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Without Dziuba there is no attack. Zenit lost in Molde, but survived

Without Dziuba there is no attack. Zenit lost in Molde, but survived

Sergey Semak, Zenit FC

Swamp on the spot Dziuba

Choosing the squad for the match with "Molde", Sergey Semak held in his head "derby of two capitals" with "Spartak" on Sunday. By the end of the summer, the head coach of Zenit faced a shortage of personnel, which was impossible to imagine at the time of the appointment of Semaka, when the problem of the Petersburg team was all called just an overabundance of football players. But someone went to rent and someone was injured. Emanuel Mammana, Denis Terentyev, Yuri Zhirkov, Christian Noboa, Oleg Shatov and Alexander Cocorina are now recovering from injuries. Almost all of them are "basics" players.

Artem Dzyuba today started the game on the bench. That's not surprising. Even after the first meeting of Zenit with Norwegians, the correspondent of the "championship" asked forwards whether he wanted to play in Molde or prefer to save his forces before Spartak. Artem, smiling, for some reason called the question provocative, answered "without comments". In addition to Dziuba in the list of reservists were Elmir Nabiullin and Robert Mack. The chance was given by Stanislav Cherchesovym to the Russian national team striker Anton Zabolotny.

Europa League. Play-off round. 2-nd match

August 30, 2018, Thursday. 20:00 MSK

Molde, Norway


St. Petersburg, Russia

0:1 – Kuziaev – 21, 1:1 – Hestad – 65, 2:1 – Holann – 76

Hernani and Mevlja-weak links

A significant advantage of "Molde" in the first minutes-the consequence of the game of both teams. Norwegians rushed "ten thousand, as a five hundred", the maximum also tempo. But Zenit started either in economy mode, striving to spend as little as possible before "Spartak", or simply timidly. The players of the team attack new well opened between the lines and quickly combined, creating moments.

"Molde" groped the weak spots of "zenith": The speech about the left central defender Micha Mevle and operated in the "reference" zone of Hernani. The Slovenian made some noticeable mistakes, almost which the guests of the missed goal, and the Brazilian constantly lost the ball and position. 18-year-old Holann tank Pjor on the gate of Andrey Lunyova, proving that he has in fact the potential of the European top club striker. Only two or three savegame goalkeeper saved "zenith" from the goal "Molde". By the break, "Molde" inflicted 12 strikes (five on the target) and filed six corners, and Petersburgers struck only twice and did not earn a single corner.

The sun confused the goalkeeper "Molde"

The team of Semaka kept the defense and thanks to Lunjovu, and thanks to the experience of Branislav Ivanovich and Alexander Anjukova, who held his 100-th match in European competitions for Zenit. Support was also provided for more than a hundred blue-white-blue fans settleding behind the gates of the guests in the first half. "OP, Come on!",-was handed behind Lunyova. The goalkeeper felt like at the stadium "St. Petersburg".

Counterplay at Zenit was getting bad. Anton Zabolotny was not able to cling to the balls and interact with Sebastian Driussi as Dzjube. But when once again I wanted to ask the question "What Hernani does in the" basis "of" Zenit "?", the Brazilian earned a penalty in 17 meters from the gate "Molde". Leandro Paredes a great punch, and the goalkeeper Andreas Linde, who beat the low sun in the eye, hit the ball in the bar. On Asst succeeded Daler Kuziaev – 0:1! The goal of Zenit was reassured by the Norwegians. Then the Argentine midfielder once struck a punch in the corporate style with a penalty-at this zenitovskie moments were exhausted.

Zenit loses Anjukova

After the break, the game seemed to be under the control of Zenit. The Norwegians got tired, pace slept, so the sharpness at the gate Lunyova was minimum. Although petersburgers themselves did not say to have won the second goal, which would have removed all the questions, the victory of guests with every minute caused less and less doubt. The more unexpected was the goal of the best sniper "Molde" in the Europa League. The best sniper "Molde" in the current league of Europe, scored "Zenit" and in St. Petersburg, made an impressive slalom: slipped away from the "Merry Duo" Hernani-Mevlja, and then broke without a chance for Lunyova. Another rebound from Anjukova played in his favor.

Zenit nervous, and the inspired owners improved the control of the ball and added speed. Created a moment by moment. Semak tried to freshen up the game substitutions, throwing in the fight of Robert Poppy and Mathias Kranevittera. But barely Argentinian appeared on the field, as Hollann jumped out of the back Mevli on the arrows on the left, making the score 2:1.

In the last minutes Norwegians made the same assault as Zenit in St. Petersburg a week ago. The scenarios of the two matches were similar-the hosts haze from 0:1. In addition, blue-white-blue lost the traumatized Anjukova. Going to the game in five defenders, the leader of the RPL with a gigantic effort retained the advantage and won qualified to the group stage. Semak still took a personal revenge from "Molde".

Semak returned to Molde. Remember how this town became his nightmare 19 years ago?
It was after that game Semak ceased to be a captain in CSKA.


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