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"This is an absolutely crazy situation!" Basta vs "Rostov"-a conflict over the field

"This is an absolutely crazy situation!" Basta vs "Rostov"-a conflict over the field


What happened?

On September 4, Rostov on the official website announced that the match with "Ufa" on September 22 could be the last one for the club at Rostov-Arena this year. According to the club, it is the fault of the upcoming concert Basta, which will be held at the stadium a week after the game-September 29. The management of the club is not enough that, despite all fears and objections on their part, the Stadium management company "Sport-in" has decided to hold a concert event.

"Rostov FC is sure that after such actions the lawn" Rostov Arena "seriously suffers. Unfortunately, this is no longer an evaluation judgement of management, but a fact confirmed by history. "Ahmat Arena", "Petrovsky" stadium, "Esprit Arena", "Wembley" stadium is only a short list of stadiums, the lawns of which were completely destroyed during the concert programs. Moreover, FIFA has banned any concert events at the new stadiums 2 months before the 2018 World Cup. However, the sports-in company that manages the stadium in pursuit of the momentary benefit, not taking into account the interests of the club, decided to hold a concert on the football field "Rostov Arena". Thus, the home match "Rostov" – "Ufa" on September 22 may be the last match of the Yellow-blues at the stadium "Rostov Arena" in the current season, "the statement reads. In case of damage to the lawn "Rostov" will move to "Olympus-2", and the owners of the season tickets get priority places at the old stadium.

What did Basta answer?

Vasily Vakulenko commented on the situation with the championship. According to him, the statement of "Rostov" seems to be a whim. "For me, as for Rostovchanina, every concert in the city is amazingly superputeshestvie. It was pleasant, when in recent years the leadership of the region and the city invited me to perform on the theater square, for me it was a real feast. The absolute record was beaten: 125 thousand people at the concert. We decided to hold a concert at the new convenient stadium, so that people came to the left bank to ws the Holiday for all my countrymen. And all this katavasija started. At first they said that we were transferring the concert because of the match with "Ufa", we answered that there were no problems. Then held a meeting of "Rostov", where something was decided. We were forced to spend an insane amount of expertise. As a result-I have on hand the design documentation, which says that "Rostov-Arena" provides for major events: during the concert Steletsja special coating, which does not allow the lawn to become unfit. If the concert does not take place, I will come to my district, for my money I will put a sound, and I will spend a concert for the residents of the district. For me, this is absolutely crazy situation, which really saddens me. The site owner agrees, the tenant agrees, the artist agrees. We wanted to take a picture and show what a beautiful city and a new stadium we have. And only "Rostov" makes a statement against the concert, without any names and instructions of positions. It's very similar to a whim. In "Luzhniki" concerts of large performers are held without any complaints, business is coming. We need to maximize all our resources to develop infrastructure, but there is a group of people here. It's not like footballers, "Vakulenko said.

Basta: The story of Rostov Arena is a crazy situation that saddens me

Did Rostov respond to that?

Of course. It turns out a good battle-true, through the media. "As for the concert, we do not oppose the holding of your event, we generally object to any concert program on September 29. The next home game "Rostov" against Orenburg will take place on October 6 – and we seriously fear that it will be impossible to restore the field in a week. We assure that if your concert was planned in one of the breaks in the Russian football Championship, we would not only have not objected, but would have supported, as we respect your creativity, "-said in the statement of the club.

"Rostov" responded to the statement of Basta about the concert at the "Rostov Arena"

What do they say in "Sport-in"?

In the management stadium the company also did not become silent. "Sport-in" assures that during the concert will be used a special coating that does not allow to damage the lawn. "We declare with all responsibility that the experience of organizing mass entertainment events at modern stadiums proves that they do not prevent the holding of football matches in any way. It is about absence of any risks of this kind experts of stadium "opening arena" and Fsue "sport-in" spoke at yesterday's meeting with participation of representatives of FC "Rostov".

During the concert will be used removable universal protective coating for natural grass lawn, available at the disposal of fsue "sport-in". The speed of its dismantling is 3-4 hours. And the application of modern technologies of laying and care of herbal coating allow to restore its properties in the shortest possible time and without any special expenses. For example, the Moscow Stadium "opening Arena" recently held 7 concerts, after which during the day the field was ready for matches. For example, on July 13 this year there was a concert of the rock band "Guns'n'roses", and on July 15 a football match was planned. Similar experience is realized at the stadium "Luzhniki" (Moscow). It should be noted that on the "Rostov Arena" football match will take place only 8 days after the planned concert (which at the request of FC "Rostov" has already been once moved from September 23 to September 29, and initially its holding did not raise objections with Side of the club management). This time is more than enough to bring the stadium into a functional state in case of unforeseen damage to the lawn, "-said in a statement of the company.

"Sport-in": Nothing threatens to hold matches at Rostov Arena

Do the concerts really have a bad effect on the lawn?

In general, yes. Specialists in the care of football lawns, with whom the "championship" spoke, insist that the concerts are really dangerous for the lawn. However, it is emphasized that everything depends on the time of finding the grass under the concert equipment, as well as whether the protective specialized material is used – plastic collapsible frame. For adaptation after the event is enough weeks: so, on November 4 in "Luzhniki" was a concert, and already 11-the team of Russia played with Argentina. A high probability of damaging the coating is in the event that the organizers saved on the underlying material and incorrectly entered the lawn in the concert mode. Recovery times vary from 2 to 6 weeks depending on the degree of damage. His comment on the situation was given by the owner of "Spartak" Leonid Fedun, at the stadium of which there were several major concerts: "Leningrad", "Depeche Mode", "Guns N ' Roses". "The field should not be closed for more than three or four days. The flooring needed for the concert must be laid the day before the event and removed the day after. Three pause in the lighting does not destroy the lawn, then he needs only a week to adapt, "he said.

Fedun-About Rostov Arena: Three pause in lighting does not destroy the lawn


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