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We found the answer to a question that so bothered readers

We found the answer to a question that so bothered readers

Valery Karpin and Stanislav Cherchesov

Yesterday in the "championship" an article with the title: "Cherchesov not allowed the journalist to ask a question. It was about Karpin. "

Cherchesov not let the journalist ask a question. It was about Karpin
The coach of the Czech national team stated that the defeat affected his wellbeing.

A literal dialogue with the post press conference: – Valery Karpin said the other day… – It is possible not to continue.

Thank you, please.

Here is the moment on the video:

In the comments to the article most readers were asked the same question. What did Karpin say? What was the untold question?

We contacted Rostov journalist Viktor Shpitalnikom, and he explained what he was planning to ask Cherchesova. Everything turned out to be quite predictable. The other day Karpin said that the Parshivlyuk on the level of the game could qualify for a call to the national team. This is what the local journalist wanted to ask.

The Mystery of the universe is revealed. You can go to more important things that surrounded the match Russia-Czech Republic. Here is an indicative moment: After the game journalists met one coach (Cherchesova) with applause, and another (approach) question: Your career in the national team is over? (By the way, it is already finished). Previously, we were more often in the place of losers. Now is the very moment when we are in full order.

Fans adore the national team – it is felt in Rostov more than in the capital. This team arrives once a hundred years, so the tickets ended in August. There would be a stadium for 100 thousand. So many people would have come. Especially when we get everything: Lunev gives Golevuhu, swamp clogs with his left leg!

Photo: Artem Gusev, "championship"

Just think about what it would be like with Dzjuboj and Golovin. Yes, the Czech Republic has an average Komandochka, but we used to be so tormented.

The first 10 minutes at the stadium was quiet. For those who go to the club football, looked unusual. But then the people practically did not wane. Impressive, when chanting not one fan tribune, and at once the whole stadium. Icelandic "Hu" has gone especially

And for the first time in my life I saw that the waves on the upper and lower stands were going in different directions. This is already a new level of performance. Although it seems to have been so spontaneous, not intentional. The only thing that was not enough-carpet on the podium after the heads of the ion.

"Carpet is a message to people who are sitting at home." The main point of this tour
Not a word about judging.

For fans in front of the stadium organized a lot of activity. In addition to the standard pieces from the sponsors appeared free barbershop. It was impossible to cut the hair, but the fans made beards and beards professionally – a non-standard idea. The next stage was a foam party for those whose beard has not grown yet.

Photo: Artem Gusev, "championship"

The happiest this evening were the fans who got T-shirts Fernandez and Cheryshev after the match. Look at these eyes. I think the boys went to bed happy.

Photo: Artem Gusev, "championship" Photo: Artem Gusev, "championship" Photo: Artem Gusev, "championship"

Cheryshev said in an interview that he decided to give a T-shirt even before the game, noticing the fan with a poster during the warm-up.

Well, a little bit about what wasn't so good this evening. Speech about the stadium "Rostov Arena". It is clear from the stands that the requirements are no longer the same as at the World Championship. Everything is more modest, somewhere holes in the ceiling, somewhere dripping from the ceiling in the carefully placed buckets (in the mix-zone used for the World Cup-2018).

The unpleasant situation happened one day before the match. The guards refused to let the Russian and Czech journalists into the territory of the stadium. And this is despite the presence of all certifying documents. It is funny to hear about the planned closure of the stadium, when in 10 days it was known about Boran events. As a result, Russian journalists had to excuse to Czech colleagues. After a number of calls journalists were allowed to open training for journalists.

And some trouble with the elevators in the arena. Immediately after the game, all the reporters rushed to the mixed zone to communicate with the players. For the sake of this journalists and sent to Rostov. And then bang-get stuck in the elevator! The only thing that calmed down was that they were caught together with the competing media. It seemed that it was only us so unlucky, but other colleagues just as stuck in the break. Well, though in both cases the caused brigades reacted quickly.

But it was still more pleasant. Here is the result and atmosphere at the stadium. For 90 minutes There was one thought: and can our team now always play with the full stands?

National team, now it will always be like this?
The world Championship for the national team was not finished.


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