Inzaghi of Russian football. Analysis of the game Alexei Ion – 1xSport
Inzaghi of Russian football. Analysis of the game Alexei Ion

Inzaghi of Russian football. Analysis of the game Alexei Ion

Alexei Ions

For 11 years of professional career Alexey Ions has passed a difficult way with ups and downs. Together with them the functionality of the player also changed. Alexey had time to try himself on positions of the extreme defender, false nine, insiders and classical winger with passages on a flank and canopies in a penalty. With the arrival of Valery Karpin in Rostov, the game of Ion has changed. The new head coach of the team set a goal to pick up tactics under the strengths of their players. It seems that Alexey ions won from it most of all.

Ions performs Inzaghi, Zobnin-Zidane. What's going on?!
Tactical results of the match in Rostov.

"First of all the ion game depends on the ion itself. Only then-from Sigurdarsona, Kalachjova, sapety, giving away the transmissions that he needs. The ions have moments in every match ",-last season Valery Karpin clearly outlined the main task of the striker. 5-3-2 Karpin – Continuation of the defensive model of "Rostov" Kurban Berdyeva.

It has been improved by a more free role and greater participation in the attack Skopinceva and Parshivljuka, but the focus on the pace vertical transitions in the "Rostov" remained. In this model of opening on the last line of defense and the jerky work of the ion – its main strengths – are very useful both for quick draws of the ball and for positional attacks.

The vertical game "Rostov" is best to say the actions of the team when changing ownership. At the team Karpin sharpened rather on destruction center midfield, therefore very often when "Rostov" intercepts a ball at the penalty, it follows a long cast on the remaining in front of the ion. Not necessarily behind the back – apart from the jerks, Alexey feels the space well and is included in the episode in Time.

Karpin has the best team of the first two rounds. But you still need to add
The most solid performance of the start of the season.

Opening of an ion between lines, however, are used by partners not so often, therefore the striker is more focused on discharges of Sigurdarsona. The Icelandic wins 45% of the top martial arts and often sends the ball to his back. At this time Alexey moves parallel to the line of defense of the opponent and makes a jerk to the foreign gate at the moment of touching the ball with a partner. As a rule, such rapid transitions from defense end Ofsajdami, but any mistake of defenders of the opponent can deduce the ion one on one with goalkeeper. That's how Inzaghi played.

The Trumps of the ion are well used by Rostov and in the final third of the field. In many respects it is on the forward tied attempts of the team to penetrate into someone else's penalty for positional attacks. Alexey quickly unfolds the body, waiting for the ball half and almost always begins to move before the defenders. Rostovchane often practice diagonal translations on Parshivljuka with its subsequent displacement to the center-the right defender of "Rostov" catches the entire line of defense of the opponent to transfer to the ion in Protivohod. If it turns out, Alexey gets the ball in the penalty. Note that on the screenshot of the Ion patronizes tall and rather slow Navas. In the first half Valery Karpin changed his forwards in places. The head coach of "Rostov" tries to maximize the benefit from the strong qualities of its players not only through the correctly chosen tactics, but also through the weaknesses of the opponent's players.

The movement of the ion at the standards-the same attempt to squeeze the team out of his game on the line maximum. The Karpin team plays most of the standard positions on the middle corner of the goalkeeper. On the far bar in this case it is not necessary to have a tall player, so it takes ions. This gives him the advantage of winning the "Rostov" selection and attack the second tempo. For a few seconds, the striker remains alone and rushes in the line of the last defender without guardianship. At flanking feedings of an ion on a far bar well notices Skopincev. If the left defender of "Rostov" instead of submission decides to pass dribbling on a flank, Alexey is shifted in a zone of 11-metre mark. The movement of each player of "Rostov" at flank attacks is worked out. Together with the starting speed of the ion it wins to him an extra meter of free space.

The interaction of the ion with Sigurdarsonom is not limited to the fight for the balls and plays a key role in advancing the ball forward from the middle third. At the beginning of attacks attackers often settle down close to each other and take the attention not only of two central defenders, but also at least one of sixes team of the opponent.

There are several combinations, their main idea is to make the location of the central midfielders of the team and the active extreme defender to maximally release the Poluflangovuju zone for jerk Sigurdarsona in depth. One of the most popular draws is the pulling out of the Sigurdarsona from the last line of defense, his wagering with the partner and throwing into the free zone under the jerk of the ion.

Such a draw is used by the team at the average block, when behind the back of the defenders enough space. At low position of protection of the opponent movement of forwards from one point allows one of them to take a ball in poluflange without guardianship. The ion and the Sigurdarsona have no special division in Who will move the defense line below, and who open for transmission.

The game is a false nine in Dynamo, where the ions was forced to sink into the middle third more often than usual, has affected the player's vision of the field from the depth. Not on a regular basis, but Alexey can shift closer to the central midfielders of his team and help them to move the ball to the final third on the opposite flank. On the screenshot of the ions shows the Viljushu of the recipient of the transfer, immediately opens under the ball Yusupov and moves with the ball to the right flank, releasing the back of the zone for the jerk of the same Yusupov. In "Rostov" feeling of free space ion is much more noticeable than in the game with Czechs for the national team,-in the scheme 4-2-3-1 Alexey has a less free role.

After the start of the season Alexey Ions gained one of the best forms in his career. The striker still brings the implementation, but Valery Karpin it should not be very disturbing. Alexey has already participated in the three victorious goals of "Rostov" in this championship, two of which happened due to the work of the striker on the last defender. Among the players RPL in this ion equal No.


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