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Cherchesov explained why he was conducting control matches, not friendly

Cherchesov explained why he was conducting control matches, not friendly

Stanislav Cherchesov

The day before the first home match of the Russian national team after the 2018 World Cup. Everything says that in Rostov at the friendly meeting with the Czech Republic will be sold out. At the press conference the head coach of the Russian national team told why the game will be held in this city, and not only about it.

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-Would you like to always play in "Luzhniki" or in different cities? -The question Cherchesovu. -We are not a team of Moscow. It is important to see us in other cities as well. The good thing is that Russia is well-infrastructure. This is a great stadium in Rostov. Logistics is also important. It's an hour from Trabzon. and "Luzhniki" is our mark. There we will play again – we'll have to see the schedule of qualifying matches to the 2020s.

-In terms of logistics you will have to go from Kaliningrad to Sochi for a match with the Turks next time. They will fly closer-more rest before the match with the opponent.

-The Turks did not fly to their home-it does not say anything. We will be in Sochi because October is the late autumn. The day before yesterday I was sent pictures of the field: a good lawn, a good stadium and a good fan, so we will be there. Are you worried for yourself or for us? For you. "Don't worry about us. -In view of the damage Dziuba who will be the captain in the match against Czechs? -The captain will be the one who hears from me, and does not learn from the press.

-How much is the team ready physically after the match in Turkey? At the end of that meeting it seemed that our players were hard. "The Turks had to play, and they tailed us. Counterplay we did not work very well, so it seemed. Two players will not be able to play tomorrow from that squad, so in any case there would be some substitutions. There are variants, we will proceed from tactics and readiness of players. Life forces to make permutations in the composition and discover the nuances. We stand under the flag, under the anthem. This is not a friend's game, but a control-from a knife. We need to show ourselves.

-Yesterday a lot of children were present at the training of the Russian national team at the stadium. Why was it impossible to open a training session for spectators? Would that hurt you? -We do not close. One team from the tournament "leather Ball" was present. At the "Web Arena" before the World Cup 2018 was an open training-to such things should be prepared. Sometimes nothing depends on our desire. Security issues must be taken into account here. In this regard, yesterday the training was smooth.

The Russian national team lacks one thing. And this is the most important thing!
The simple question is: For whom all this is done?

-but you as a coach open training in Rostov would prevent?

"If it were in the big stadium, it wouldn't. And on the small, as yesterday-yes, would be disorganized.

Defender Roman Nojshtedteru got a lot less questions than the head coach. -Three months ago, due to the final list for the 2018 World Cup, you said, "I'm shocked and disappointed." Nainggolan in the same situation freaked and generally finished his career in the national team. How important was it for you to get a call now? -We need to make a decision of the coach. And I took it, I was rooting for the team and the country. I am glad that we performed successfully at the 2018 World Cup. This season I started to train and play in the club to show myself in the national team including. Always come with joy to speak for the country.

Russia has the best national team. How to live with it?
Egorov likes. There is no single critical word.


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