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"Maybe Dynamo fans think I want to ruin the club?"

"Maybe Dynamo fans think I want to ruin the club?"

Roman Wide

Deputy general director of the Moscow "Dynamo" on sports issues Roman broad-about topical topics concerning the club, and not only about it. The conversation began with the most actual.

They say they dig under the Khokhlova. Who's digging? Let's do it first. Former coach of "youth" Dynamo said that he was suspended for "system errors". Your wording? Possible. What Kovardaev? We wanted to Khokhlova. -Judging from the interview Kovardaeva, it is connected. "Maybe it's connected to him, but not to us. What about the coach of the youth staff who continues to work in the structure of the club? And how you can dig under the coach of the main squad-I do not understand. Moreover, the results of Dynamo do not say that they can and should be dug. -How then to explain the action of fans with a banner? "Perhaps they are so supportive of Dmitry Valeriyovych. But frankly, I don't understand where these conversations come from. The coach works and does it quite well. The team adds, the result is. It's a mystery to me why we have to change Khokhlova. And the banner was posted in the fifth round, when we were going to thenyou the best.

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, "championship"

-that is Hohlovu is not threatening anything? -I have already answered: he works quietly. The main thing is that the team is not just gaining points, but progressing. It pleases more. There is a game-glasses will come. And coaches, such a feeling, more journalists "dismiss". -Stepashin said that after one of the matches you and Hohlovym hugged. Is that so? -it was after the match with Orenburg. Naturally, we congratulate each other. More I congratulate him, because the main work he does. What's the question? "Well, it is unlikely if you had a conflict, such hugs were. What makes you think we have a conflict? -How do you think the fans have such thoughts? Honestly, I don't understand why. There are no prerequisites even to this. Maybe they think I want to ruin the club? (laughing) Maybe rumors are coming from the club's structure? -I think we have a very friendly atmosphere. "Khokhlov himself said that there is a misunderstanding. "Not that misunderstanding is more of a controversy. I understand him perfectly. He wanted as soon as possible to get some players who were in the first place of our ranking. But negotiations for certain reasons did not exist. -the whole question in the transfers? -At that time we did not duplicate the position of the extreme attacking player, and there was not enough variability. Naturally, he wanted to get the player faster. Who exactly? I can't say we can work with them.

"Hands off Dima Khokhlova!" What does that mean?
History of occurrence of one banner.

About Kovardaeve

-Returning to the interview with Kovardaevym. What did you mean by "system errors"? is an internal affair of the club. -his team had good results. — The youth squad is not the place where the main criterion is the tournament table. The main thing-the development of players, and the dissatisfaction in this direction, which we had, Kovardaevu was stated.

-What does Kovardaev do now? He's analyzing all the work he's done. As a result, he will provide a report. Sit down with him, talk and come to some conclusions. -he says that he was offered to terminate the contract by mutual consent. Was that? -At the moment we did not offer him termination. Just transferred to another job. We were not going to send it anywhere, just offered to analyze the training process and the game of the youth team. -a reason to analyze who was found? Me. We talked, I explained what was required of him. -In the end of that interview met with Kovardaevym? -At the end of the interview Nikolai Nikolaevich went to help the national team. He worked for the benefit of the country! We did not dare to distract him from such an important affair. Took the third place together with the national team.

The dismissed coach of the capital "dynamo": Wide is playing a game against Khokhlova

About the new coach of "youth" dynamo

-Where did Korytko (the current coach of the youth squad "Dynamo"). Note. "Championship")? He was in the team structure. Or were we supposed to take someone off the street? We saw it as a coaching potential. — A person with minimal experience… — And what? Mr. Sharonov had a minimal coaching experience last year, but he accepted the youth team of Rubin, and this year it is presented in a completely different form. I saw them a year ago and now it's a huge difference. Whose idea was that? My. -Where did you watch this coach? -Let me tell you-Vladimir Mikhailovich worked in Belarus with a coach, who raised Oleg Kononov and a number of famous specialists in the post-Soviet space. This winter Yuri Krasnozhan came to the consultation. Korytko independently works with football players 17-18 years. Not every youth team has a coaching staff with a lot of experience. Many put young. Dmitry Valeriyovych also had not such a great experience of independent work, when he was appointed head coach at the level of RFPL. But they were not afraid. — He worked in "Kuban" and "Dynamo". -in Krasnodar less than 10 matches. And two more in Dynamo. Seven years ago. It is not such a great experience, but he was entrusted, and he copes. "Kovardaev said that you put him before the fact: the assistant will be Korytko. Isn't that the coaching staff that defines these things? -The head coach determines the headquarters in the main team. In the youth and in the Academy determine the people who are responsible for them. — Did you call the names of the players who had to be put into the squad? Never. — Is it acceptable for the management to influence the choice of the starting lineup? "That can't be the same. The coach sees players every day, and I do three times a week and at the game. How can I advise or indicate? To see the perspective of the player is one thing, and the player's readiness for the match is visible to the coach.

