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National team, now it will always be like this?

National team, now it will always be like this?

Russia vs Czech Republic

Vladislav Radimov, former midfielder of the Russian national team, and. About the head coach of Zenit-2:-It is clear that the team game is delivered. No matter what people go out on the pitch. Plus courage and self-confidence. The World Championship strongly influenced the team in terms of confidence. Now the guys know exactly what to do in this or that situation. And it's just improving. The national team looks even stronger than the World Cup. The Czech Republic is clearly not weaker than Saudi Arabia, Turkey is not worse than Egypt. In a friendly match with Germany is comparable to how we played in matches with Spain and Croatia.

The national team is buzzing even without dziuba. Even the second squad
With his crowd trampled Chekhov.

Ruslan Nigmatullin, former goalkeeper of the Russian national team: Our team plays powerfully and quickly. It is gratifying that she does not need to prepare for the matches of the month, as for the World Cup, and enough weeks. The home tournament has benefited us, the team has become more confident. The composition has changed, but still the game is preserved. Even those who never scored. The work of the coaching staff is underway and, as the last matches show, in the right direction.

Igor Gamula, former head coach of "Rostov":-The players played with pleasure and with desire, tribunes roared. Everything worked, especially in the first half. It feels like we're moving forward. Everyone had a great pleasure. You can see that the players understand what the coach instils. All eyes are burning. It is possible to lose, but it is important how to do it. If the eyes always burn, the boys will be forgiven. Dmitry Gradilenko, former defender of CSKA and Spartak: I hope that this game will always be played by the national team. I got the pleasure of football. We played very solidly, from a position of strength. Stanislav Cherchesov is guilty of this. He managed to dispose of the guys and explain to them that the same people play against them. We don't know our maximum. And the fact that our players trained, was seen long ago.

Ions performs Inzaghi, Zobnin-Zidane. What's going on?!
Tactical results of the match in Rostov.

Valery Reinhold, former midfielder of Spartak: — I am pleased with the way Cherchesov works. Yes, I was criticizing him. But the team is gaining momentum and playing that football, which I personally want to see: reliably in defense, vividly in the attack. Questions to Cherchesovu less and less. But we must see how we will play with stronger opponents. It is unacceptable to play the way the Czech Republic played. But ours looked decent. There are prerequisites for us to act so always. There is potential, because many players of the main squad were not on the field.

Our opinion

Oleg Lysenko, columnist of the "championship": — Gazinskij cuts transmission in the style of Pirlo, ions neatly implements the moments, swampy – vysmeivaemyj Internet-trolls swamp! – scores such a purebred goal… I do not know what the players are fed in the national team, how to chase Pannikov with Granero and what magic words say in the locker room Cherchesov-just want to make this dream awake. The world Championship gave the team what it long and badly needed-confidence in own power. Good sports insolence. I hope this momentum will not be enough for one more game. And with the skill of the players, everything is not as hopeless as it was assumed last years. And for this wonderful discovery to say a special thank you to the World Cup.

Readers ' opinions

Warlocksoft: It is still scary to expect, but it is possible to hope. Ochenumniy: — This fairy tale will be over soon! KARTOFEL23: We've always had strong teams. That's not always luck with psychology. The same Iceland has proved that the main thing is the mood and order. And so we have a more talented team. And the players themselves began to understand that, playing well for the national team, you can get very big ništâki. including the reputation. Suppose Dziuba had in "Instagram" almost 100 thousand subscribers to the World Cup, and became 1.3 million.

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