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The Russian national team lacks one thing. And this is the most important thing!

The Russian national team lacks one thing. And this is the most important thing!

The Russian national team lacks one thing. And this is the most important thing!

The Russian team moved from Trabzon to Rostov. Although the match will be held on a weekday (Monday, 19:00), but tickets are not found. The match caused such a stir that even outdoor advertising was not required. She never showed up in town.

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But in Rostov a lot of symbols from the World Cup 2018: Zabivaki, logos Mundial and even pointers to non-existent fan zones. This maybe you have a World Cup ended, but not in Rostov-on-Don. Here still do not want to part with him.

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The start of the Russian team training was scheduled for 17:00, but it started at 45 minutes earlier. Around the Rostov stadium "Lokomotiv" gathered a crowd of fans (mostly children). All of them came to see the idols and begged journalists to sneak them into training. As a result, these fans followed the activity through a semi-transparent grid with the symbolism of Mundial.

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Some of the fans managed to socialize. They in one voice (it is not a figure of speech) have told that they would like to get on open training of national team. The lesson came with printed photos of the players to get autographs. Alas, they did not manage to go to training, and they chanted "Ros-Si-me" from behind the wall. Ros-Si-I! "and the names of the players.

The lucky ones are 15 children from the city of St. Michael of Volgograd region. In the middle of the training the guards began to hustle, run and actively talk on the radio: "15 people. Yes, they told me to put it inside. Yes, to practice. "

Soon the field did have children who wondermented the best Russian football players. It turned out that this is a football team 2005-2006 years of birth. They were luckier than others, because their coach after the tournament "leather Ball" got permission from the acting President RAF Alaeva for the presence at the stadium.

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According to the children's trainer, Alaev immediately went to meet and agreed to the passage of young players. As a result, they had a chance to take pictures with idols, which they used. Andrei Lunev even gave goalkeeper gloves to one of the boys. The boy had the joy of speech.

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And now the attention, the question. Why could not make a full-fledged open training team in Rostov-on-Don? Not for journalists, but for fans. The desire of the fans is colossal, especially in children. Our team after the 2018 World Cup remains popular. How would the spectators in training interfere with the preparation for the match with Czechs? Friendly the match, which is important.

Of course, the kids would scream during the class, but after 50 thousand stadiums, it could not significantly affect the players. In addition, in Moscow before the 2018 World Cup, an open training session was held at the Web arena. After that the players told how pleasant it is to train in such an atmosphere. What was the difficulty of making the activity open to the fans now? Tactical secrets on this training was not to be found. Journalists could have at least 100% of lessons to be filmed and put on the Internet. The training was restorative after yesterday's match.

The team members in private conversations explained, saying, before the 2018 World Cup was a duty to conduct an open training. Now there is no such thing, and no one in other teams does it. The elementary search shows the opposite. And it is not necessary to go far for examples. Here are a few frames:

Photo: Photo:

This is Kiev. September 4th. The Ukrainian national team is conducting an open training session. The meeting with the fans did not prevent two days later to beat the Czech national team in the League of Nations.

UEFA League of Nations. League B. Group 1. 1st round

06 September 2018, Thursday. 21:45 MSK

Czech republic



1:0 – Chic – 4, 1:1 – Linnet – 45 + 1, 1:2 – Zinchenko – 90 + 3


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