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How the pressure of Spartacus worked against both teams. Parsing the derby of the two capitals

How the pressure of Spartacus worked against both teams. Parsing the derby of the two capitals


From the game "Spartak" with "zenith" each time waiting for an abundance of goals and dangerous moments. Got the same two pressing-machines, struggle and some serious traumas. As a result, the central game of the first circle RPL ended with a zero draw. And that's logical. How else it was to be formed in the absence of key to build attacks of both teams players. Yesterday's derby capitals-a match in which the circumstances were stronger than football.

The pressure of Spartacus is working. Against both teams

It is impossible to force Zenit not to play through Dzjubu, but to limit the attack of the owners only by transfers on their main striker quite. The start plan of the guests on the game without the ball practically succeeded. The triangle of the Luis-Glushakov-Zobnin closed in the center of Paredes with Kuzjaevym and actively pressing Ivanovich or not when they were getting the ball. Compactness was achieved due to the displacement of Lomovickogo and roshi in the middle, while winger in the area of the ball fell much lower than his partner-so Carrera expected to have at least two players of his team in the selection area after Longbollov on Dzjubu.

To dzjube the head coach of "Spartak" has prepared, having released in the start of Bocchetti, the best player of the team last season on the game on the second floor. "Spartak" decided to strangle the build-up of the "zenith" with high pressure on the other half of the field, and most of the time he did it. The Semaka team was forced to either use the cast on Dzjubu, or to start an attack in Poluflangah with the first paso on Smeshhavshegosja in the center of insiders. But personal orientation Fulbekov "Spartacus" almost always worked.

Team Carrera qualitatively moved without the ball. But, like any instrument, the proactive game in the middle block is useful in its proper application. In high pressure any flaw of the field center players free large areas and makes the team vulnerable to rubylith transfers.

The movement of Fernando and Glushakova in positional defense almost cost Spartak the match. Denis, having worked a jerk in the first line of pressure, was disconnected from the game and returned to his zone at best jogging. Fernando constantly left behind Driussi and retire lost to the Argentine the selection of the ball in the support zone of Spartak. The central midfielders have a common problem-both Fernando and Glushakov often see themselves only the ball and himself with it, without appreciating the location of the players of both teams on the field.

Speed attack

I've never had that before. Semak not give up what works well, so the main plan of "Zenith" in the attack was maximally simple and similar to the one we saw in previous matches of this season, when Noboa was not in the start. Zenit started to ship the casts to Dzjubu from the second minute. Semak expected to collect the selection before the penalty "Spartak" at the expense of adjacent under Dzjuboj Driussi and helping him yerokhin. Periodically it worked, but in general the beginning of the game was left behind "Spartak". Driussi closed Fernando, and on Mac and Erohinu densely played stories and Melgarejo.

The build-up of Zenit became a little more diverse when Erokhin began to move more frequently to the Fernando Zone. First, the wing players of Zenit used the high position of midfield "Spartak" and opened between the lines alone. Fernando was occupied with the tutelage of Driussi, Zobnin-Paredes, and Glushakov joined the pressure. Secondly, because of the active pressure of guests in the zone of the ball, Zenit began to undergo overloads of one of the flanks and diagonal to the opposite. Here already Erokhin connected in Poluflang under transfer or steal the player "Spartak", depending on what decision will take Nabiullin.

Otherwise, the attacking decisions of the field owners depended on the mistakes of Spartak players. Already in the first 30 minutes of the match "Zenit" several times went to the foreign gate with a numerical advantage in the attack. After the first 15 minutes the owners stopped beating the wall of pressure "Spartacus" and began to use the opponent's flaws, for example, punishing Fernando for the fact that he underworked the episode on Paredes, the main engine of the ball forward at Zenit. The Semaka team has more opportunities for speed attacks.

Spartak also counted on the speed in the attack. If the guests entered the other half of the field not through the long on the Luis, the Muscovites tried to quickly play the flank triangle with the transfer on the opened from the depths of Glushakova or Zobnina. Denis tried to catch everywhere, and in the attack it is as always turned out much better than in defense. When the captain of Spartak appeared in the depth of the field, Zobnin was raised in his place, and in the middle of shifted Lomovickij. So Denis had two options at once to continue the attack. We are accustomed to jerks Glushakova in the penalty.

The guests had less possession of the ball and were less likely to conduct positional attacks, but even on the impressions of yesterday's match can be assumed that with the departure of the mesa may disappear and branded Spartakovskie insulation flank under the goalie defender of the opponent one in one. Replaced Mesa Rocha not so often used dribbling, only once frankly greedy in a foreign penalty and was more involved in Podygrysh.

Zenith's interception of the ball on the foreign half of the field was a great danger. In this pressure Muscovites justified themselves. On change of possession the cooler has shown itself Lomovickij. The midfielder reads the game well and predicts further transmission direction. Statistics accrue to Alexander three selections and one interception, but does not take into account the number of selected controversial balls, on which Lomovickij almost always was the first. In the starting line of the active pressure of "Spartacus" Lomovickij started two attacks of the team on another half of the field. True, as long as the player lacks the speed of decision-making in such situations.

Briefly about what else is important

-The strongest game of defense "Spartacus". It is tired to count how many times the central defenders of "Spartak" by their reading the game and timely exit from the line rescued the team from the rapid attacks of Zenit. On the account of Bocchetti, almost completely nejtralizovavshego Dzjubu, 9 interceptions. Djikia have six.

On the flank of Neobstreljannogo is fantastic continue to exert pressure, but the young defender holds a blow, does not go into the attack, and does not allow errors in the defense. Compared to the previous game in the match against Zenit player added to the transfer under pressure-now Nikolai does not try to play as easily as possible, and tries to choose the most effective option.

Melgarejo gives a chic start to the season. Paraguayan has time to work in defense, and it is very effective in the creation. Moving Melgarejo with the ball from the depth helped to pass the middle block "zenith".

-Derby was a meeting of the most dangerous teams RPL at the standards. Zenit has succeeded in this yesterday. Personal guardianship at the corner of their gates from "Spartacus" several times failed.

-The game on the verge of Paredes really saved Zenit. Yesterday Argentinian a few times very hard to accept his opponents, but this is a measure of the class backups. Not only that the Paredes in each case frankly went to the foul and in any case would not let his player. He did it in time when Spartacus had opportunities for very promising attacks.

Yesterday's aggressiveness to the Oporniku "Zenit" can not be questioned. Questions are only to steady, otpustivshego Argentine without yellow. Although it is probably the smaller of the jambs that the referee had done yesterday.


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