As Dasaev became the main goalkeeper of "Spartak". Stories from Romanceva – 1xSport
As Dasaev became the main goalkeeper of "Spartak". Stories from Romanceva

As Dasaev became the main goalkeeper of "Spartak". Stories from Romanceva

As Dasaev became the main goalkeeper of "Spartak". Stories from Romanceva

On September 11 the sale of Oleg Romanceva's autobiography "The Truth About Me and" Spartak "starts. This is a book written by him in co-authorship with the deputy editor-in-chief of the "championship" Denis Whole. In his memoirs Romantsev tells about all stages of his life, which has always been completely connected with football. His "Spartak" for a decade was the flagship of domestic football. He raised a constellation of talented football players such as Alexander Paving, Valery Karpin, Vladimir the Unprivate, Dmitry Alenichev, Yegor Titov, Andrey Tikhonov. This book is a fascinating story from the first person: about those times when Romantsev himself played in "Spartak" and the USSR team, and his brightest coaching career, which abruptly broke down in the mid-2000s. Here you will find details that have never been seen before in the media.

King, just a king! The most-in the career of Alexander the bridge
The best Russian Legionnaire of the 1990s – 50!

In addition, the exclusive details of the joint work with ROMANCEVYM are shared by his associates-Georgy Yartsev, Alexander Tarkhanov, Yuri Vasilkov, Alexander Haji; The players with whom he played together – Yuri Gavrilov, Alexander Mirzoyan, Valery Gladilin; Players under his leadership – Yegor Titov, Valery Karpin, Viktor Onopko, Dmitry Radchenko, Andrey Tikhonov, Dmitry Alenichev, Vasily bags.

This book will help you to better understand the personality of a coach who has long been invincible in Russia. Romantsev shares the secrets of the profession and remembers vivid stories from the life of Spartacus. He also explains why he actually decided not to return to coaching. Championship "publishes excerpts from the book. This time we offer the readers to plunge into 40 years ago – in the period when Romantsev just started playing for Spartak. * * *

I accustomed to Moscow for a long time, two or three years. When I first played for Spartak, I thought: "I will finish – I will certainly return back to Krasnoyarsk." There was a formed lifestyle, favorite friends. But then also in Moscow there were friends-new, pleasant in all respects. Despite the fact that I got the apartment, most of the time at first I lived on the base. Wife Douchivalas in Krasnoyarsk Institute, and I regularly flew to the hometown-to her and to the child. In a Moscow apartment, we even had no furniture at first-only a color TV, which was moved from Krasnoyarsk. We slept on the floor for a few months. Only after that they began to be slowly disembarked. Spartak provided an opportunity to buy furniture without queues. We have acquired a beautiful Yugoslav wall. And exactly the same bought Yartsev, Dasaev and Hidja. And we helped each other to collect them. Brigade. We were just a bunch of them.

Vagiz Hidijatullin and Oleg Romantsev

At the beginning of the 1978 season I became the captain of Spartak. Before that, the bandage wore Lovchev, and Prokhorov was the deputy, and then they changed roles. But the first one soon left the team. The fact is that the season-1978 began for us hard. We lost two starting matches – 0:2 in Tbilisi and 1:2 in Odessa. Then there were a few more failures. As a result, we descended into the bottom of the tournament table. And then Lovchev said: "I do not want to fly to the first league for the second time". And he went to Dynamo. But he hurried. As a result, we took fifth place. And his career in Dynamo has not developed. As for Prokhorov, he himself withdrew from the squad. It was so. Spartak at the start of the season missed every match. and Proshka asked Beskova to give him a break-at least one game. Beskov agreed and put in Vorosilovgrad excitement. And he suddenly playeded to zero, and also bailed out the team in one episode. And everything, there is no way back. Prokhorov, most recently goalkeeper of the national team, the best goalkeeper of the USSR, already in a month has left the team. Although he worked most of all, and Dasaevu in becoming helped.

