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Who in RPL the most expensive subscriptions

Who in RPL the most expensive subscriptions

Sergei Cords

The subscription program of most clubs RPL came to an end. It's time to identify clubs with the highest price tags for the season pass for the matches. When compiling the rating we departed from the minimum cost. First, it shows the availability of football for people, gently say, Unrich. Secondly, the lower threshold often reflects the overall price policy of the club. Important clarification: The standard pass gives the right to pass to the matches of RPL and the cup of Russia, for the passage to European usually need to pay extra. So.

Lokomotiv-6th place

Minimum cost: 3 000 rubles (2 700 rubles on renewal). The champion of Russia did not wringing a giant price tag on the wave of triumph. "Loko" traditionally has the most affordable tickets in Moscow (not counting dynamo, still lodging in the suburbs). The program includes match events with star guests and entertainment on the territory of the stadium. Ilya Gerkus already reported that this year the club sold twice as much "Abikov" than in the previous (5 644). Passage with Children: small viewers (up to 6 years) can go to the stadium for free, and if the child needs a separate seat, he can buy a personal Subscription with 50% discount. Plus there is a family sector with game room and other charms.

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Krasnodar-5th place

Minimum cost: 3 000 rubles. Bulls "We will place a little lower-in the regions still expect prices below the capital. But the ticket price for the new Coliseum is still close to the lower price threshold in RPL. This year season tickets are on sale, and in the past it has sold more than 10 thousand. Probably, the same numbers can be orientated now. Passage with children: here from five years the child needs a ticket. However, from 5 to 17 years for them there is a discount (10-50% depending on age).

Ural-4th place

Minimum cost: 3 400 rubles (3 230 on renewal). The most unexpected club on the list. "Ural" failed the beginning of the season, but the fans did not turn away from the team (average attendance of home matches – 17 474 people). On the other hand, subscriptions have nothing to do with it: according to the press service, they sold about 3 thousand. The rest of the visitors come to the "Yekaterinburg Arena" on a single ticket. Yet come… Passage with children: in this sense, everything is more loyal, the cheapest subscription to the family sector costs 1 300 rubles. For toddlers under 5 years pass free.

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CSKA-3rd place

Minimum cost: 7 000 rubles (5 400 on renewal). " Army "counted immediately and appreciably to start earning at the new stadium. The first persons of the club talked about 15 thousand. Tickets sold. In fact it turned out differently. Last season CSKA sold about eight thousand season tickets. Considering the changes in CSKA, it is hardly necessary to expect that the figures will increase significantly in the new season.

There are also advantages: at a rather high cost the club has the most advantageous bonuses for those who extend the subscription. From 7 000 The cost decreases to 5 400-more than 20% of savings. Passage with children: on the official site there are no preferences for children's entrance. It is possible to buy a subscription to the family sector-for a child it will cost 5 900 rubles (5 310 on renewal).

Zenit-2nd place

The minimum cost: 7 000 rubles (6 790 rubles at the extension). Petrograders became the most visited country team, but did not reach the rank of the club with the most expensive season tickets. Zenit has invented several chips for its program. First, he was the only one in RPL decided to sell a common season ticket for the national and European Championship matches. In this case, it is not a special category like CSKA-a regular subscription. Secondly, I introduced a discount on the purchase of an electronic subscription – element of the fight with queues. Passage with children: children up to 7 years old go to the stadium free of charge. A 50% discount applies when purchasing a subscription to a child under 14 years of age.

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Spartak-1st place

Minimum cost: 7 800 rubles (7 000 rubles on renewal). " The opening of the arena is the most expensive place to watch football in Moscow. As far as it is justified, we will not meditate, but the fan is not frightened. A year earlier, in the championship season, the club sold about 23 thousand. Subscriptions at a similar price. This year the figures are not announced, but Spartak will surely fight for leadership with Zenit.

Passage with children: free passage awaits toddlers up to 7 years. Also, the children are waiting for discounts on season tickets (50% and 75%). P.S. In this list was to get another provincial team-"wings of Soviets." But it turned out that the minimum price of season tickets (4 000 rubles), unlike the clubs from the list, does not concern the Fan Tribune. The tickets are distributed in a special order. Some clubs RPL "subscription" section on the site is absent as such. And if "Yenisei" is probably connected with problems with the stadium, the absence of an active subscription program at "Akhmat" in 2018 looks a little strange.


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