

Russia is ruining the mesa. He must be released.
Quincy is waiting for the season again without motivation.

It is important for Spartak not to bend the stick in trading with the Spaniards. It is necessary to understand: "Sevilla" is not from those Motov which "nasypljut" as much as they ask. Her policy is different: buy cheaper-to sell more expensive. The largest transfer to the entrance of the Spanish red-white turned a year ago, buying from "Sampdoria" Luis Murijelja for 21.5 million. Compare with top "outbound" deals: Gameiro and Bacca – 30 million each, Dani Alves – 35.5 (and it is in 2008!), Lengle – 35.9, they – 36.

The Spanish media disagree on the financial demands of Spartacus. Some write about 30 million, others-about 25. Both of them are solidarity in one thing: "Sevilla" in any case will knock down the price, contempt for the desire of the football player to change the registration. There are those for whom the appearance of the surname of the mesa in the short-list "Rohiblankos" was a surprise. If this transfer happens, I would be surprised, "Juan Castro, editor of the authoritative Spanish" brand ", said in a conversation with the" championship ". -Promes fast player and long in sight, but he-not goalscoring. and Sevilla needs the attacking penalty area, which will score a lot. Performers of other roles there is enough. This is the first argument against the transition. The second is the price. 25 million is too expensive for Seville. "

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