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No time to explain. Just return that Russian team!

No time to explain. Just return that Russian team!

Russian national football team

Russia's national team will hold its first match after the 2018 World Cup. All sensations are automatically compared with those that were during Mundial – dances, tears and waste. Now another atmosphere. It is felt already at the entrance to the base in Novogorsk. Police dogs are no longer sniff laptops, uncles with headphones and jackets do not follow you on the heels. -You have a second turn to the left,-security at the checkpoint sends to the independent way reporters.

The number of journalists was less. There are no more sultry Mexican correspondents who asked bizarre questions. During the training, the players are traditionally engaged on the far side of the field from the media. Suddenly, some of the reporters shoot at the camera, as the players swear by the mat (oh, God-that's a shock!).

It is impossible to discern something in 15 minutes of training. It is clear that all the players are healthy and nobody misses the occupation. As soon as the players put on shirt, journalists are asked to leave the training. It is a pity, because the composition of the match with Turkey can be quite unexpected and it is interesting to understand now the outlines of the new team. As long as it seems more modest without goalkeeper, Ignashevicha, Golovin, Smolova…

It became more modest and on the base itself. In view of the fact that the media was less, the reporters were transferred from the Special Hall to the sports complex, where they carefully installed the desks among the simulators. You can swing until the players come back from class. Although, to be honest, the soft ball does not reach the hands.

Photo: "Championship"

Hotel turned out for Dynamo Konstatina Rausha and Anton Shunina. They moved from one base in Novogorsk to another, which is actually behind the wall. If it becomes boring, a couple of minutes walk to the Dinamovskogo Corps and take a couple of books in the instability library. -I was invited to the national team after a long break (from Euro 2012 – approx. "Championship"),-began shunin. -Did you lose hope of a challenge all this time? Every professional always aspires to the national team. I am including.

Russian national football team photo: Alena Sakharov, "championship"

-Has the Turkish team already been dismantled? -The theory has already been and after the flight continue to study the opponent.

-Who do you know about the Turkish team? -I have not yet looked, but necessarily glance composition.

For whom Novogorsk completely in novelty so it is for 22-year-old Yegor Sorokina. Not long ago Nobody knew about this central defender. He is now a player of the Russian national team due to Kutepova injury.

-Was it scarier for the first time to go to school or to the national team to arrive? -a question to the defender of "Rubin" Sorokin. -Quite different emotions. Although now I do not remember exactly how it was during the first campaign to school. I'm glad to call you. Getting to the requirements of the national team. -Do you realize that you are now a player of the Russian national team? Do you feel dizzy? -Of course I understand. I'm an adequate person. The head does not whirl, there is an understanding that it is necessary to work a lot. -How did Dzyuba take the team? Just a couple of jokes.

-Ignashevich communicates with the defenders of the national team. Did you talk to you, too? -Yes, I said a couple of exercises in the gym Hall. Plus in training pays attention to details.

Continuity is great. Simulators for journalists – too. I wish I could bring back a little bit of the atmosphere of the 2018 World Cup. It is clear that it will never return, but even a drop. Maybe you should have held a training session for the fans again?


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