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Hanni and Spartak: Why everything goes wrong

Hanni and Spartak: Why everything goes wrong

Sophia Hanni, Spartak

Where can I use Hanni?

The background to the almost open conflict of Sofia Hanni and Massimo Carrera is easy to find in the decision of the Italian coach to slightly modify the initial formation. If before Carrera allowed the presence of pure tens on the field, now "Spartak" plays 4-1-4-1 with pure Opornikom and two dense eights. Hanni, though not a classical ten on a set of skills, formally enough often occupies this position-now this player is deprived.

In addition, Hanni can be used insajdom (better-in the left Poluflange) or the second striker (Carrera experimented with 4-2-2-2). The riot of Algerian began immediately after the sale of Quincey is not accidental: the Dutchman occupied the place of the left insiders, but without him the second number Sofya saw without questions. Nevertheless, Allenatore "Spartak" has released for a key match in St. Petersburg not Hanni, and not the winner of a thousand years Pedro Rosu.

Spartak became too promesozavisimym. Quincy Care-a chance to rebuild
When the leader becomes more than the rest of the team.

How Hanni plays and why it can be useful for Spartacus

One fact is enough to demonstrate the coolness of Sofya: Last season he, in terms of every 90 minutes, was the best player in the team by the number of key gears — 3.6, even more than that of the mesa. At the same time, Hanni plays almost exclusively in a short pass at aggravation, because he seeks to open the defense of the opponent on the last third-a rare skill in the championship of Russia. It is possible to assume that the best on key transmissions/90 Algerian makes a small amount of game practice and because of it the big error, but is not present: In Belgium it has the same numbers and the same inclination to a short Paz.

When Hanni just moved to Spartak, he really looked the most Dikan in style (terribly klishirovannoe expression, but you immediately understood what the speech) football player. In addition to the short and cutting pass on the last third of the red and white Nineties in it there is also the ability to use free space, which makes Algerian irreplaceable in the game once-two-the most classic Stenochkah. "Spartak" with Hanni on the pitch creates almost one and a half of the penalty for 90 minutes more than without him-it is due to the fact that the opponent does not have time to readjust after the opening of the zone, which instantly dived Sophia. Yes, Hanni with the most of all in Spartak gives inaccurate short transmissions, but this is the case when it is necessary to interpret the statistics correctly. This is not due to the low culture of the pass, but because the player is more likely to risk, trying to play the aggravation. It also makes it on the last third, where a) the highest density of rivals; b) the chance to bring a clean counterattack to its gate is minimal.

So why doesn't he play?

Sofia Hanni Photo: Alexander Safonov, "championship"

There can be only two football explanations. The first is simple: Carrera not satisfied with the physical form of Sofya. In general, the matches Hanni it was noticeable that it reduces activity by the end of the match, and the coach of "Spartak" at the same time requires the team to play enough energy-intensive football. The explanation is logical, but a) to work out in the defense of the mesa was not forced and in its best form; b) Midfielders and eight red-white, with the exception of pulling the entire volume of Zobnina, also prosazhivajutsja to the endings. Therefore it is quite strange that the victim is Hanni. The second explanation is related to the style of the present "Spartacus". The greater the influence of Quincy on the game team, the big bet was made on counterattacks (true and reverse), and Hanni is still a player who is extremely useful in the positional offensive and transition phase to him. Perhaps, it is on the basis of the task to keep the counterattacking style without Mesa Carrera and released in St. Petersburg Rosu-The Brazilian is just very usable acting on counterattacks, performing in his best form a good rolevika. But also there is a strangeness: it is obvious, that to the best form of Roche far at least because he sat without game practice.

Guessing game. Is there a system in the new transfer of Spartak?
I think even Spartak fans will be able to answer this question correctly.

How is everything going to be resolved?

The unfavorable variant is simple: in the winter Hanni will be leased with the subsequent sale.

If we talk about how to embed Hanni into the game, there are two possibilities. Let's say that Carrera will not abandon the desire to counterattack, then the 4-2-2-2 can become an option. To do this, the coach of "Spartak" has active extreme defenders (Melgarejo dropped Kombarova for a long time, and stories very well can be included in the attack on the right), not ideal, but played a bunch of Fernando-Glushakov, actively pull in depth and creating Zone and extremely efficient zobnin, capable of insuring anyone. When disqualification Eremenko goes, the puzzle will be final: A second attacking player using the zones is needed. What you need for Hanni. However, with the departure of Quincy and even more so after the two central defenders were departed because of injuries, the Carrere might need to reconsider the general line. To use the best sides of their players and to remove part of the load from the defense without Zhigo, Spartak should return to control. Hanni in this case will take a comfortable position in the left Poluflange with inclusions in the penalty, giving the flank zone workable Melgarejo. "Spartak" will get the outdated of the region-suppose the right to bomb the flow of the penalty will be Samedov, and left Hanni will zauzhat the defense of the opponent and look for a pass against. This functional spread is always a big plus for the team. Carrere and his staff need to understand that integrating Algerian into the team is primarily for the benefit of the crew.


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