Salah can leave the national team. His mother is threatened by an Egyptian official – 1xSport
Salah can leave the national team. His mother is threatened by an Egyptian official

Salah can leave the national team. His mother is threatened by an Egyptian official

Mohamed Salah and Ramzan Kadyrov

The discussion about whether FIFA should use the capital of Chechnya, the city of Grozny, as one of the bases of the 2018 World Cup, broke out well before the start of the tournament. For example, Human Rights Watch, in February 2018, expressed dissatisfaction with this choice: "FIFA should reconsider its decision and change the place of base of the national team during the 2018 World Cup instead of Grozny to another city".

The position of Gianni Infantino and the Egyptian team remained unchanged. The reason for the choice of Grozny was told by the Ambassador of Egypt Ihab Nasr: "Chechnya was adopted on the basis of several criteria. It's the atmosphere, the climate, the location, etc. " As a result, the African team settled in Grozny. The president of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, personally conducted the Salah and the company in the open training. He described this meeting as: "Mohammed Salah was agitated and overjoyeded to see him so loved and respected in Chechnya, and expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome." Human Rights Watch expressed confidence that Kadyrov used this meeting for personal purposes.

As Kadyrov came with Salah to greet the fans-in a review of the formidable

Around the star of Egypt national team there were many events before and during the world Championship. In Grozny Salah flew yet not are from the damage received in the final of the Champions League. To return to the match with Russia to the striker Liverpool, may have helped 100-kilogram cake, donated egiptjaninu for his birthday. With the Russian team, Salah eventually played, though not too bright.

Salah for birthday in Chechnya gave 100-kilogram cake

However, despite the non-withdrawal from the group, Salah went home not empty-handed. Ramzan Kadyrov awarded Egiptjaninu the title of Honorary citizen of the Chechen Republic. "Thousands of children, young men and older people have the opportunity to see one of the best players in the world, to talk to him. Unprecedented interest appeared to football, although in Chechnya traditionally always loved to play, "-motivated his decision Kadyrov. In addition to the copy of the Order and the badge, Salah received a gift T-shirt "Akhmat".

Mohamed Salah and Razman Kadyrov Photo:

Speculation around Salah continued when CNN reported the star's desire to leave the national team because it was allegedly used in Grozny for political purposes. Both Chechen authorities and representatives of the Egyptian team refuted this.

However, Salah himself yesterday publicly criticized the Football Federation of Egypt for a bad security organization for the players of the national team during their stay in Grozny: "We were often distracted during our stay in Russia. Twice I could not go out to the restaurant as I was told that I can not get down from the hotel for security reasons. There was a crowd of people. " The Egyptians added that he was often distracted by guests who were in the room and wanted to talk.

The official response from the Football Federation of Egypt Salah did not receive. But the member of the Board of Directors of the organization Khalid Latif began to threaten the player almost openly: "I would like to remind Salah that his mother is still in Egypt. You're abroad and you can do whatever you want. I think a lot of people will understand what I'm talking about. " What is it, if not a hidden threat?

At the request of the "championship" of the Mediadirektor Football Federation of Egypt Osama Ismael commented on the statement of Salah about the inconvenience at the base in Grozny.

"The conditions at the base in Grozny were quite normal. The only thing that Mohamed Salah complained about was the attitude to some of the guests of the base. The guests wanted to take pictures with him at the wrong time. Salah wants the team to practice in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere. It needs to be prepared for the matches, "he said.


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