The match against Zorya I remember perfectly – at least because it was in him that I first brought "Spartak" on the field in the role of Captain. XXth had a tradition. Before the games he wrote an account on the leaflet – he tried to guess. I lived with him in the same room. And also decided to play in the predictions. Proshka then wrote the score 1:1 and I 0:0. That's why he was offended by me. How could I write "zero" if he wasn't standing? But Dasaev that match played excellently. One moment I remember now. He is beaten in the focus from 11 meters and he in some unimaginable jump drags the ball. I've never seen such moments in my life. That's when I realized that this goalkeeper is for real. As a result, Beskov acted wisely, offering Prokhorov to change the team-he understood that his authority can zadjorgat a young boy. It's not going anywhere. Here and the offenses begin-Prokhorov thought that he was pushed undeservedly. In football, the old merits do not work. Played badly-you are immediately pushed. The result is needed here and now. But in the person of Rinat we got the best goalkeeper of the country for years ahead. He used his chance, and then he also did not missed. And if it wasn't for this case, he might have been sitting under Prokhorov for a long time.


From the Memoirs of Valery Gladilina:-The captain of "Spartak" before the season-1977 were chosen in Sochi, at the training camp. Then there were two candidates-Prokhorov and Lovchev, the most authoritative players in the team. But I made another one-Romanceva, because I did not respect neither the first nor the second. I understood that the team needed another leader to unite the team. That Proshka that Lovchev not suited for this role. The captain must unite the players and not show his ambitions. They are, on the contrary, disconnected. The voting has begun. Prokhorov won. Lovchev is the second. Almost all by inertia voted for them. For Oleg was the only voice-mine. Voices counting Starostin. And when he saw a piece of paper, he said, "You know, this voice is expensive!" As a result, they both-both Lovcheva and Prokhorov-in the team soon did not become, and Romantsev became the captain. And in the following years the guys voted for him unanimously. * * *

With Dasaevym we soon friends close. Once at the training camp in Sochi Beskov put us in the same room. I remember one picture there. After my first workout, I decided to dry my jersey. Went to the battery and stupefied-there was no place. She was all hung up with things dosa, items of his goalkeeper's ammunition-leggings, Mikey, undergarment. "And where should I hang?" I laughed. I myself, by the way, when the goalkeeper coach was moved either in a separate room or with each other. People of this role-for the most part very peculiar. But with all this, dosa I loved and love so far. He, Hidja, a glutton Yartsev, I was the backbone of our brigade. We often spent time together. Sometimes Sasha Kokorev joined to us.

Konstantin Beskov and Rinat Dasaev

Year in the first league united us. He made us think that we are not only a team, but also friends. I was pleased to feel Spartakovcem, a part of this team. But especially I befriended with Göran. Why is it with him? We can say we have converged characters. We were interested in each other. And still interesting. With it it is possible to speak on any subjects-very learned. George Alexandrovich also has a terrific sense of humor. I am happy to have met such a person in my life.

From the Memoirs of George Yartsev: – One story I still remember with a smile. December 30th. The team just passed a farewell banquet. I get up in the morning-until the new Year two days, what to do? We got relatives, my sisters, a lot of people at home, something to cook there. I guess I'm going to spin them under my feet? I call Romancevu:-What do you do?-nothing special.-We were dasaj to visit here. He meets New Year's house. Come on, let's do it.-Come on. I took the rug to get my own normal. Said I'd go knock him out. Remember how it used to be? The carpets were laid in the snow, and then the annual dust was knocked out of them. Oleg also took the rug. We met in the yard, the good lived in neighboring houses and went to the park "Sokolniki". There they buried the carpets in the snow, and went back to Dasaevu. Of course, we're stuck. Come out, the mood is great, come and talk. And then my view falls on'm. I look at Romanceva: – ala, crap cat! and the carpets!-Oh you! I forgot about them. Rushed to the park. It's dark in the street, you can't see anything. Some miraculously found these carpets. And you have to knock them out! Same time. Finally went home. The wife meets and from the threshold: "Well, you have to go: where were you? The day left with carpets-came closer to the night! " I said, "Well, you've earned it. But look-the carpet is clean! " In the morning I call Romancevu: "Listen, how did your Natalia react? I got another rug. Shall we go? " My Luba hears it and shouts: "Everyone, Natalia and I have already agreed! No More carpets! "

Spartak early 1980s. Romantsev and Yartsev in the bottom row to the left of the center


When Yartsev left for Lokomotiv in 1981, I was very worried. First Beskov-In my opinion, wrong-did not take him to the national team. Then the glutton got injured and gradually fell out of the squad. I couldn't do anything. Tried, of course, to intercede for a friend, but was in the minority. Starostin, I think, also supported the decision to part with him. I remember one history of game times associated with Göran. The case was remembered because it was the only time Beskov raised a voice on me, not counting the moment when I was leaving Spartak. In 1978, the Glutton became the top scorer of the season, and a year later again claimed this title. Vitaly Starukhin from Shakhtar competed desperately with him.