About the start of the season

-Happy with the beginning of the season? -In general-yes. Although three draws we could squeeze more. But it should be borne in mind that the first match almost entirely played in the minority, the next game well started, the first half was great, but the second was not successful. And it's quite positive.

-there was another loss to Spartak. We failed the first half. In this regard, we need a little more work, and the coaching team understands everything: need more stability, we do not have to play different times. That's exactly what we're working on. -Do you feel Dynamo's progress compared to previous seasons? "If we start from the beginning, there is certainly progress. In the past, the start was not successful, and now everything is quite good. We are close to the place we aspire to – the place of Cups. On top there are teams that will fall out, and we want and can take their place. -Are you satisfied with the squad that Dynamo has now? -One player could be added. But in general – satisfied. We have therefore set the task to go to European, because it is this team that can perform it.

About leaving Tashaeva

-Was it really to keep Tashaeva in the team? "If we could, we would have saved. When I came, the transition was a solved affair. -but at the time of the conflict, you worked in the club-the adviser to the Chairman of the Dynamo Society. is a society, not a football club. The selection was not affected. -Appreciate the care of Tashaeva from a sports point of view. -This is definitely a loss for Dynamo. Perhaps the player should have been detained for a year in his native club. If the club had not reached a new level, it would be possible to consider the variant of the transition, including Spartak. This year he would grown and become a completely different player. But the Tashaeva party made that decision, and he left. His choice could be influenced by the head coach. But when I came, there was no possibility-the decision was made by the player. Did you try to keep him in the club? -Dmitry Khokhlov talked to him a lot. Note. "Championship"). Unfortunately, it was not possible to persuade. Can you call Tashaeva a traitor? I don't think so. Everyone makes a choice, why should he be called a traitor? He thought it would be better to develop his career. "Is it possible to say that he was mistaken? — After six rounds, you can't make any conclusions. And I understand that Tashaeva had an injury during this period. The championship will pass, then it is possible to make some conclusion. Quincy is gone, he recover, maybe there will be more game practice. And he can show himself more vividly than at the moment. -Zobnin, Tashas started their career in Dynamo. Now they are in Spartak. — The Zobninu question is not worth it: The team flew to FNL and he moved to Spartak. For a good enough money at that time.

Rykov: I will never go to Spartak
The author of the coolest goal of the summer-2018 in RPL-about football, money and the national team.

About Spartak and luggage Shirokova

— Did you hear the word "traitor" in your address? -I went from club to club when my contract expired. If the contract is over and there is a proposal that suits me, I see no reason to not accept it. And I've never heard of being called a traitor. -You are called Hejterom "Spartacus". In particular, after the history of the care. "I didn't say anything about it. He was, just the club made certain decisions, and so am I. — they also said that CSKA and Zenit like you more. -I said that I was raised in CSKA, and at the zenith I spent my best years. Accordingly, these commands are closer to me. -On "Spartak", it turns out, nothing good to say is not possible? Why? I can say that after my departure the spirit of the winner remained, and after that they won the championship. Shirokova luggage? Yes. And as soon as the spirit weathered, it ended… By the way, I was accused by some fans that it is necessary to leave the window open to the Spirit Vyvetrivalsja. And by the way, while Spartak could not win anything, I had medals all the time – bronze with Krasnodar and gold with CSKA. -It turns out, and in the team after you left the spirit of the winners? -With my participation the national team was selected for all championships.

Dmitry Khokhlov Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, "championship"

About transfers

-Are there plans to strengthen the winter transfer window? -There is, but I will not call positions. -Marchisio came to Zenit, Terry can go to Spartak. Do you understand the policy of inviting age players? "We'd love to have a star like Marchisio. John Terry is a big player, but he hasn't had a game practice for several months after Aston Villa. In what state it is not clear. In addition, Marchisio still 32 years, and Terry 37. -defenders can play longer. -We have not such a light championship as it may seem. It is unknown how he would manifest himself. -What is the meaning of such transfers? Fans want to attract? -Certainly, this is one of the reasons. Why not? But again, Zenit has a more realistic option to help the transition team. Spartak just trouble now, can only free agents to consider this position. "Fedun said that they were offered Marchisio. What about you? We don't. Would you? "If we pulled the salary, I would have. He would have strengthened dynamo. -Can you sum up the summer transfer campaign? -we initially realized that we would not have many newcomers. They came to the positions that the head coach asked for. The only, the second appeared a little later than we would like. In this regard, a little beat the trauma of Anton Terekhova. There are external reinforcements, and there is an inner, which was Anton. Unfortunately, he was injured. -Are you happy with the transfer budget? "We work in the light of what we have. — you are credited with the words about Samba sow: "I will find the player much stronger for less money". Who attributes? — Alexander Boyarsky, who at that time was the leading "sport FM". "And when did he say? At the end of last year? That's how I met him in the spring. Quote from the category "Remove Khokhlova". -Anton Shunin progresses, Cherchesov summoned him to the national team. Given that the contract ends in a year, in the winter he can negotiate with another club. -he can negotiate, but Anton-a real dynamo, in the system of the club from a small age. We will soon begin to deal with the question of extending the contract with him.

