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When football is not the best choice, but the only one. About the death of a player in France

When football is not the best choice, but the only one. About the death of a player in France

When football is not the best choice, but the only one. About the death of a player in France

In some places football is almost the only way to get up from the social bottom. Recently, Felipe Melo said a catchy phrase: "If not for football, I would have grown a murderer." He did not hint at the style of the game, and literally meant that as a child saw two ways to earn: football and crime, and football has not always seemed the most promising choice. Melo is not the only one, such examples suffice.

Stephen Pienar in his childhood watching TV, sitting on the floor: the mother forbade sitting on the couch, because in Westbury in the window could fly a random bullet during street skirmishes. Antonio Cassano Scouts "Bari" found on the street. Zlatan Ibrahimovic as a child stole no worse than playing football. Adriano briefly escaped from favelas, earned in "Inter" millions, but eventually returned to favelas. Carlos Tevez in Europe frightened journalists with the history of his childhood in Fuerte Apache: "We did not walk the streets alone, it was dangerous. At night, they heard gunshots, and then, on the way to school, they went around dead bodies. "

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All of these stories share one thing: we only learned about them because they ran out well. Cassano not contacted the drug trafficking, Zlatan did not lead a criminal group, and Tevez did not take a gun to feel calm in the streets. And even Adriano, before falling into depression, usugubljonnuju alcohol addiction, fulfilled his childhood dreams. At some point they all chose football, even though this choice did not bring instant benefits. The question "What if?.." is better not to ask-the answer can be terrible. such as in the history of William Gomis.

By the age of 19 he had spent four seasons in the youth structures of Saint-Etienne. In the season-2017/18 played in 18 matches for the double "Saint-Etienne" in the fifth division. The team won the championship in the Auvergne/Rhone/Alpes region and hit the fourth division. This is not bad: replacements "Montpellier" Toulouse "and many other teams that are in the elite, still live in the fifth division and below. In the fourth, the reserve teams play PSG, Lyon, Nice, Monaco, Marseille and so on.

Of course, no serious money can be earned in the Fourth Division. And to perform there at the age of 19 – this, in general, means only one thing: that there is no fantastic talent either. So the dreams of fame and millions a year may already be time to adjust. Prepare for the usual life of a football player, whose autograph is not chasing the whole stadium. It is boring, of course, especially at the age of 19 and amid inflated expectations. But this is not a reason to throw everything. Moreover, and after 19 years still 100 times can change-there are examples of N'Golo Kant, Jamie Wards, Miro Klose, Carlos Bucky… Even though Dado Pršo.

Gomis didn't wait and adjusted his plans radically. He left the team in June. "Saint-Etienne" tried to deter a player who wore a captain's bandage in the reserve team several times last season, but he just disappeared. A few weeks ago, he lost his brother: he was shot in the vicinity of Toulon in a street showdown. Prosecutor Toulon Bernard Marshal said that other members of the young footballer's family were suspected of being connected to criminal groups.

Saint-Etienne confirmed the information about the death of his football player

On Sunday night, Gomis was shot together with a 14-year-old teenager who had not yet been identified. It happened on the western edge of the Cote d'azur, in the town of La Saint-sur-Mer near Toulon. Presumably both of them were killed by a Kalashnikov assault rifle, the police found 24 7.62 mm shells at the scene. The mayor of the town of Mark Vjuilmo introduced a curfew for children: In recent months, incidents of gunfire in the region have increased. Local media write about the competition between drug trafficking groups.

Maybe Gomis wouldn't be a star. Perhaps at the age of 19, playing in the Fourth Division for the reserve "Saint-Etienne" is a bit sad. But Habib Maiga played there and in 20. And in search of the game practice came to Tula, and now plays for "Metz". Jonathan Bamba did not fight from the double in the basis, went on rent, well showed himself in "Angers" and a month ago at the age of 22 years was in "Lille". Ismael Diomande was detained in a doublet for almost 21 years, then became a player of rotation in the base, now in the "Cana". Anthony Mezonjal two matches in the main squad of Saint-Etienne and went to Zurich to compete for a place in the gate with Anton Mitrjushkinym. Mitrjushkin traumatized, but Mezonjal lost the competition to 30-year-old Dubljoru Kevin Fikentcheru. And now he writes that he is shocked and saddened by the death of Gomis.

All these St. Etienne players did not find the talent that would allow them to play early at the base. The beginning of their quarry does not promise a pompous success story "A slum boy has earned millions", like Tevez. Perhaps, they will unfold later, as opened Edin Jack, who in 19 years "Željezničar" leased in "Usti over Labem", and maybe not. And then they will have the usual boring life of thousands of other players who have not become stars. will be the usual life of millions of other people. The key word will be.

For teenagers who grow up in poverty and in criminal situations, football does not always seem like a good choice. It requires dedication, constant discipline, requires many victims and very often does not reward for these sacrifices. But no matter how bad the choice of football seemed, the rest of the options are still worse. Choosing football, you can not get rich by choosing an alternative, you can not survive.

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