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Ions performs Inzaghi, Zobnin-Zidane. What's going on?!

Ions performs Inzaghi, Zobnin-Zidane. What's going on?!

Russia vs Czech Republic

After the victory in the first game of the League of Nations three days have passed, so expect big changes in the figure of the Russian national team did not have to. Against Chekhov Cherchesov left the same scheme, offered the same model pressure, made several substitutions for positions and changed only a small detail in the game without the ball. We are telling about the main results of the match in Rostov.

Ion opening on the last line of defense-the best in the national team

It is great that on the beaten Rostov fans stadium the first goal in the match was scored by the player of the team Valery Karpin, but Alexey Ions deserved a check not only home "Tovarnjakom" with Czechs. He needs to give a chance to prove himself in the official match.

Cherchesov not let the journalist ask a question. It was about Karpin
The coach of the Czech national team stated that the defeat affected his wellbeing.

It is not clear how the player managed to go from the hero of memes to the Russian Inzaghi, but right now Alexey-one of the best players rpl on opening. Ions are not only good at gaining speed. It quickly shifts the weight of the body, almost always starting to move before the opponent. In team interaction the player is also good: in yesterday's match there were some cool short draws in the troika with the withdrawal of the ion under the penalty. Sometimes Erokhin and ions were caught locomotive the Czech Republic on the transfer of custody. In any case, all ended with a jerk of the ion in the Poluflang, which because of the saturation of the zone before the penalty remained free-until the displacement goravy the fifth in the line of the Czechs were without ball 4-4-1-1, and often all the defenders were busy with the tutelage of Russian players.

In the moment with the first goal the player used the High Line of defense of the Czechs and opened from the depth, but the coolness of the ion is that he is also successfully looking for space at a low block. The new season proves it. Alexey's game on the verge of offside has already managed to bring "Rostov" six points in the championship. In the current form, the player simply has to be in the team location.

Zobnina Initiative helped build-APU

The exit on the field of Zobnina is absolutely justified decision of Stanislav Cherchesova. During the break, the approach team moved away from the shock of the first 45 minutes and lined up in a more or less organized defense structure. From the second half of the match the Czechs began to meet the build-up of Russians with the middle block with personal oriented care, in which the main task was performed by the captain of the Gushbaujer team. The 10th number of the Czech Republic minder Gazinskogo, the most dangerous player of Russia field depth. Before the release of Zobnina at Chekhov not always, but still managed to restrain the attacks of the owners. Gazinskij began to depart more often in the line of protection, the national team more often began to use long transmissions which in this match were not so effective, as in game with Turkey.

Zobnin His power dribbling provided the team with the variability of build-APA. The midfielder has at least 4 attempts to move the ball forward from the depth, only one of which ended with the loss of the ball. At the same time another, with Fintom Zidane, began the 5th assist attack in the gates of Chekhov. The novel never ceases to surprise.

Briefly about what else is important

-Calling the swamp, player of the reserve "Zenith", Cherchesov made it clear that he did not intend to depart from the general line of vertical football, which was grafted to the team during the World Cup. Without Dziuba in one structure the functionality of the swamp has expanded. In the end of the attacks, despite the scored goal, Anton strongly failed the technique, but with his main duties, dumping in the Nasyshhaemuju partners zone and play in the Podygrysh, swamp coped.

-All the minor acuteness that arose at the gates of Russia, again went from the left flank of the defense. Replaced Kudryashova Rausch more often a teammate loses his player, but at least finishing the episode to the end and imposed the fight is already on its third field, several times leaving the winner of the situations 1VS2. Problems Cheryshev in motion without the ball much deeper cosmetic repair. Denis pays no attention to coaches partners. A second before the screenshot, for example, Rausch transferred Denis to a player in Poluflange. Cheryshev not pay attention to it and decided to go into the pressure. It is clear that this should have shifted Kuziaev, but it does not mean that the episode does not need to be evaluated.

-The game in the "Zenith" made of Yerokhin a very versatile player, but still he looks much better in his native position. Before the transfer of Yerokhin to the flank in the second half of the midfielder's interaction with the extreme midfielders of Russia has brought many problems to guests. With the change of position scored a goal, but became less active.

-unlike the match with the Turks, the central midfielders of the Russians had a clear separation of roles. Gazinskij performed AAD and generally coped with his task. In position defense on his half of the field midfielder "Krasnodar" closed the zone before the penalty, if necessary, fell the fifth in the line and in time shifted closer to the flanks, insuring the extreme defenders. In the middle third Gazinskij sometimes was fond of and raised above not to the player, but Czechs practically did not use uplift zones.

The national team is buzzing even without dziuba. Even the second squad
With his crowd trampled Chekhov.

-Absolutely dismantled Czechs, do not managed to offer anything, except the high location of defense. Absence of pressure poured into constant cutting of the first two lines of defense, together with erohinym in empty poluflangovye zones shifted both extreme midfielders of Russia, and positional errors of Chekhov cost to the team of three heads. The smashing victory of the house is a very pleasant result. But the main thing in it is not the score on the scoreboard. More than half of the players in the game yesterday's lineup are the nearest base reserve. The debut goals of three players and a convincing victory, albeit not over the strongest opponent, are signs that the team will look in any lineup.


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