The most shameful goal of this summer. Even the club is ashamed of him. – 1xSport
The most shameful goal of this summer. Even the club is ashamed of him.

The most shameful goal of this summer. Even the club is ashamed of him.

The most shameful goal of this summer. Even the club is ashamed of him.

What happened?

On August 25, in the 20th round of the Russian Championship, Metalist from Korolev and Titan from Wedge met among the teams of the Third Division. It is unlikely that someone would know about this match if the details of the game did not surface after five days. Very strange. On the 77-th minute the player of the Wedge club Arshen Tsagolov brought a penalty in the gate of his team, and after 13 minutes he scored in his goal after… Individual passage. You just admire this masterpiece.

The "hero" of the day did not stop there: The 21-year-old midfielder started to push the head coach outside the field. Judge Samsonov immediately issued a Cagolovu red card for his aggressive behavior. After the fact it became known that the management of "Titan" has expelled Tsagolov from the team, but not one, but for the company with three more players-Kuchievym, Kalaevym and Gabaraevym, who Came to the club at the same time about a month ago.

What's the problem?

According to the source of the telegram-channel "Mutko vs", in the break of the match bookmakers recorded an abnormally large number of bets on the fact that in the second half will be scored 3 or more goals. Goal Tsagolov became just the third.

What do they say in the Federation?

"I don't know about any bets. With the episode we understand, sent a request to the team with a request to comment on the situation. Something happened there, once he scored in his goal, then pushed the players and the head coach, almost started a fight on the football field. The inspector's report was received, the video was immediately posted on the website. Don't hide anything. And who is there what bets take-I do not know. We're not involved. The proceedings are underway, "said Alexander Evstigneev, deputy chairman of the Football Federation of Moscow region.

What do they say in Titan?

Head coach Vadim Shatalin, having heard that he was called from a sports publication, chuckled and asked to do without provocative questions. The players were discredited because we were not satisfied with their game. Rates? You know, smoke doesn't happen without fire. But I can not say that specifically these people took part in the stakes. I told the players that they were taken from the team because they played poorly and did not perform the trainer's installation. That demarche, which happened, hardly anyone would like. This is a disregard attitude towards the team, the club, the players who were on the pitch. The players who did not live up to the expectations and were mistaken for a lot of things came to the hand. We wanted to do it a week ago, but we gave the guys time to find a new team. So we broke up amicably, "-said Shatalin. The video from the locker room, Uplyvshemu in the network, you will not say.

Already after our call "Titan" closed its group "VKontakte".

Who's going to deal with this?

Since this is the division of the Moscow region, the first thing to deal with is KDC IEG. KDC RAF in this case is the second instance.


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