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Beckham has been creating his club for four years. It turns out not very

Beckham has been creating his club for four years. It turns out not very

David Beckham

Inter Miami is a name that symbolizes the incredible energy of one of the most remarkable cities in the world. Passionate, ambitious – a city that is happy to me and many others. Our club is a home for everyone. It doesn't matter where you come from or how you came here. This is just the beginning of our big journey, "David Beckham said at the presentation. The Great football project of the former captain of England is very slow, but still evolving.

Franchise and 1454 days of silence

Beckham acquired the franchise right back in 2007, when he moved from Spain to America, signing a contract with Los Angeles Galaxy. His agreement had a lot of interesting options, one of which-the opportunity to buy a franchise and make a team in MLS for only $25 million. Almost Zadar, given that under the rules of the league all new clubs are required to pay 150 million.

Beckham used this option. In the summer of 2013 he completed his career, and already on February 5, 2014 announced the idea to create his club. However, the next four years no news about the new team was not-in the media only occasionally appeared the words of Beckham that things do not go as well as we would like. During this time the Englishman went through so many tests that at some point he was ready to surrender and leave everything. According to him, he did not do it only because of his business partners, who urged him to fight and go to his goal.

1000 and 1 problem

Two important conditions for joining MLS: the creation of a new stadium and its own academy. And this is where Beckham started hell. Because of the biased attitude of the city Hall to the next sports history, Beckham was immediately told that no one would give him any money to build the arena. The unfortunate story with the Miami Marlins baseball club has been a failure: the construction of their arena has resulted in several resignations among officials.

Then Bjeksa had problems finding a place for the new stadium. At first he tried to find a territory on the coast near the cruise port, but local organizations and businessmen raised a wave of discontent, and this idea had to say goodbye. Then an option appeared in the north of Miami, but the authorities again refused-this time because the project did not meet the architectural requirements. Only by 2015 This marathon of failures has ended: Beckham and his team finally acquired land in the area of Overtown-6 acres for $19 million. At the same time the project of the stadium with a capacity of 25 thousand was presented. However, the missing 3 acres of land were acquired only two years later. It would seem at last the sun ' stabilized, but here on the way Beckham and his team appeared activist Bruce Matheson, who appealed to the court with a complaint against the local authorities. It angered that the land was sold below market value and the trades were closed. This process once again pushed the beginning of the construction of the stadium. His complaint was rejected. It is planned that the stadium will be built by 2021, however, there is no guarantee that the place of its location won't change again.

Wrong partner

The problem with finding the ground for the stadium was not the only one on Beckham's way to fulfill the dream. The process of creating the club brake The fact that the MLS requirements of the Board of directors should be local entrepreneurs interested in building a strong team in their city. And Beckham's team was Todd Bojeli, the owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball club, who vkladavsya the project. The leaders of the league mistrusted the businessman who could see Beckham's cheap franchise only a way to cash in. As a result, according to MLS requirements, the businessman left the Bjeksa team. A little later, the British joined the brothers Mas-the largest businessmen in Miami.

Start-in 2020

The MLS Commissioner Don Gerber has customized Beckham more than once, pointing out that the process of creating a team has been unseemly delayed. In 2016 he even threatened him: if soon the deal will not be executed, the franchise of Beckham redeemed back. The team was supposed to start a performance in the league in 2017, but something went wrong again, and now it will be possible to see "Inter Miami" only in 2020. Against the backdrop of Paolo Maldini, who has created a team in Miami for a year (albeit in NASL, the second largest league in the United States) , Beckham's project seems to be a failure. Although…


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