The rivals of Lokomotiv and CSKA in the Champions League. Main – 1xSport
The rivals of Lokomotiv and CSKA in the Champions League. Main

The rivals of Lokomotiv and CSKA in the Champions League. Main

Lokomotiv and CSKA rivals in the Champions League

In Monaco was held the ceremony of draw the main club tournament in Europe. Cristiano Ronaldo was awarded for the best goal of the season, and was was awarded the title of the best football player. But the main thing-UEFA decided on the composition of all groups of champions. We understand that the opponents of "Loko" and CSKA are interested in the first place. Let's start with the champ.

The main thing to know about the Sortation Champions League 2018/19
In addition to determining the group membership, we are waiting for the best player of the season by UEFA.

Lokomotiv Moscow-Group D

KALENDAR1 Tour: Galatasaray FC Lokomotiv (18 September); 2nd round: Lokomotiv FC Porto (2 October); Matchday 3: FC Schalke 04 – Lokomotiv (23 October); Matchday 4: Lokomotiv FC Schalke (6 November); Matchday 5: Lokomotiv vs Galatasaray (November 27); 6th round: " Porto "— Lokomotiv (December 11).

Porto (Portugal)

Last season's place: Chempionymesto in the UEFA ranking: 11

Portuguese football is not as strong as it was some years ago. This is especially noticeable in Evrokubkam. Portugal is very much backward from Russia in the Uefa ranking, and this season has already lost several clubs. Porto, however, is the champion of this country. Last year, the separation from the second "Benfica" was seven points, and champions ended with a smashing loss of "Liverpool" in the 1/8 final.

He trains the club Sergio Conceição, who previously worked with clubs of the second echelon. Midfielder Yasin Brahimi and forward Vincent Abubakar are the most distinguished members. They are still the most effective players of FC Porto.

The team started the season with a victory in super and two victories at the start, but in the last game slowed and lost at home "Vitoria". But it is too early to draw conclusions about its form.

Schalke 04 (Germany)

Place last season: 2mesto in the UEFA ranking: 27

Ilya Gerkus even before draw wanted the German Vice-champions to be in the group "Lokomotiv". Perhaps the fact is that in the current "loco" several former representatives of Schalke-sports director Shtoffelshaus, forward Farfan and rookie Lev.

A year earlier, Schalke screwed up and took the 10th place. For the same reason, the club was left without cups last season. He concentrated on Bundesliga and quietly took second place in it after Bayern.

Superstars is not a part of the club (well, if you do not consider such jembolo), and the coach is Domenico Tedesco. As in the case of FC Porto, he works for the first time with a strong club.

Galatasaray (Turkey)

Last season's place: Chempionymesto in the UEFA ranking: 69

The loco fans certainly experienced nostalgic feelings for champions zero. Then they also watched games with this opponent. In 2002 both of them exchanged field victories.

Galatasaray is another champion in this group. However, in Europe last season turned to the Turks with a disgrace. Defeat of the Swedish "Jestersundu" did not allow them to participate even in the group stage of the Europa League.

We used to have a lot of doigryvajushhih superstars in Turkey, but Galatasaray is less concerned. Of the famous footballers except that Nagotomo and Feguli. Plus Muslera is the goalkeeper of the Uruguay national team, who made a disappointing mistake in the playoffs. But the club has an experienced coach. Fatih Terie is sure to be determined to return the club's reputation in Europe.

Lokomotiv and CSKA got to know the opponents of the champions group. As it was
Loco has a working hand, but "army" will have to make a feat.

CSKA Moscow-group G

KALENDAR1 Tour: "Victoria" (Pilsen) – CSKA (September 19); 2nd round: CSKA – Real Madrid (October 2); 3rd round: "Roma" – CSKA (October 23); Matchday 4: CSKA vs. Roma (November 7); Matchday 5: CSKA vs. Victoria (Pilsen) (November 27); Matchday 6: Real Madrid vs. CSKA (December 12).

Real Madrid (Spain)

Last season's place: Place in the UEFA ranking: 1

What do you say, "Army" again unlucky. In recent years Real Madrid has won champions several times and rightly heads the UEFA rating. And it is senseless to look at the table of La Liga, in which the team became only the third.

However, it is possible to hope that in Madrid the reconstruction would be delayed. The coach has changed, Cristiano Ronaldo has gone, and it certainly will play a role. At least, the European Super Cup did not win the club.

Roma (Italy)

Place last season: Place in the UEFA ranking: 13

One more bronze winners of his league, which have led to noise in Europe. It was the "Roma" who made, perhaps, the main comeback of the last season, knocking "Barca" after the defeat in the first game. The Romans reached the semi-finals of champions: Nobody expected such a thing.

In the offseason club lost Nainggolana, Alisona and Strotmana, but acquired N'Zonzi and pastor. The head coach still remains expressive Di Francesco, who recently so freakeded during the game that broke his hand.

The conclusions at the beginning of the season are still early, but in the off-season "Roma" played in the International Champions Cup. There with the results was ambiguous. Yes, lost to "real" and "Spurs", but once again beat "Barca".

Victoria (Czech Republic)

Last season's place: Chempionymesto in the UEFA ranking: 50

The only champion of the group, who will surely fight for the third place. It is highly probable that with CSKA (though, who knows).

It is unlikely that you will be told any names of the players of this club. Except that the head coach-Pavel Vrba coached "Anzhi" not so long ago. By the way, Famous players: The pupils of the club are nedved and Czech.

From champions in that season Chekhov knocked out "Steaua", but they managed to perform well in the League of Europe. Ironically, the same "Steaua" was in the group "Victoria" and finished in it only second. In 1/16 the final was passed by "Partizan", and the team stopped only at "sporting"-in 1/8, and then in the extra time.

Russia is again approaching France in the UEFA ranking. Thank you to Zenit
Results of European week.


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