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9 Well-known players, except Terry, who are now free agents

9 Well-known players, except Terry, who are now free agents

Lasina Traore

Bakary Saco

Photo: Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

Mali is a genius who can play on any flank of defense and even in the center of attack. Stylish as all the malianss who played in France. Powerful as all the MALIANSS, the winners in England. was left without a club, as in winter got a fracture of an ankle. Saco has a perfect hobby – he collects unique designer boots. He's only 30 years old. The perfect combination of HYIP and good.

The video can be viewed on the official channel of Crystal Palace FC in YouTube.

Balazs Dzsudzsak

Photo: Andrew Surma/NurPhoto via Getty images

Hungarian genius, perfectly adapted to the Russian championship. Played two years in the UAE, and before that another year in Turkey-now he doesn't even need money. Versatile, footed, with a blow. And Transfermakt shows 97 matches in the Premier League-we must go back and punch sq.

Miguel Veloso

Photo: Jeroen Meuwsen/soccrates/Getty Images

Portuguese genius with a huge experience playing in international matches. More than 50 games for the national team of Portugal, under 100 – in European competitions. Will not complain about the climate and life, as played four years in Kiev. The ideal candidate to strengthen the center of the field, with which you can win the season, and then also sell it. Next summer Veloso will be only 33 – some Portuguese at this age want a salary of 4 million euros.

Lasina Traore

Photo: Epsilon/Getty Images

The saddest story of the end of the summer you've probably missed. Traore seems to have a conflict with agent Dmitry Seljukom. No one has ever believed in a forward like his representative. And if there really is a gap, there is no justice. And while the breakup did not happen, Seljuk had time to remind once again about the main advantages of Traore. "The financial side is not the most important for him. He is really motivated and wants to prove to everyone and show that it is too early to write off the accounts, "Seljuk said. Ivorian genius is motivated and ready.

Robert Hoot

Photo: Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

A German genius who played a key role in the championship season of Lester. 35 matches from 38 possible, a double in the Manchester City gate, the victorious ball Tottenham. Everything ruined the trauma that Hoot missed last season. He was thanked and released by a free agent. Now he is 34 years old: He is younger than Terry, he has 16 years of career in England. To save from problems any defense of the Russian championship.

Dimitar Berbatov

Photo: Clive Mason/Getty Images

Bulgarian genius, capable not only to score magnificent goals from any position, but also to create excellent drawings. Probably soon learn Russian and will give fire interviews. Two years ago there were not very serious rumors about the possible transition of Berbatov to the Yenisei. But during this time Bulgarian became a little older, and the Krasnoyarsk club has left in RPL. Perhaps it is time to start new negotiations.

Emmanuel Emenike

Photo: Ferraro/NurPhoto via Getty images

Nigerian guess Who. Perfect signing, because Emenike is only 31 years old, a strong career ahead. The main thing is to interest the forward with the offer. He loves unusual steps: In the summer divorced with Miss Nigeria 2013 and married the most beautiful girl of Nigeria 2014.

Yuri Movsisyan

Photo: Harry How/Getty images for MLS

Armenian genius, whose bundle with Emenike can be revived. After leaving "Spartak" Yura a couple of years played in the USA, then ruthlessly to Sweden. Nowhere was especially impossible, but in Russia went perfectly. Age allows you to play high quality at least a couple of seasons. And it's always time to come back to America.

Alberto Aquilani

Photo: Fotopress/Getty Images

Hardly claims to the status of Italian genius, but behind the shoulders of rich experience. Played for "Rum", "Juventus", "Milan" and "Fiorentina". Plus Liverpool and even Las Palmas. The midfielder, of course, dreams of returning to "Rum", but he is unlikely to be called. But there is another club associated with gladiators, which the Italian sent 10 years ago. It's time to get to Russia – there may not be another chance.


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