The team of Denmark will be played by amateur players. All because of the advertising rights – 1xSport
The team of Denmark will be played by amateur players. All because of the advertising rights

The team of Denmark will be played by amateur players. All because of the advertising rights

Casper Schmeichel

"You will send our football to the Stone Age," This is what characterizes everything that is happening in Denmark. The national team has two important meetings ahead: a friendly match with Slovakia and a start in the League of Nations against Wales. The problem is that the main players of the team refuse to go to the games because of the conflict with the Football Federation.

The bottom line is that DBU (the Danish Football Association) has revised commercial rights agreements this summer. Previously, sponsors and partners were able to collaborate with the whole team. Now in the federation they wanted to sell individual contracts of football players. As a rule, all the money for such agreements are received by the players themselves, sometimes the club gets its interest. National federations on football players usually do not earn. And this angers the main players of the national team, first of all its stars: Casper Ronaldo and Christian Eriksen.

"We want to conclude a collective agreement and feel great support. Our struggle goes for the basic rights and the future of other players of the national team, not for the money, "Eriksen explained. On the side of the players was the Union of football players of Denmark.

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The players were so insulted that they refused to participate in the next matches of the national team. And this is unacceptable for DBU. The fact that less than a year ago the women's team of the country did not go to their match against Sweden in protest against the financial conditions of their games in the national team. Since the game was official, the Football Federation fined 1.5 million dollars. But in addition to the fine, there was a warning about the suspension of all national teams from UEFA competitions in case of cancellation of any other official game over the next four years.

That is why you will not be able to cancel the match now, even if none of the main players of the national team DBU. So far, the federation wants to solve the whole world and even offered the players of the national team to improve bonuses for games, increase insurance and conditions of flight and stay while in the national team. But along the way in DBU negotiate with players from third leagues, amateur football and even futsal. It is already known that the club of the second Danish league held talks with two players, and they agreed in case of what to come to the national team. Including 30-year-old Christian Offenberg-the top scorer of the league with five goals in the first six matches of the season.

The head coach of the Aage Hareide team will not manage it at least in Slovakia. The Federation considered it improper to oblige him to train and work with those he had not called. Instead of him on the bench will be John Fax Jensen-The author of the goal in the final Euro-92.

"I do not take sides in this conflict. I just want to help my country, the national team of my country. And I hope that this whole situation will be resolved soon.

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"We have to solve the conflict, not bury ourselves. We propose to extend the terms of the previous agreement for one month, and further discuss the conditions for its modification. We will play two games and discuss everything, "said the main speaker of the protesters Eriksen players. But the main players will not fly to Slovakia, this has already been confirmed by the representatives of DBU. The director of the Federation Klaus Bretton Meyer announced that the match will take place, but it won't be the guys who are used to seeing the fans.

"We have assembled a team of players who support Denmark. A team of talented people who are willing to give up all their strength and play with their hearts. They all represent the 1st and 2nd divisions. In league there were players who were ready to come to the national team, but it could subject them to pressure from the Football Association. That is why we will publish the final list of players for the match with Slovakia only when the team is flying on the plane. In addition, we will also take on board a sports psychologist to help the players cope with the colossal pressure they are facing, "said Bretton Meyer. Perhaps, to the game against Wales, which will be official, DBU and the players solve the problem. But Denmark's next friendly match will probably be the most scandalous and unusual in recent years.


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