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With Manu Fernandeshem, Lokomotiv is doing the right thing

With Manu Fernandeshem, Lokomotiv is doing the right thing

Manuel Fernandes

Among the advantages of Yuri Fay one of the most important-constancy of style. We know for sure that his teams do not have to wait for frantic performance, even when they are in perfect order: the priorities are different. The main thing is to find a balance, and last year we managed to cope with this task. The fifth place in the scored goal season (1.3 in 90 minutes) and the fifth in the expected goals (1, 1XG/90 min) are tightly closed by the final first place in the only table that matters. Classic Syomin.

But the beginning of this season dry even by its standards. 0.6 goals in 90 minutes in the first six rounds and 0, 9XG/90 min cause dry mouth that goes into the cough in the tournament table. Against the backdrop of such a difficult beginning of the season there is a problem with the new contract Manu Fernandes. Which, according to his agent, even threatens to grow into an early breakup. The most inopportune. Seriously, the worst moment to irritate one of the two most dangerous loco players of the last season, the hero of the first lap, just do not think. So why does the guide go on principle, instead of saving fernandeshu old salary, on what is the agent of the player Paulo Barbosa? If it is short – then, that it is necessary. The position of the club in the correct but maximally transparent form was determined by Ilya Gerkus. "Four years ago" Lokomotiv "agreed with Fernandeshem on specific conditions of work in the club, now will begin a new period. We believe that as the players do not grow up, and approach to the natural end of a career their reward should be proportionately reduced, because there are more risks. Its benefits will slowly decrease. It is objective, nothing offensive we do not speak. Obviously, the players will not play better after 32 years, so it does not happen. They will play, God forbid, in the same way we offer the contract accordingly. " And that's why it's the only right position.

In the theory of games is known such a concept as "equilibrium Nash." The American mathematician proved that in case of conflict of interests of two parties the most probable solution would be the following: Each party will refuse from part of its benefit, provided that the second party refuses part of the benefit. Actually, on this principle the competitive economy is kept: theoretically all companies could conspire and raise prices, increasing profits, but they will not do it, because in the conditions of free competition, everyone would be tempted to reduce prices and ruin All.

At first glance, it may seem strange: you can earn more. But only in the short term, and companies that plan to exist long and happily, live in other categories. They reduce long-term risks, even if they lose some of the benefits right now. The interest of Fernandes and his agent is short-term. And yes, the probability that a disgruntled Fernandes will play worse or even want to leave the team, there. This is a short-term loss, and Loco is now losing its full program. And in the long-term interest of the club is that: exclude the recurrence of the previous two years. I remind that two years "Lokomotiv" was under sanctions PPPs, because generous contracts in combination with the change of the ruble rate hit on payroll. This has determined the way of life in recent years. Now sanctions PPPs removed, and in the summer for newcomers were spent more than 15 million euros. These newcomers are well-known players with high salaries, that is why the Management optimizes payroll statement. The first victim of optimization is Pejchinovich. I bet he'd prefer to keep it. But it did not work, and it was a signal of what strategy will stick to the club.

Kryhovjak in loco is a smart transfer. It fits the style of the game
The right player for football Fay. But there is one risk.

Just as a year ago Syomin was looking for a balance in the game, Loko is now looking for a balance in the budget. To reduce the salary to 32-year-old player, conditionally, from four and a half million to two in half, perhaps not the biggest step, but necessary. And surely Fernandes is not the last on this list. Rather, questions cause the behavior of management in the situation with the extension of the contract Farfana. Why was it different? The locomotive actually has enough problems. The main one is that the balance between the defense and the attack, which made the team invincible, has not been for almost a year. Last fall, Loco was a boring, but methodical machine, now only the first of these three words is left, and so it continues from the beginning of spring. Against this backdrop, none of the players in the championship season should be untouchable when it comes to the long-term interests of the club.

One player who can explain the start-up failure of the locomotive
In the spring he was praised by Simeon.

Of course, it is better to save a player like Fernandes. And it is quite real, by the way. If to abstract from not quite adequate contract which acts till now, the conditions which the club offers to it, are not humiliating. This is a worthy condition for a 32-year-old football player with an amendment to its significance on the one hand – and unclear prospects of the ruble on the other. The argument about whether Loco should keep a player at any cost or need to insist on his terms is meaningless. It is necessary to insist on its-in the long-term perspective there are no other options. More materials of the author-in his telegram-channel "Diego Simeonovich".


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