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8 stars not summoned to the national team

8 stars not summoned to the national team

Gonzalo Higuain

In the coming days the players of the national teams will have a lot of work: someone will play in the League of Nations, someone in friendly matches. But not all the players we used to see in the form of their national teams were called.

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1. Jordi Alba

Luis Enrique's decision to ignore Jordi Alba was a surprise for everyone, first of all, for the player himself. "I did not expect that I would not be called. I don't know why the coach didn't include me in the application. But it's his decision to be respected. Now my goal is to earn a comeback. In my position there are Marcos Alonso and Jose Gaia, these are excellent players. "

The defender was even told by the Barcelona coach Ernesto Valerde: "If he wants to return to the national team, he should focus on his work and not be nervous." On the other hand, the choice of extreme defenders in the Spanish national team is really terrific. Recall that the world Championship was not hit by Marcos Alonso, whose new coach Chelsea considers the best in the world in his position.

2. Hugo Lloris

In late August, Hugo Lloris got into a nasty story. He got behind the wheel in a drunken state, was stopped by the police and hit the station. He was released on bail, but the scandal was decent, although the goalkeeper the next morning publicly apologized. On September 11, Lloris will be tried. In the meantime, he suddenly found some trauma. The coach of Tottenham Mauricio Pochettino stressed that nothing serious happened. On September 15, Lloris is ready to play. But he was not summoned to the national team.

Photo: RIA Novosti

3. Fyodor Resins

"Fedor moved to another team, and decided not to yank it. We will not touch the player, let him show himself, so that we could be useful. There's been a lot of noise around him lately. We did it with Artem when he moved to Arsenal. So does it make sense to touch Smolova? Moreover, we cannot guarantee a place at the base. " In principle, Stanislav Cherchesov explained everything, and the arguments brought. Just such a solution in any case caused a storm in the comments. Though, and the game for "Lokomotiv" resin did not give an obvious reason to call him to the national team. But Chalova is missing.

Photo: RIA Novosti

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4. Igor Akinfeev

As soon as the squad was announced for the upcoming League of Nations matches with Turkey and a friendly game with the Czech Republic, everyone had one question: Akinfeev did not leave the national team? No, he didn't. Cherchesov explained that the captain of the Russian team had a planned medical examination in Germany and refused to comment on the future of the player. In general, it is not clear yet, especially as Akinfeev himself is silent too.

Photo: Denis Tyrin, "championship"

5. Gonzalo Higuain

The Argentine national team has changed after the world championship more than any other team. And that's okay, given the game and the results. Head coach left. Finished with the national team Mascherano and Biel, took the pause of Messi. But of those who stayed, the new coaching staff did not summon all the stars. For example, did not receive the call Gonzalo Higuain. In the Italian media immediately appeared information that he upset a similar decision and ready to complete a career in the national team. But the newcomer of "Milan" did not make statements. Maybe we'll see him in the national team.

Photo: RIA Novosti

6. Sergio Aguero

Immediately after the departure of Argentina from France there was a rumor that Aguero will no longer play for the national team. But in a couple of days he dispelled the footballer himself. "As long as I am summoned, I will not stop. I understand that more young will come to my place over time, but I am ready to continue. " However, in the first matches after the World Cup-friendly games with Guatemala and Colombia-it will not be.

Photo: RIA Novosti

7. Di Maria

In general, it seems that the new coaching staff of Argentina-Lionel Skaloni, Walter Samuel and Pablo Aimar-conceived a revolution. Otherwise explaining the choice of players is quite difficult. In the line of attack, except Ikardi, whose appearance awaited, called Giovanni Simeon and Lautaro Martinez. All three were well answered by coach Skaloni: "Ikardi has long been in the status of superstar, but they are all players potrjasjajushhego level and can help the team." Ezequiel Palacios, Santiago Askasibar and Gonzalo Martinez will be able to help the national team. All this is good news for Leandro Paredes: Zenit midfielder also got a chance to prove himself in the national team. But it is still not clear why Angel Di Maria, who perfectly started the season in PSG. In five matches of the season: Super and four rounds of League 1 – he has three goals and three goal-scoring passes. He would definitely not interrupt the new team.

Photo: RIA Novosti

8. Sami Khedira

Maybe it's even a belated decision. Khedira has long been no longer reliable in defense, and the game on the attack has never been his strong side. Maybe Joachim Löw just saw this post on Twitter.

Bonus: did not come

Lionel Messi has suspended performances for the national team of Argentina until the end of 2018. Cristiano Ronaldo has decided not to come to the location of the national team for the next matches to better adapt to Juventus. Mesut Özil decided to leave the national team after the conflict with the German Football Federation. Löw couldn't reach him.

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