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The national team is buzzing even without dziuba. Even the second squad

The national team is buzzing even without dziuba. Even the second squad

Russian national football team

The Russian national team continues to delight. Victory in Turkey-not the most confident, but extracted in something that can already be cautiously called the corporate style. The team confidently began the League of Nations in the game with an opponent who just three months ago made us suffer and worry about the performance at the World Cup.

Against this background, the control match against the Czech Republic was not of particular importance, but it was desirable to win at least for the sake of continuation of this feeling of high. It was clear that both the Russians and the Czechs would play very far away from the basis of the compositions. And the main thing is that the Russian team was left without captain Dziuba. Artem is the most popular and favorite player in the country. In many ways, he is now the face of Russian football. The current team without him was hard to imagine. But the problems with the waist forced Dzjubu to stay in Moscow.

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Without it, the team changed the attacking line and once again changed the owner of the captain's bandage. On the field of the team brought Yuri Gazinskij, and the front came out to bring horror swamp. Moreover, this season Anton even in the club almost did not play the only forward, usually going into a pair of dzjube.

Friendly matches (national teams). Friendlies 1

September 10, 2018, Monday. 19:00 MSK



Czech republic

1:0 – Ions – 8, 2:0 – Swamp – 24, 3:0ions – 29 (pen), 3:1Soucek – 74, 4:1 – Erokhin – 78, 5:1 – Snake – 83

Nojshtedter and Semenov in the Defense Center, Rausch on the left. Erokhin on the position of the attacking central, and the ions on the right. By the standards of the national team of Russia on the field in Rostov-on-Don was the maximum experimental composition. And in such a combination the national team again issued the first half in which Kajfovala itself. Captain Gazinskij perfectly found the transfer of the acceleration of the ion from the last defender, and that scored. Zabolotny quietly got the ball in a foreign penalty and beat the flying in the sliding rival in the corner. The same swamp cleaned the ball from the goalkeeper, earning a penalty for the ion. National team floating, enjoying their game. And the best of all looked those who usually fans mocked. Neighed over the swamp – get a goal and a penalty shootout. It was fun after the stories of the ion-he goes out and executing Chekhov.

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A similar story with Alexander Erohinym, for which the beginning of the season is the most effective. The midfielder often raises questions from the fans, because the main benefit for the team he creates, moving without the ball. But this season for "Zenith" Erokhin plays closer to the foreign gate and constantly gets into the center of attention. Against Chekhov Alexander all the first half gave the transfer to the partners and dangerously connected forward. And already in the end scored the goal (before that, the truth, covering exit one on one).

At times frankly lucky: somewhere the judge did not whistle offside, somewhere optional shotguns not lead to problems. But before the break with Czechs no problems at all. It is clear that the opponent also tested their capabilities and reserves. That the resistance level was lower than expected. But in the history of the Russian team there were dozens of matches, when in a similar situation we created problems for ourselves. Here Rausch without problems caught on a false motion of the opponent at the gate, that then to start attack. Even those who were absent in the team at the World Cup, were infected by this high and confident.

It is a bit unpleasant to have two matches in a row with the Russian team, regardless of the composition, sags after the break. The Czech Republic in the second half has intensified its game substitutions, and the owners account 3:0 obviously relaxed. As a result, missed a offensive goal, but were able to quickly return the gap in the score. And then the zobnin, with his endless supply of energy, organized a goal for Dmitry Lozano. And then he got a captain's bandage.

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The first cycle after the World Cup 2018 team finishes with the difference of goals 7:2. I don't care about the level of rivals – Bliss further. and prepare to apologize to those who have not had time before. If they were still in this team.


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