"Dzyuba, Cheryshev and Zobnin went completely to another level after the World Cup" – 1xSport
"Dzyuba, Cheryshev and Zobnin went completely to another level after the World Cup"

"Dzyuba, Cheryshev and Zobnin went completely to another level after the World Cup"

Russian team Training

After yesterday's flashmob in Novogorsk reigned positive, but working mood. The training of the players was watched not only by the team's mentor Stanislav Cherchesov, but also recently begavshij with these players Sergey Ignashevich. Sergey Nikolaevich, as it is now accepted to call here the legend of the national team, came out in boots and, it seems, at any moment was ready to join the players. Dmitry Snake, the first obshhavshijsja with journalists, shared his feelings about this. -It is unusual to see Ignashevicha in other roles. He is first and foremost an experienced footballer and a decent man. He has a lot of experience, can skillfully suggest. After all, just recently went on the pitch and played. Makes valuable podskazy. In the exercises is not involved, with the eyebrow tells us. Call it by name and patronymic.

Snake: Ignashevich skillfully tells from the eyebrows, call it by name and patronymic

Returning to the national team Snake remembers not only ignashevicha on the football field, but also the team before the World Cup. -The atmosphere in the team is good,-the player says. I missed you. Unfortunately, he was not at the World Cup, but was with the team in his heart and soul. The League of Nations is an important tournament for us. Stanislav Cherchesov said that it is necessary to win in every game.

"What experiments?! Under the flag stand! "
Stanislav Cherchesov explained the composition of the national team. There's a lot of surprises.

-How do you dzyuba in the role of Captain? -Artem is one of the most experienced players in the team. I think he's a hundred percent worthy of being a captain. -How do you feel about the journalists ' words that one or two taps should be played? "I haven't heard, but let them go out and play then. Of you few people go out on the pitch and know that there is only a fraction of a second to make a decision. There are different situations.

-Dzyuba and swamp-powerful forwards. Don't you think you're losing the competition? -We are completely different players. They're pillars, and I'm a completely different physique. — has someone changed after the world Championship in terms of confidence? — the world Championship gave a huge leap for any player who was there. Artem Dzyuba, Denis Cheryshev, Roman Zobnin came to a different level.

Next to the journalists came Rausch, also missed World championship. -What has changed in your game, once Cherchesov again paid attention to you? I'm glad I'm back on the team. Most importantly, now I am without injuries, healthy. The team is well played world championship. Our task now is to keep moving forward. In general, nothing has changed. All the guys are trained as well as before the 2018 World Cup.

-Playing in Turkey Nojshtedter not shared secrets about the future opponent? Not yet. I, like him, know some of the players of the Turkish national team, played against them in the German championship. -At the World Cup, you were worried about the team of Germany, not published from the group, as for Russia? -Watched our team, but watched the games of Germany. I have a lot of friends there. But the most important thing is that Russia is well played in the tournament.

-With the departure of Zhirkov and the uncalled Kombarova you have increased the chances of getting into the main team? "We changed and played a lot before we left the team fat. Now I have a task to perform on the maximum, and the competition and my chances to take the main place in the position-it's a question to the coach.

The Magic mustache lives? The national team held the first training after the World Cup
The mascot of the Russian national team is still in trend.

The laconic Konstantin Rausha was replaced by Dmitry Stotsky, succeeded recently "Ufa" to "Krasnodar". Many questions were related to the transfer. -Cherchesov often does not call players to the national team, who have only changed the club, so they are accustomed. Your call means that you have already mastered in Krasnodar? -they had a slightly different situation, and I went with the club fees. -What has changed since your last call to the national team? -In September 2017 there was more training review fee, which I got. There were a lot of new people. Now the official matches are getting closer. During this time I moved to another club, which is nice, and getting into the national team is a separate page. After the World Cup people began to treat the team better. Less upbraided in our direction. I'm happy to be here.

-discussed with Cherchesovym, in what role he sees you on the field? Not yet. Today was a tactical session, where I was a midfielder. The main right defender was injured in Krasnodar, so he had to close this position. I don't care where I play. Physically feel good. — in Krasnodar you fulfill many standards. Will you perform them in the national team? -I do not know, yet not distributed role. -What do you expect from the opponent? -I know that there are good performers in the Turkish national team, you can even call them stars. Almost everyone plays in Europe and in the Turkish championship. He's pretty good, too. It is hard to play in Turkey because the teams are well supported. In the rest we tell the coach how to play. What did you do with the mustache after yesterday's greeting? -I do not know, where artem their affairs, it is necessary to ask him (smiles).


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