The Trumps of Zenit are the stadium and the Dzyuba. Predictions for the 6th round of RPL – 1xSport
The Trumps of Zenit are the stadium and the Dzyuba. Predictions for the 6th round of RPL

The Trumps of Zenit are the stadium and the Dzyuba. Predictions for the 6th round of RPL


The last 4th round of the Russian Premier League was benefit ex-SPARTAKOVCA Vladislav Ternavskogo as forecaster. Former defender of Spartak and Russian team and guessed the exact score in four meetings (Arsenal-Rostov-0:1, "Ufa"-"Zenit"-0:2, "Lokomotiv"-"Anzhi"-2:1 and "Yenisei"-"Wings of Soviets"-1:0). The effective forecasts of Ternavskogo brought the specialists 26 points into the piggy bank and secured a solid gap. The correspondent of the "championship" Andrei Pankov was less fortunate, but still predicted the exact score in one game, two differences and one outcome. The controversial match between "Yenisei" and "Wings of Soviets" has brought Andrew the maximum benefit. This time the journalists get 12 points in the asset.

The fan from Smolensk Dmitry Medvedev smiled twice-the exact score he predicted for the match "Ufa" and "Zenit", as well as for the Derby "Spartak"-"dynamo". One more point he was successfully guessed the outcome of the meeting "loco"-"Anzhi". The total is 11 points in the score.

Spartak owes a debt to dynamo. Predictions for the 5th round of RPL
In the fifth round we expect an incendiary derby and an intriguing meeting of two close Semaku teams.

Table after the 5th round

Specialists – 62 points. Journalists – 47 points. Readers – 44 points.

Forecast of Specialists

Oleg Veretennikov, ex-forward "rotor", headed the club 100 Russian scorers for more than 10 years

Rostov – Rubin – 0:0 There will be more tactical struggle in the middle line. A small number of scoring chances will determine the draw in this match. " The wings of the Soviets "—" Anzhi "— 2:0 Samara is now stronger than MAHACHKALINCEV. Too many problems around "Anzhi", but I can say for sure that without a fight they do not surrender.

CSKA – "Ural"-2:0 CSKA-a young team, it is gradually gaining experience, are tightened to the basis of new players who strengthen the game team. I will bet on the confident victory of "army". Krasnodar "-Lokomotiv"-1:0 I dare to put in this match to win "Krasnodar", but the goals will not be much. "Lokomotiv" misses a little, scores little. Everything will be solved by one goal and in favor of the team from the south. Yenisei "-Arsenal"-1:1 Krasnojartsam and Tula need points, there will be no risk of anyone. We are waiting for a cautious game, which will end with a successful draw. Dynamo – Orenburg – 0:1 I am sure that Orenburg will not miss it. Love how now orenburzhcy go into a quick attack, in one of these moments they will score their goal. Zenit "Spartak"-3:1 the last matches between these teams are successful, this game will not be an exception. Not all the nuances of Spartak now have been corrected, though they have conceded only one goal. Even though Zenit played in the Europa League, Petersburgers will approach this game in full readiness. "Zenit" will help the stadium, besides Artem Dzyuba is in stunning shape, as well as the entire group attack. Ahmat "-" UFA "-2:0 here will play its role the fact that" UFA "is not ready to play in such a busy schedule. Based on this-a confident victory Groznencev.

Readers ' forecast

Alexander (Oberin), Moscow

Rostov-Rubin-0:1 "Rostov" does not cease to surprise-and it is great. But the Karpin team is characterized by some instability. I think that Berdyev will find how to cope with Rostov attacks, "Rubin" will score one goal and sit in defense. The wings of the Soviets "—" Anzhi "— 1:0" Wings of the Soviets "are strange and uneven. Home game with "Anzhi", which seems to be heavier with each match-a great opportunity to take three points. In addition, the players and the coach of the Samara team should be motivated after the offensive defeat of "Yenisei".

"Krasnodar"-"Lokomotiv"-1:0 like "Lokomotiv" has established the game, but "Krasnodar" at home, and even after the failures in the last two games-a serious opponent. I assume that the hosts will win by scoring a single goal. CSKA – "Ural" – 2:1 "Ural" misses in every game of this draw rpl, but also to score quite turns out. CSKA is still not so reliable at its gates as before, but to score at home teams from the bottom of the table army able. Yenisei "-Arsenal"-0:0 goals are given to teams hard, I assume that the game will be equal, but none of the teams can be distinguished, the match ends with the score 0:0. Zenit "Spartak"-1:2 the result can be absolutely any. Zenit has started the championship very well, Spartak is a little worse, but still comes second. I think "Spartak" will play on counterattacks, the teams are going to exchange goals, but the last word remains for red-white, which finally Rab the victory from St. Petersburg. Dynamo "– Orenburg – 1:0 Dynamo after the failure in Derby will be seriously motivated. Orenburg does not seem so stable to qualify for victory at the exit. The game should get equal, but with a minimum of weight will win dynamo. Ahmat "-" UFA "-2:0 Grozny-Home team, we all know how support of Tribunes helps" Akhmat ". "Ufa", regardless of the result of the return match against Rangers, will be tired and Opustoshjonnaja. The only bare thing will not cost, "Ahmat" wins, scoring two.

Journalists forecast

Galina Kozlov, head of the "championship" exclusive news service

"Rostov"-"Rubin"-0:0 "Rostov" at the start of the season is reliable: in four matches of five of the wards Valery Karpin not missed. Something tells me that the game will not be too effective. " The wings of the Soviets "—" Anzhi "— 1:0 Problems of" Anzhi "are not vanished anywhere. Find the strength to continue to go on the pitch and fight for the Republic, as claimed by the players, the team Magomed Adieva extremely difficult. I think "wings" in this meeting win a minimal victory. Krasnodar "-" Lokomotiv "-0:1 this season, both teams have started neither shaky nor rolls – I think that in this confrontation all will solve one goal. CSKA –" Ural "– 1:0 I suppose that in this confrontation the young CSKA team would make the result. Although it would be interesting to see the newcomer Ekaterinburzhcev-Pavel Pogrebnyak.

"Yenisei"-"Arsenal"-0:1 Dmitry Alenicheva today almost every confrontation-symbolic. The loudest of a century accompanies him every time: the confrontation with Karpinym, then with Tikhonov. Now-with former wards, Tula "Arsenal". There is a feeling that the referee's scandal in the next round will not pass without a trace, and the referee would be extremely focused. Zenit "Spartak" – 2:1 such meetings are always difficult to predict, but in any case I expect effective football. Yes, and against the backdrop of success in the Europa League, Zenit will play on fun. Dynamo "– Orenburg – 1:1" Orenburg "is well entrenched at the top of the tournament table, but it is not very sure that the team will be able to linger there for a long time. Dynamo now fights for every point-maybe this time for Dmitry Khokhlova everything will go away? " Ahmat "-" Ufa "-2:0" Ufa "while hard to play on two fronts-the fatigue from the Europa League will make itself known, besides the departure from" Rangers "in such a dramatic match does not add joy to the players. On the background of all this, the trip to Grozny seems not to be the most joyful prospect.


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