Anton Shunin Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, "championship"

-Did you pre-communicate with him on this topic? What's the point? There was an important site in the championship of the country-start, you had to go well. Once again Anton pull no sense. And he was very good at this period. In addition, he received an invitation to the national team and now he is helping the nation. -In the summer there was interest from other clubs? I didn't hear it. I don't know why he's leaving. He's been here since he was a kid. Goals and objectives are also good, ambitious. So I think he should stay with us. And he'll stay.

About the work of the coach and the status of Dynamo

-is the situation with Pogrebnjakom exhausted? It's been a long time. The world agreement was signed that Pavel has no claims against Dynamo. I talked to Paul and his representatives. The result is such an agreement. -Sysoev, ants… How do you work after them? "So they were general directors (laughing). I have another job. By the way, we have a great CEO now. He is an outstanding athlete (Sergey Fedorov, a famous swimmer. Note. "Championship"). Besides the fact that he was a champion, he also raised champions. — you studied in the direction of "sports management". No coaching? -initially did not represent himself as a coach. Has anything changed now? -Coach and sports manager-different professions, with different approach. The knowledge gained on the football field does not guarantee that you can become a good coach. I won't do it, but I'm not going to do it. -Let's go back to the challenges for the season. Will you bet on the Russian Cup? -Dvuhmatchevaja system is more likely to give big clubs, but certainly the challenge for the cup is worth. Under big clubs I mean top 5. We're rather sixth. Someone will fall out of Pjatjorochki, and we, at a good organization of the game occupy this place. The main thing-to catch and act on the nerves of competitors.

About the new stadium

-Is it worth asking about the new stadium? "We would have moved today, but this is not my question. Hopefully, soon the fans will return to a long Namolennoe place. — Is there no fear that Dynamo will play at empty stands? "There is no such fear. Many do not come to Khimki because it is really hard to go. -Giner with Babayev also said so. Are there any sketches on the opening match? — the opening match will be with Spartak, the second with Lokomotiv. Although, if the cup of Russia probjomsja, maybe before we play at the new stadium. There is a theoretical option in February home match for the Cup to play – then it will be the opening match. But there must be many stars to converge. -CSKA wants to hold the Champions League matches in "Luzhniki". How do you feel about it? -It is difficult for me to estimate, they have the own version of events. Maybe the fans want to play at their stadium, but here it is necessary to take into account the interests of the club. In "Luzhniki" they can earn more.

About Russian national team

-At the World Cup our team repeated the success of 2008 year. Jealous that they made it home? -This was the calculation that the stands should show a good result. Was it easier for them than you? -I do not say that it is easier, but the support of their stands gives strength. Well done, that were able to use it and now continue to play at a good pace. -There are no scandals in this team. Is this generation more disciplined than yours? -Despite all the scandals and all the negative, the team came out. Another thing is that the final part of the sinking. By the way, you, journalists, are not very positive about the national team before the World Cup. "Didn't it feel like the national team was falling into the abyss? -I may have thought that the team is not playing very well, but I was sure that she would leave the group. In the playoffs the Portuguese seemed a more passable option, but you see, we and the Spaniards beat. and made it one of the only ways. Everything was together, well started, and the press and the fans believed in the team. -What is the main merit of Cherchesova? His plan worked. Won the first game, in the match with Egypt led 2:0 in the first half, and in the second played on the score. The match with Uruguay perfectly passed, we were given on the ears, we calmed down and passed Spain. Maybe somewhere lucky in the penalty shootout, but Igor did not have any questions. knew that 1-2 penalty shootout he stink. — How to keep a positive train from the World Cup? I think we keep it. The main thing, if you go bad luck, once again do not bother. The failures will certainly be, it is one of the components of football. It is not necessary in case of defeat to look guilty and re-inflate the negative background. -2018 team is stronger than the team of 10 years ago? -It is possible to check only in a face-to-face meeting, and it is impossible. As Leonid V. Slutsky likes to say, it is all Vkusovshhina. -Excessive love can harm the team? "It's no longer possible to spin your head. On the basis of those opportunities, the result of the national team can be equated to the winning of the tournament. With more luck, we could go further, but before the start of the World Cup in such a result did not believe anyone.

Photo: Alena Sakharov, "championship"

About LSGA

-How do you feel about the hysterics around what the players were given LSGA? -I understand the feelings of those athletes who were close to medals and they did not give this title. Probably, if there is a practice to give a rank for certain results, it is necessary to estimate on this criterion. or change it and then give to everyone, assessing the importance of achievement. -there is an opinion that in football the title of LSGA is not as important as in other sports. I don't agree. It's important. Where's your crust now? "Lies at home in a conspicuous place. Benefits? When I turns 65 years, I will definitely use it. It's more of a retirement story. I need to know if I can ride the subway for free.

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