The middle of the season, we go in the first place. Things are going fine. But it would be good for our man to be the best scorer. We play with Zorya, everything is cool, we lead 2:1. The Glutton has already scored one, with a penalty. He quite well performed 11-metre-both in Kostroma, and in Smolensk, where he played earlier. And then in the gate of the "Dawn" again put a penalty. I say, "The Glutton, go, Bey, don't even think!" give him the ball. But then he doesn't score suddenly. Well – did not score and did not score – I think. We're going to load them now. We go into the locker room. Suitable Beskov. Evil. and to me.-Are you your friend's scorers pull? – why not? Answer. Yes, I am. But it is more he pulls himself, clogs. But if you don't like it, then play it yourself. I'm taking off my boots, throwing them on the floor. But the Beskov immediately reverses.-It's not me I define. This command determines,-he says in a completely different tone. In general, passed back. A glutton in that match took and with anger another scored. But already with the game. Then play Kuibyshev. End of the game, we conduct 4:0. One penalty Yartsev scored. And again give the 11-metre. Beskov from the bench shouts: "Alik, Yartsev, Yartsev let him beat!" (I was not called by Alik all-most often Beskov, Yartsev and Gazzaev). I'm going to the Jaurès.-Well, will you? And he:-No, I won't. What to do? You have to beat someone. volunteered Serge Shavlo. Luckily not missed. But Beskov after the game said: "Well, you and the gang!" Sorry, the best scorer in the season was still Starukhin-Yartsev lagged behind him quite a bit.

I myself as a coach never chose takers in advance – such was The Omen. Always said to the guys: "See for yourself who is fresh." But penalty series-for example, in the final of the cup of Russia-94 with CSKA-appointed himself. and saw, for example, that the young Alenichev not worried, the eyes are normal. So he appointed him.

"I got into the car Romanceva and half made a decision." Alenichevu-45!
In 45 birthday Dmitry Alenichev remembers the people, thanks to which he was a football player and continues to grow as a coach.
In the attack Georgy Yartsev. Romantsev in the background

From Memoirs of George Yartsev:-I remember perfectly this match with "Zorya". The most interesting thing is that Beskov himself before that game called the guys to help me. "We champion in the Championship, we go in the first place on the scored goals, and our scorer-Georgy Yartsev-is behind in the race scorers from Vitali Starukhin to two goals. We must also be the first to be here, "he said.

So I aback, when in the break of the match with "Zorya", I heard from Beskova, as he arrives at Romanceva. Tried to object: "And he is here and then?" but Beskov not even turned to me, continued to bake Oleg…

After the game in the locker room was a coffin silence. The leadership has gone with congratulations – and there is silence. The guys heard everything. First Beskov says one thing, then another. As a result, all silently shower and came out. Got on the bus, drove to the base, there dined. The game was not even discussed. There was a grudge. After all, Beskov drove the Romanceva not on the case. Stood with Hidej a little after dinner-and I went to bed. In the morning Starostin tried to smooth the situation. Came to me: What, Georges, got yesterday? -he often called me in French manner.-Yes… Konstantin Ivanovich loves the fables of Krylov, you know.-What are the fables? "I didn't understand Starostin. Don't you remember? "A strong man is always impotent to blame." He said, "Ha ha ha!" In general, the situation is somehow discharged, Sgladilas. Then there was a review of the match. Beskov himself back to the subject. "After the game I was there to Oleg…" he began. Everyone is silent. Beskov continues. "Well, George scored one penalty, that's good. Well, let another punch! Maybe he was worried. You, Oleg-the captain of the team, must lead. " In general, about such a monologue. Should I be surprised that in the next match I deliberately departed from the ball and conceded the right to beat Serjoge Shavlo? Although Beskov found something to show us. "Do we have a team captain? What are you willfulness? "and Serjoge still smeared:" Where are you going? " And here Romantsev not nothing:-Konstantin Ivanovich, you will not understand. You're the one who says something else.-Yes you always misunderstand! In general, it is good that the match won big, and everyone's mood was great. In the shower went with smiles and jokes, discussing the fickle Beskova…

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