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The coolest match in the history of Ufa. Only the account is not very

The coolest match in the history of Ufa. Only the account is not very

Europa League. UFA-Rangers-1:1

Four days ago, our people in the Europa League playoffs played for three points in the Russian championship. The poster was festive, the game-everyday. Fighting as such, furious, uncompromising, unpredictable, failed. "Ufa" with all its kind, mood and composition, made it clear that the next match she cares a lot more. "Zenit" was not difficult to punish the opponent for sorting the matches on the important and not very.

In the justification of "UFA" it is possible to notice that there were no such significant games in its short history. and whether it will henceforth-unknown. It is obvious that a week from Rangers to Rangers the team lived in dreams about the group tournament Eurocup. This is not only prestige, but also money-by the standards of debutant Le decent: premium from Uefa, revenue from the tickets. Today about the game heartedly and even unconscious departure from the joints could not be a question.

Europa League. Play-off round. 2-nd match

August 30, 2018, Thursday. 17:00 MSK

DUBLIN, Ireland


Glasgow, Scotland

0:1 – Jezharia – 9, 1:1 – Sysouev – 32

Removal: No – Morelos, 38, Flanagan, 66

If someone glimmered hope that now Scottish heads will be occupied with extraneous thoughts, about the coming derby with "Celtic", then guests quickly smashed it. Stephen Gerrard guys had enough ten minutes to complete the task-at least to go to a distant bashkiria. Goal Ovimumo Jezharia put the owners before the need to score three. The tenth number of Rangers, of course, performed well-schools "Arsenal" and "Liverpool" are known. But sluggishness defenders doesn't cancel it. Nedelchjaru unsuccessfully repulsed, none of the partners did not cover – and Hello, 0:1 already in the debut.

There is nothing wrong with this "Rangers". "Ufa" made sure
The Scots scored at home only from the standard.

For the guests The goal acted as a sedative, on the hosts-as a powerful energy. The first reduced activity, while the second, on the contrary, sharply inflated the tempo. Why not to screw up, when to lose practically nothing? The next half-hour became, perhaps, the best play-off of "Ufa" in a season, and it is possible, that and not in one. The team of Sergei Tomarova so furiously on the opponent that weathered much Gerrard-and he was worried in the technical zone. It was from what!

Excellent cross Sysueva on Igbuna "Rangers" interrupted. The Zhivogljadova of the same Sysueva a little bit blocked. But already the next sharpening pas Dmitry at the same address became assists. Sysouev, balancing on the same line with the defenders, broke into a free MacGregor in the place of the right insiders and no chance for the goalkeeper to shot in the far corner.

The removal of Alfredo Morelos-Colombian something knackered referee Shtilleru, and was, to his misfortune, understood by the German-multiplied force Ufa and strengthened the belief in the happy outcome of the so foully begun match. Faith is not groundless. Realize your moments Sysouev and Igbun, "Ufa" will not only restore equality in the score on the sum of two (OK-one and a half) matches, but also would go forward! What a pity that both shot by. After the break, Ufa continued to press the enemy. Without tired Utjuzhil your eyebrow Zhivogljadov, managing and back to work out, and in front to create sharpness. If the Scouts of English clubs watched the broadcast from UFA-probably took a note of a young man under № 17. Yes, there was a phenomenal save Belenova after attack another pupil of Liverpool, Ryan Kent, but to forget it, it would be a terrible injustice towards the owners. They completely outplaying the opponent.

Replacing the injured defender Alikina at the central midfielder Obljakova, Tomarov gave the game model a more offensive appearance. The same Obljakov could immediately show his team forward after the graceful passing heel Sysueva-"Rangers" "played" Rod. After the second removal from the Scots (Flanagan in the horse wrestling moved an elbow in the head Zhivogljadovu) The advantage of Ufa gained total character.

Poltajma remained with "Ufa" to realize the majority, speaking hockey language. POLTAJMA stands "oilman" Klokotali, chasing their forward and praying heavens for friendly assistance. Without help from above to penetrate Scottish wall did not succeed. Without the ball guests lined on the scheme 5-3-0, easily transformirovavshujusja into something very similar to 8-0-0. It was difficult to even finish the ball through such a fence. "Ufa" Butt, Beal, in. The moles got into the barbell. Tabidze scored, but was deprived of the goal by the judge. "Rangers" has fought off, but this voyage to Russia will be remembered for a long time.


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