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10 top-players who have crossed the summer for free

10 top-players who have crossed the summer for free

Gianluigi Buffon, PSG

The summer transfer window has already closed, the first rounds in the championships have been played, newcomers are mastered in many teams. In the era of insane transfers, special attention is attracted to those who beat the clubs for free. The age of the player at the time of transfer, the approximate market value of the Transfermarkt version and the club, which was lucky to get it for free.

1. Gianluigi Buffon, 40 years old. 1 million euro, PSG

If a year ago someone said that Buffon not finish his career in the summer of 2018, and will go to PSG and sit on the bench, hardly many would believe in this information. But the facts are stubborn things. The coach of Paris Thomas Tuhelj said that the favorite of the place in the gate will be the pupil Alphonse Areolja. "I made a choice. This is not the final decision, but for now the play will be areolja. He is a graduate, the club is very important for him. Buffon is a legend and has a huge influence on the team. We will act delicately. " The question why this Buffon (and PSG) remains open, but at least the experiment was inexpensive: only in the salary.

2. Rui Patrisiu, 30 years old. 16 million euro, wolves

Sometime in the past season, sporting is going to take off the film. It will be a militant with elements of horror and spy thriller. President of the club Bruno de Fernandes fought with players in social networks, team boycotted training, in retaliation guide Otstranjalo players from classes. All this hell ended badly: an attack by a crowd of fans of the club base. The players and the coach suffered. It is possible that the management knew about the attack.

After that, many leaders of "sporting" began to quickly leave the team, breaking contracts unilaterally. The president was retired, the post was occupied by former head of medical service Frederick Varandash. But by the time of change, many have already managed to leave. For example, European Champion 2016 Rui Patrisiu.

Sporting fans beat the players. What wildness?
Even 63-year-old coach Jorge Jesus was injured.

3. Gelson Martins, 23 years. 35 million euro, Atletico

Another serious asset lost by sporting because of the president. The club even filed an official complaint with FIFA on the player for his transfer to Atletico, but Martins has arguments. He pointed out the reason for the break of the agreement-the employer failed to ensure its safety. Now Sporting is trying to challenge the transfer to the Court and requires compensation of EUR 50 million.

4. Luis Nani, 31 years old. 5 million euros, sporting

While someone was fleeing from sporting, Nani went against the tide. He spent the last season in Lazio, and did a good job – but belonged to Valencia. In the team Gedesha, Rodrigo, Batshuaji, Cheryshev and Gameiro Portuguese, who with age more and more like forwards, was not needed, and he returned to his home club. It is early to make serious conclusions, but while under the direction of José Pezejru in the updated "sporting" Nani feels great: three goals in the starting four rounds.

5. Leon Goretzka, 23 years. 40 million euro, Bayern

Bayern have a habit: to take the best young German football players for free. In the past, Borussia has suffered, and now it is Schalke's turn. Goretzka spent five years in the Schalke structure, refused to sign a new contract and left for free. Moreover, the contract was signed in winter, although the player joined the Mjunhencam in the summer. Yes, well, the scheme worked out.

6. Emre Jan, 24 years. 30 million euro, Juventus

Emre Jan Photo: Chris Brunskill/Fantasista/Getty Images

It's an old story. Gian could have been in Juventus in the winter, then Liverpool would get some money for it, and "see" would get the right player. But as a result Emre to the last could not decide, the transfer window closed, and he stayed for another six months. And even had time to be the captain of Liverpool in the match against Southampton before he was injured, because of which missed the remainder of the season.

7. Kevin-Prince Boateng, 31 years old. 7 million euro, "Sassuolo"

In a career Boateng easy to get confused. It seems that he has recently started to show his best football in Las Palmas, but since then has changed two teams. In Spain, he was detained for only a year-it was reported that he decided to change the team for family reasons. In Germany, too, played only a year. Now he is in "Sassuolo", and so far in full order. Although, to predict where Boateng will be in a year is still not worth it. France has remained from the top-5 leagues.

The Prince of the slums. Two lives of Kevin-Prince Boateng
In the summer it was not needed by anyone except Las Palmas. We remind you how Boateng lost everything he's trying to get back.

8. Bernard, 26 years old. 16 million euro, Everton

Unstable techie, who never grew up in the "miner" in a big star, in the summer is interesting to many clubs. At least because it was worthless. With "Milan" failed to agree on the salary, "Valencia" and "Chelsea", apparently, also were not persistent enough, but the coach of "Everton" Mark Silva called himself and told the player why he needed his team. Although the higher salary option cannot be excluded.

9. Jack Wilshire, 26 years old. 20 million euros, West Ham

Yes, he's only 26 years old. Although the debut for Arsenal took place 10 years ago. Wilshire sporadically Feeril, but the leader of the team did not become, and in recent years, even when he was healthy, not always got a place in the start. The decision to change the team after Arsene Wenger's resignation looks reasonable. However, in "West Ham" at it so far everything is terrible (the rest of the team too). But Manuel Pellegrini certainly knows what he's doing, and his composition is quite good. In general, everyone needs time.

10. Stefan de Wraith, 26 years old. 40 million euro, inter

Stefan de Wraith Photo: Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images

The case of De Vreem is exceptional. Usually the Lazio guide can be blamed for excessive intellectually, because of which the coaches cannot save the capable team. The club sells well even age players (Bigliju in "Milan", Kandrevu in "Inter"), so it was possible to wait for a loud transfer of one of the best central defenders of Serie A. But de Wraith after some situations, when the club did not release the players, because it considered insufficient proposed amount, just did not want to risk. He quietly played in Lazio until the end of the contract and went to Inter as a free agent.

Bonus: Legends that have gone to win

Fernando Torres, Andres Iniesta and Wayne Rooney also changed teams in the summer, and also for free. They did not come to this list because they went for new impressions rather than playing football at a high level. They're all right.

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