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He'll replace Kutepova. 10 Facts about the unexpected newcomer of the Russian national team

He'll replace Kutepova. 10 Facts about the unexpected newcomer of the Russian national team

Yegor Sorokin

Sorokina was born and raised in St. Petersburg. The main club of the city was not useful and had to make a fight in professional football through amateur. In "Rouen" played, in "Tosno"-was listed, the registrations are not actually changing: in fact it was the same team. The second in 2013 became successor first.

Which of the participants of the 2018 World Cup is not in the new Cherchesova list and why
There are no bronze medalist Euro 2008 in the Russian national team.

Yuri Utkulbaev is a special person in Yegor's life. Wherever the coach went-everywhere led the high St. Petersburg Blonde. Cooperation began in the youth composition of Rubin, continued in "Aktobe", ended (or temporarily interrupted) in "Neftehimike".

In Kazan Sorokin met another strong teacher. Rinat Bilyaletdinov also loves and knows how to raise young. With his filing a young defender and debuted in RFPL. On September 13, 2014, one and a half months before the 19th anniversary, Yegor went to Rostov instead of Carlos Eduardo. Yes, that "Mr. 20 million". With the help of the newcomer, the guests retained their victory – 2:1. But the development of the story did not get: He did not play Biljaletdinova. Another match for the first team, the Cup against "ska-energy", Sorokin highlighted Valery Chalov. The rest of the time he obrostav muscles in the Kazan. * * * Close to the adult football Sorokin met in Kazakhstan. 29 matches in the National League, a couple in the European-a worthy indicator for the young defender, especially-the Legionnaire. It was finished in 2016 by Yegor and the captain of Aktobe. On the one hand, it's wonderful. On the other-not very. In that year 11 (!) Russian players (including holders of two passports) passed through the club. It is logical that one of them and got a bandage.

Once in Kazakhstan Sorokin was stuck in a ugly story. In April 2016 during the game "Kairat" with "aktobe" he sharp blow under gut knocked out striker Almaatincev Hot Markovic. Whether Judge Aleshin did not see violations through the crush of players, whether banally regretted the guests, and already "being" 0:2, but the misconduct of the Russian legionary remained unpunished. The opponent was punished by "Kairat" – a major victory with the score 3:0. The second and third goals in its composition were scored by the great-Tymoshchuk and Arshavin. * * *

His only-while-goal for "Rubin" defender scored a year ago "Orenburg" in the Cup. The ball was victorious, and missed it notorious Eugene Frolov, leading everyone in amazement at the start of the season-2018/19. * * * In late 2017, Sorokin extended his contract with Rubin until the summer of 2021. * * *

Sorokin started the new season as a player of rotation, but after the injury uremovicha on time went to Khimki against Dynamo, and then for the whole match against Zenit. With Croat, apparently Yegor and will compete for a "floating" place in the troika thumb. Two others booked by the Spaniards – Cesar Navasom and Chico Flores. In a fresh match against CSKA Centrbeki "Rubin" succeeded in the attack: Sorokin performed Predgolevoj PAS, Chico-assist. * * * Transfermarkt evaluates Sorokin in 1 million euros – along with Chico, Igor Konovalov and Uremovichem. This is 10-13 places in the rating of the most expensive players of Rubin. * * * The national team has not yet been in the career of Yegor. Not that national – even youthful. That is why in the presentation of a wide audience Sorokin in 22 years remains "Nounejmom". Time to make a name?


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