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The Mole is caught! Champions in Kharkov no longer threatens

The Mole is caught! Champions in Kharkov no longer threatens

The Mole is caught! Champions in Kharkov no longer threatens

"Shakhtar's Twitter" reported that the home stadium service caught a mole who dug holes near the corner flag. With this problem Donetsk club faced a week before the match in champions.

The pitmen continue to hold official matches outside of their hometown in Kharkiv. This Champions League draw was no exception. At the group stage the Ukrainian club will meet with Manchester City, Lyon and Hoffenhajmom. The starting meeting with the Germans should take place in less than a week, but the home stadium has an unexpected situation.

Moles spoiled the lawn at the stadium in Kharkiv before the match of Shakhtar in champions

"Krotovi Burrows appeared at the USC" Metalist "near the corner of the North Tribune," The Pitmen's press service reported.

No panic: The press service said the staff needed only a day to find a detractor. The mole is supposedly caught, and the lawn is in order. The club promised that tomorrow the main agronomist of the stadium would comment on the story especially for the fans.

At the stadium in Kharkov caught a mole, isportivshego the lawn before the match champions

Was it a force majeure?

The piquancy of the situation is that one of the nicknames of Shakhtar players is "moles". Perhaps, this way the Ukrainian club is simply gaining additional popularity. Well, think yourself, what moles? And on the other hand, what was it worth to the press service to make three neat and even piles right next to the corner flag? Again: found the mole-present. In any case, this is done subtly enough that we all have at least doubts.

What does the expert think?

For the commentary to this story we turned to the former main agro "Anzhi-Arena" Eugene Kondrashov. I had cases with moles, too. It is very difficult to fight with them. There were a lot of them on the place of the first base of FC Krasnodar, as there were lakes around. Dug a bunch of stuff, I even had a special folder. We bought a special grid, laid it under the base of the football field. Plus made the chopping barrier around the field under the fence. Strongly. "But this is not a panacea for all ills. The mole can get on top of it.

-Are you talking about the base, and to the stadium how can he sneak in? -Frankly speaking, I do not even imagine. I can't seem to be able to yawn in my head. -maybe there was a PR campaign in Donetsk? One of the nicknames of the local players is "moles"... it's hard to judge. I think no one would harm his field. Have you had such cases? Course. And snakes and hedgehogs, even the turtle once on the training base crawling. Once vole prevented work in Ramenskoye, had to catch her and throw off the field. Have you ever seen predators? "Once the fox came. At that time we did not close the angular passages (for ventilation). At night I finished the chemical treatment of the field. I look: my eyes are burning. Closer approached, worth a fox-looks what I do. How expelled? "I was frightened and ran away. I heard you were involved in the 2018 World Cup. With Moshkaroj in Volgograd How did you fight? -there were several levels of protection. And aviation was treated, and spraying polivalnymi machines, which poured a special solution. The smell was so bad-vanilla smelled. But at the peak of midges very much, it did not overcome.

Hordes of midges in Volgograd. This is some kind of madness.
The match between England and Tunisia was marred a natural cataclysm: The players and fans were attacked by insects.


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