"For me, gentlemen, it was a comedy!" – 1xSport
"For me, gentlemen, it was a comedy!"

"For me, gentlemen, it was a comedy!"

John Terry

Source: Terry passes a medical examination in Spartak Galinari17:-Rejuvenation of our championship:))) left 40-year-old Ignash, came 37-year-old Terry:)))

Stainder: — Source: Maradona will combine positions in Belarus and Mexico, as well as replace the mesa in Spartak. Pavement: We say that we need to trust the youth, and take Terry and Marchisio K0zebuk:-The pavement offended that he is not taken, or what?) Terry: Now I am in the best shape for the last 8 – 10 years Brodequin:-You will, and Falcao in "Spartak" goes. In 8-10 years. Terry today will sign a contract with Spartak NOTTINGHAMF:-The rubric "Girls/wives" of Spartak players will now lose their relevance…

Chervichenko: Terry? It is possible and Ronaldinho to invite, the question-how much in this benefit VILLAINSPB:-Miller, let's invite Ibra. Collect poker from traumatized pensioners. 🙂 Reinhold: Terry-a gentleman, he wants to help popularly beloved "Spartak" Evgenyginer:-Soon Fedun and Rheingold himself will sign)) Terry posted a photo, which trains on the basis of "Chelsea" Zohhan:-Went for the last time to play football. Carrera subscribed to the page of Terry in "Instagram" max1997: — 14:59: Terry subscribed to "Instagram" wife Carrera.

Source: In "Spartak" estimate the probability of Terry's transition in 10% cap-Shepard:-Carrera: Terry won't come to us. Terry asked Spartak to pay € 1.3-1.4 million higher than agreed ska-Zenit-44: What did Reinhold say about this gentleman? Trabukki: Negotiations with Terry have been completed, we are waiting for his decision, deadline – today Ropsyadapsya: — Dzyuba Such porridge has been brewed. That would play Zhigo, and grief would not know. And here Terry, children, Trabukki-on our spartakovskie heads. Terry: After much thought I decided to reject the offer of "Spartacus" Igor-Arh: "And thanks for free screening") Ropsyadapsya:-These two weeks he was the best in Spartak. Viktorson:-Reinhold: Terry has betrayed the dream. Nigmatullin: Sadly, but Terry will not know what Tarasovskiy borscht IRWB:-Started. Oh, that's it. If we take into account that he does not know about Stenochki, avoidance and Spartakovskij the spirit, then consider really the career of the guy failed. Kanchelskis: Terry refused Spartak? So God decided to pravdin1937i:-I did not know that Terry's wife God. Carrera-about the disruption of the transfer Terry: Of course upset, such a player! diman19801980: "For me, gentlemen, it was a comedy! With


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