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Mancini terribly started in the Italian national team. Already went familiar excuses

Mancini terribly started in the Italian national team. Already went familiar excuses

Roberto Mancini

"Our main problem is that we are not hammering." Guess when Roberto Mancini said that? After the defeat of Krasnodar? After the defeat of the locomotive? After the defeat of the Portuguese team? The correct answer is always. In each of these cases and in many others.

Hejtit This team Italy, which has no midfield, no stars and no charismatic leader, even somehow unsporty. The change of generations in the national team turned into an objective problem, which has already zastarelaed and increased to such a scale that vice-premier of Italy Matteo Salvini offers to solve it with the help of the limit on Legionnaires. And his idea enjoys support. Therefore to criticize "Skuadra Azzurrini" simply for the result, for draws with Poland and the Netherlands, for losses of France and Portugal there is no sense. It is not a shame to get such results in the process of global restructuring. It is shameful to get such results in a certain way.

50 Shades of Italy national team

Yesterday, the Italians struck on the target of the gate Patrisiu twice, both blows from afar. The gates of Poland were hit twice, once from the limits of the penalty-penalty. With the game exact strikes from the limits of the penalty no longer 180 minutes. And if the fan is forgivable to see in this cause of a bad game, and not a consequence, then for the coach it is unacceptable.

Italy is not playing poorly because it does not hit a lot of dangerous areas. Italy is a little beat from the dangerous zones because it plays poorly. This should be said in more detail.

UEFA League of Nations. League A. Group 3. 2nd round

September 10, 2018, Monday. 21:45 MSK




1:0 – Silva – 48

In two official matches, Mancini tried two schemes: 4-3-3 with Poland and 4-4-2 with Portugal. In both cases, personnel decisions raised questions. Pellegrini and Galjardini probably had to untie the hands of Jorginho, reducing the pressure on him. But both did not open well enough. Galjardini at least compensated this aggressive game in defense, and Pellegrini just dissolved. Mancini has reacted, has released in midfield Bonaventuru: that does not play the extreme in three, but at least technically enough to maintain quality of pass Jorginho.

But the weak control of the ball is just one of the problems. The extreme defenders of Italy play on the principle that the legend ascribes to Peter the great. Executive, enthusiastic and without brains. Even when Jorginho succeed qualitative diagonals, Dzappakosta, Ladzari, Biragi and Emerson all spoil the primitive solutions. To return the ball back to the neighbor is not the worst option, compared to some canopies. In the game with Portugal, the Italians performed 27 canopies. If you think it's too much, then I have the bad news: the game with Poland canopies was 37. The main reason is Biragi. This hardworking young man ran on Brovke and hung in a penalty 19 times (with zero efficiency).

Cristian Biragi Photos: Pawel Andrachiewicz/pressfocus/MB Media/Getty Images

To achieve complete harmony, weak control of the ball and senseless crosses from the flanks is missing something else. Of course, static forwards. Balotelli in a match with Poland jogged on the field without a special connection with the team, so it hit Arrigo Sacchi. "In football, intelligence is more important than legs, so players who have intelligence should be called to the national team." Mancini said on duty in defense of the forward, but in three days did not include it even in the application for the match. But that doesn't mean that Balotelli is the worst forward in the team. About Bellotti can say all the same, and he does not have a class Balotelli, and he can not wait that he would pull the match with one non-standard solution. Immobile, obviously, is simply in bad shape, because one of its main advantages-constant movement at high speed-was not found. Perhaps, it was not bad only Dzadza, who did exactly what is expected of him: spent a lot of time outside the penalty, imposed fight for each ball, aggressively pressing.

Why Mancini's fault

For such a team to achieve results in the matches with the two teams that trip the last world Championship, you do not need to be a genius, but you need a lot and work well. To look for weak points of rivals. To use all of their own qualities. Instead, Mancini in both matches put players on unfamiliar positions. Jorginho all his career playing in the troika-with Portugal he was paired with Cristante. Bonaventure helped build-ape with Poland, when he came to replace the extreme in the troika-in the next match he appeared from the first minutes on the flank, broke away from the center and was useless. Berardi went to rescue instead of immobile, but for some reason has replaced it on a position though all life plays on the right flank. Chiesa, who plays the forward in "Fiorentina", came out as an extreme midfielder and (surprise) failed in defense. All these interesting tactical decisions can be characterized in one word: why?

Roberto Mancini Photo: Gualter Fatia/Getty Images

You can change two players in places, you can put an attacking midfielder in the attack, you can alternate which of the defenders will beat the record on the canopy, but it can not mask the crisis of ideas. The important quality of Mancini, which helped him throughout his career: he is not an inventor. He is always ready to rely on the skill of his players, not sacrificing their individual qualities for the sake of the scheme and tactical ideas. It's such an anti-Conte. Even at Zenith, his approach worked until key players were injured. But now the Italian team is individually too weak for this. Mancini abandons the usual principles and begins a tactical search. Well, it's better not. He's got a problem with that.

What color is the future of the Italian national team?

There is no superstar in the Italian national team. No genius defenders. No leader on the field. No leader in the locker room. And just one good midfielder who needs a certain game model to show good football. This is the starting data, the point from which to push. This is not a verdict: Even with such data can be not ashamed. But we need the right approach. Conte did not have a top-team on the Che-2016, but he had the best football in his life showed Dzhakkerini, Eder, Pellet, Darmian. Italy made a bet on compactness, the insurance was the main word of the national team, between the players it was difficult not to jump, but to throw the ball. This is an example of the right approach.

At Euro 2012, Prandelli also did not have a top team: Abate, Balcaretti, Montolivo, Diamonds did not pretend to the status of the Stars, although played in the basis. But Prandelli made a bet on the talent of Cassano and Balotelli. They could walk, but were constantly looking for an opportunity for a non-standard solution. Italy was lucky, Italy passed England on penalties, but scored a couple of beautiful goals and reached the final. This is an example of the right approach. Especially when on a field it is possible to release Jorginho, Insigne and Bernardeski.

Balotelli is the voice of common sense. We have evidence
Mario is getting boring. And that's cool.

Italy has no superstar, but a talented player can become a national team. There are no ingenious defenders, but the lack of genius in Italy in football historically accepted to compensate heroism. There is no leader on the pitch-the easier it is to become. The status is just lying under your feet, just pick it up. Mancini has not the level to which he is accustomed, and there is no possibility of gain to which he is accustomed. It's time to start coaching those who are. Almost a year ago, Italy did not make it to the World Cup. Of course, the systemic crisis was huge, but still the tournament, where the Saudi Arabia plays, can be hit with a crisis. Then the catastrophe was a consequence of several concrete failures of the coach, as a result of which the team for a week simply ceased to be itself. A year has passed. Italy still did not become itself. And it worries more than the only victory of Mancini in the first five matches.

It was not Italy's national team. It was an impostor.
We have proof.

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