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From Igrochishki to man of the year! Dzyuba at the peak of fame

From Igrochishki to man of the year! Dzyuba at the peak of fame

Artem Dzyuba, Russian national football team

Russian team defeated Czech Republic in friendly match

The Russian team defeated the Czech Republic in a friendly match. The meeting was held in Rostov-on-Don at the stadium "Rostov Arena" and ended with a score of 5:1 in favor of the owners.

Friendly matches (national teams). Friendlies 1

September 10, 2018, Monday. 19:00 MSK



Czech republic

1:0 – Ions – 8, 2:0 – Swamp – 24, 3:0ions – 29 (pen), 3:1Soucek – 74, 4:1 – Erokhin – 78, 5:1 – Snake – 83

Russian midfielder Alexei Ions opened the score by scoring on the 8th minute with the transfer of the team captain Yuri Gazinskogo. On the 24th minute the advantage was doubled by Russian forward Anton Zabolotny. Five minutes later, the judge appointed a penalty to the goal of the Czech national team, who successfully implemented the ions, having made a double in this meeting.

The national team is buzzing even without dziuba. Even the second squad
With his crowd trampled Chekhov.

In the middle of the second half, the Czech Tomas Soucek scored the only goal of the guests, and in a few minutes Alexander Erokhin sent the fourth ball to the goal of the Czech Republic. The last goal of the Russian national team in this meeting was scored by Dmitry Snake.

Dzyuba recognized man of the year by GQ version

Striker of St. Petersburg "Zenit" and the Russian national team Artem Dzyuba is recognized as a man of the year according to GQ magazine. At the last World Cup-2018 Dzyuba in the Russian national team reached the 1/4 final of the tournament, where the team lost to Croatia in the series penalty Penalty. The Russian forward has become the author of three goals scored and gave two successful programs in the tournament.

In 2008, Man of the Year by GQ became the head coach of the national team of Russia Gus Hiddink, who led the team to the bronze medals of the European Championship. We remind that the striker of Zenit left the position due to discomfort in the lumbar region Russian national team after the League of Nations match with Turkey (2:1), in which he scored one ball.

UEFA to negotiate the Champions League final in New York

The final of one of the upcoming Champions League draws can take place in the United States, according to AS. Jaume Roures, founder and director of the major Spanish media company Mediapro, reported this possibility. "Negotiations on the potential holding of the Champions League final in New York are underway, the parties want to explore this possibility," he said. Also roures noted that in this way UEFA followed the example of Spanish examples, which, in its Turn, decided to hold some matches of the championship in the U.S. and Canada to popularize European football in North America. The players were dissatisfied with this step and have already made an official protest. Recall, the final of the Champions League this season will take place at the home stadium of Madrid «Wanda Metropolitan» on June 1, 2019.

John Terry in Spartak. The world is crazy
The legend of the England national team is now in Russia. It's supertransfer.

Source: In "Spartak" estimate the probability of Terry's transition in 10%

The transition of the English defender John Terry to Spartak may be disrupted despite the earlier agreement of the parties, Sport24 asserts. According to the newspaper, the Moscow club is almost sure that the 37-year-old football player will refuse to move to Russia and estimate the probability of a 10% transition. It is clarified that Terry changed the previous decision to continue his career in Spartak after returning to England with talks with red and white.

The beauty of the day. John Terry's wife
The wife of the legendary football player, who is about to officially become a player of "Spartak".

Earlier it became known that Terry successfully passed a medical examination before going to Spartak. The parties agreed on a one-season contract with an extension option for another year. According to media reports, the salary of an Englishman in the new club was to make about €1.8 million.

John Terry in Spartak. What they think about it in England
The decision of the legendary defender surprised not only Russians.

Belarus investigates situation with fans ' shouting

The Football Federation of Belarus (BFF) can start an investigation into the shouting of the national team's fans with the words "who does not jump, that Moskal" during the home match of the 1st round of the UEFA League group stage with the team of San Marino, reports " Newspaper. Ru ".

Deputy Director of the Department of Marketing and Communications BFF Dmitry Gerchikov stressed that these cries were not of mass nature. He also said that the Federation will start its own investigation if it receives a request from law enforcement agencies or UEFA. For Belarus, the match with San Marino became the first in the League of Nations. The team won a confident victory with the score 5:0 thanks to clone Stanislav Dragoon and goals of Igor Stasevicha, Anton Saroki and Yuri Kovalev.

UEFA cancels conditional suspension of Marseille

The UEFA appeal body ruled on the punishment of Marseille in connection with the actions of the club's supporters at the matches of the last season of the Europa League, the press service of the organization reports.

Uefa decided to cancel the decision to suspend the club from participation in European competitions for one season, but left in force other results of the investigation, which was decided to punish "Marseille" with one home Evrokubkovym match without fans. In this case, the club is punished with another game conditionally with a probation period of two years. Also four matches, of which two are conditional, the French team will hold under partially closed stands. The club, in addition, fined €100 thousand. And will be obliged to compensate "Lyon" damage, damage the stadium during the final meeting.

FC "Las Vegas" in the break of the match with the helicopter dropped $5 thousand. On their fans

The Las Vegas Lights Football Club, which plays in USL, the second-most important league in the United States, entertaineded its fans in an unusual way during the break of the match with the second Los Angeles Galaxy team (1:2), according to Sports Illustrated. During the break over the field The stadium was a helicopter, from which the 200 of pre-selected fans were dropped banknotes for the total amount of $5 thousand. (about €4.3 thousand). According to the owner of the club Bratt Ljeshbruka, the total was dropped 3 thousand. Banknotes value in $1, and the remaining $2 thousand. were presented with banknotes in $2, $5, $10, $20 and $100. People say we're crazy out of the field, and we're proud of it. We have this Las Vegas style, but this is just outside the field. On the field itself we are seriously playing football. And then I came up with an idea of how we should reward our fans, "commented on his idea of Ljeshbruk. It is noted that no one was seriously injured during the rally.


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