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Maradona escaped from Belarus. In Narkostolicu Mexico

Maradona escaped from Belarus. In Narkostolicu Mexico

Diego Maradona

In the middle of August, the Brest "Dynamo" Grohnulo news tapes with a message that Diego Maradona will come to the club and the city. And not to visit, but to work. Dynamo owners offered the Argentine the post of President. Even then, the story was complicated. The appointment Maradona announced, but the club waited for him not before July, after the end of the 2018 World Cup. At the tournament in Russia Diego poked the middle finger in the camera and lost consciousness, agitating Fifa.

The second difficulty was with the Argentine's duties. The official website of the club was announced by its Chairman of the board. Diego promised to be president of the club and coach. On July 16, Maradona drove to Brest, bursting to the match of his new team in armoured. Almost Leninist gestures he welcomed the grandstand, and then went to cuddle with the players and referees on the pitch. Dynamo lost the match, and Maradona twice said he wanted to train.


But the head coach at that time was the former sports director of the club Sergey Kovalchuk. He's been coaching the team so far. And about Maradona official site of club has forgotten till August, 31st. That day there was a quotation from Instagram Argentine. He congratulated happy birthday of Alyaksandr Lukashenka.

"I cannot but congratulate the President of Belarus Alyaksandr Lukashenka on his birthday and thank him for his opportunity to work in his country. Next week my activity will begin at Dynamo FC, – translation of the text under the photo.

Next week and the truth has brought news about coaching activity Maradona. In Mexico. The Dorados de Sinaloa club from the second Mexican division announced Diego as its new head coach.

"A man, whom many consider to be the best football player in history, is coming to us. Diego is known as a player who led the team behind him and sought a result in which almost no one believed, "the official website of Dorados rejoices. The club really does not interfere with someone who is able to solve complex problems. After 6 matches the team has a 13th (out of 15) place in the table.

Another important thing about Dorados: The team is based in the state of Sinaloa. It was also the birthplace of Mexico's largest drug cartel called Guzman-Loera Organization. The cartel accounts for up to 60% of all trafficking in the United States. In Sinaloe finished his playing career and learned to train Josep Guardiola.

In Brest "Dynamo" news about the new work Maradona, it seems, all surprised too. The press attaché of the club Olga Hizhinkova in a conversation with the "championship" said that she is waiting for the response of the representatives of Diego, but they do not come into contact yet.

"After arriving and visiting the match Maradona left Brest. After that several times appointed returned the date of the return of Diego, but at the initiative of his managers, she pan. Maradona did not get to visit Brest again. This week we waited and continue to wait. There are a lot of rumors around this person, so we are not sure that the news of his appointment to the Mexican club is not one of them.

Now we are waiting for the managers ' response to clarify the situation. It is also unexpected for us. There are no supporting documents either with us or on their part. It is difficult to say whether it can be managerial games, because rumors of Maradona appear every week. Is Maradona a financial penalty for such a change of work? I'm not a lawyer. We will resolve the issues as they arrive. Now we are not talking about this speech, "said Hizhinkova in a conversation with the correspondent of the" championship "Daniil Borozdinym. Maradona has a habit of wearing two pairs of hours at a time. It seems now he's going to train two clubs in different parts of the world.


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