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Fedun: If America starts sneezing, there will be bloody vomiting

Fedun: If America starts sneezing, there will be bloody vomiting

Leonid Fedun

Today "Spartak" has extended the agreement with the bank "FC" opening ". The "red-white" stadium will continue to be called the opening of the arena. The owner of the club Leonid Fedun told about the financial benefit of the partnership after declaring the deal. At the same comment the sale of Quincy Mesa in "Seville", Clash Dziuba and Zhigo. He also admitted that "Spartak" was also offered to buy Claudio Marchisio. -Are you satisfied with the results of the team in the championship? -the championship grid is fine. We have a plus six points to the last season and three to four to championship. We look good. The biggest blow and failure was not participating in the Champions League. This is a serious economic loss, as well as a moral loss for fans and players. Due to financial losses we were forced to sell our main star – the mesa. The big headache is the loss of two central defenders out of four. Maybe someone shamanit against Spartacus, because there are so many problems with the crosses.

-What are the challenges facing the team in the Europa League? -While the task is play-offs, but to reach the semifinal is real. In the domestic championship, everything will be decided in the matches with the outsiders. If we go through the schedule, we can fight for the championship. -Today the club has extended the agreement with the opening bank on the naming arena. How much income does it allow to provide? -Mikhail Dorn (Chairman of the Board of the bank "FC opening" – Ed.) has already said about the financial opportunities that the bank gives to the club. Today we have a very stable and good relationship, which we are happy with. As a result, a fairly solid sum is obtained.

-When the first agreement with the bank "opening" was signed, there were talks about Spartak's exit to IPO. Why is this idea stalled? –Then there was another situation. Now Spartak earns about 5 billion rubles, but due to the devaluation of 250% the cash flows generated by the stadium will not compensate the costs. If financial stabilization happens, we will return to this idea. -Is it soon to wait for this stabilization? -I have very pessimistic expectations for the next two years. If America starts sneezing, there will be bloody vomiting. Now the main thing is to survive. Thanks to "opening" Spartak has opportunities for survival and struggle for high places in the championship, as well as worthy performances in European competitions.

-Rostov said that the Basta concert could "kill" the lawn. Spartak has a great experience in carrying out such events. Share your experience? – The field should not be closed for more than three or four days. The flooring needed for the concert must be laid the day before the event and removed the day after. Three pause in the lighting does not destroy the lawn, then he needs only a week to adapt.

Basta: The story of Rostov Arena is a crazy situation that saddens me

-Are you satisfied with the performances of young players at the heart of Spartak and will this course continue? -Massimo and I talked this question. We said that we have no other way but to trust the young players, because in Russia there are no more quality players, except for those who perform in our second team. "Spartak-2" leads in FNL, which is nonsense in itself. Finally, the vertical "academy-double-" Spartak-2 ", which we have created, earned and began to issue players. In the clip there are a few interesting guys who in the near future can strengthen the team. In addition, it should be understood that in two years the limit will be only seven foreigners for the season. Other sources of replenishment of players, except for their pupils, No. – How did the transfer of the Mesa compensate the club's losses from falling into the Champions League group? Allowed. 20 million euros lost, 21 million euros earned. That's it.

-is the withdrawal of the compound more likely to be a cash acquisition or a loss of an important player? -We bought for 11 million, and sold for 21. The main thing is the desire of Quincy to leave. He has repeatedly asked me to let him go-for some reason in Seville, although we had the best offers from China and England. But Sevilla he shipped three, so he was a subject of interest. I do not see problems, because, anticipating the care of Quincy, we bought Rosu, which polished the bench. In my opinion, it is a player who can fit into the game "Spartacus" and strengthen it. -You can sign free agents until September 14 – will you use this right? -The situation with the central defenders-force majeure. Can't tell if there will be any acquisitions. Our head coach and breeders will decide this. We are working in this direction. -After signing the Marchisio "Zenit" Carrera said that Zenit has the best line of midfield in the Russian championship. Agree? –I do not agree. We were offered Marchisio. But we believe that the players that we have in the center of the field, he is not inferior.

The world's best actor of the second plan. The main thing to know about Marchisio
Zenit got Pirlo on Minimalkah. And not only.

-You know Taski well. Maybe we should sign it. -We know him well, so he will not be in Spartak. -but the search for the central defender go? -Naturally, any club of the world in this situation would look for a solution to the problem. Yes, so it was that Kutepova's groin. But he will be back in a month and a half and will miss only four games. A Zhigo… Yes, it's a tragedy, we just have a black stripe with some injuries coming. Zobnin was, Jikia, Zhigo. This situation cannot be changed, it must be relived. Again, we expect that the pair of central defenders, which is the best in FNL, will be ready to replace the players ' base. I'm talking about mom and Gaponova. The same stories, for example, helps already. Well, if we find options among the free agents, we will use them. But if we make sure that these players are stronger than we already have. -Dzyuba could have specially inflicted trauma Zhigo? -Look, I am not Fursenko or Babayev, who should be ashamed of the words spoken many years ago.

Dzyuba broke Zhigo. He disqualified for six matches?

-Are you in favour of allowing the sale of beer on the "opening-Arena"? -Yes, of course. -Is the Russian football ready for this? -We have passed the world championship. Was there any problem? Although the beer was sold everywhere. -and at the petrol station beer can be sold, as you think? -In my youth taxi drivers traded alcohol. Beer-yes, strong alcohol-No. -How do they differ? -If you drink beer, you will run, pardon, in a known direction, and from vodka you can pull on feats. -Can beer sales be a help for clubs in the matter of survival? -We have a good contract with the Moscow Brewing Company, and it is not even 1% of the income. Yes, any penny that goes to the budget is a help, but radically it does not change anything. The issue needs to be addressed in the whole country, and a political solution is needed. Now I'm writing an economic article about what our football is waiting for.


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