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Symbolic team of the 10th round of RPL

Symbolic team of the 10th round of RPL

Symbolic team of the 10th round of RPL

Yuri Djupin ("anzhi")

According to XG "anzhi" is the worst team in the League. On the admitted moments at the gate mahachkalincy better only "wings of soviets". In this case, the team has not lost three consecutive matches and slowly rises from the bottom of the tournament table Rpl. Most often the team is helped by a confident game of goalkeeper "anzhi". In the match against "ahmatom" Yuri had not much work, as in previous rounds, but even thus he made 5 saves and helped to earn a point in the away Match.

Georgy Zotov ("wings of the Soviets")

The most running player of the Tour. Georgy was not ideal in defense, allowed to feed from his flank, but compensated is a frantic running work, managing almost Everywhere. The goal of Kornilenko in many respects-after transfer to nowhere Zotov played a handicap in a few meters at rausha, ottjor his body and gave a pass in Poluflang under the opening of Anton.

Mikhail Sivakov (orenburg)

The driver of the Orenburg "bus" in the match with "rostov". The Belarusian was on time in the right spot and extinguished fires inside his penalty. Sivakov has 13 outtakes, 3 interceptions and 2 blocked Strikes. At the same time mikhail-the only central defender of orenburg, not sat on the Card. Without his help, the team would hardly took three points from Rostov.

Benedict Lev (lokomotiv)

Against one of the most dangerous players of "army" Yuri Syomin put the world champion, and the decision was Justified. Lev almost did not connect forward, and when appeared on the other half of the field, mostly naveshival, but it is not important. The German worked perfectly for the guardianship of Mario Fernandez. Left defender shot the top, not searches on the dribbling, podzhimal "armejca" at the ball and did not let him turn around. The goal at the end of the match finally made the defender the main character of the Derby.

Vedran Corluka (lokomotiv)

Chorluku and Hjovedesa in the match against CSKA cannot be considered separately. The game Hjovedesa Mario sent him, including on another third of the field, and when the German otygryvalsja, to help him came Vedran Corluka. Croat played a great role as a AAD defender, and he did not sail in martial Arts. If That's not enough, see how Corluka Assisted Hjovedesu in the episode with a Bare. The beauty!

Philip Uremovich (rubin)

"rubin" won with minimal score, practically not allowing the opponent at the Gate. By the 10th Match of the Championship the defense of the Berdyeva team is increasingly happy with similar matches. In the top three of the central defenders Uremovich more often partners played on the opponent and broke the last line of Defense. Justified. Croat has made 2 selections and 4 interceptions, interrupting several attacks of "ural".

Eremenko returned, Carrera defeated Alenicheva
Another crazy match of Spartak.

Fernando (spartak)

In the match against "enisey" Plejmejkeru "spartak" gave too much space, and the Brazilian skillfully used it. Fernando made more players touch the ball, middle gear on the left flank clocked attack guests from the depths, several times tried to punch Himself. By hitting the penalty, the Brazilian earned a penalty kick for his team, serving the corner assisted Partner in the episode with the first Goal. While Spartak scores only from the standards, the role of Fernando is difficult to Overestimate.

Leandro Paredes (zenit)

On Paredese Polmatcha hung personal guardianship of gazinskij, but by the middle of the first half Argentinian had a plan "krasnodar". Leandro became the detract midfielder of "krasnodar" in inactive zones, freeing space for openings wingers "zenith" and Kuziaev. In defense, except for a few stamps, Paredes was also good. Argentinian made 3 interceptions and 4 selections, most of all in the Team. Very useful skill Paredes in time sfolit and abort a potentially dangerous attack. If it were not for the occasional cruelty, this quality could be considered one of the main advantages of the midfielder Zenit.

The plan against the "zenith" Musayev drove his Team. Analysis of the match of RPL leaders
Due to fatigue after cups pressure the guests stopped working.

Vladislav Kulik ("anzhi")

Coped with cleaning of the support zone "anzhi", managed to throw out on the player with the ball and forced that to make an unprepared strike-out of 20 strikes "akhmat" only 5 were on target Goal. In addition, he well connected the five defenders with the attacking team with long throws and transfers to the opposite Flank. But the impact of Kulik from outside the penalty almost led to the most beautiful goal tour-the owners saved the bar.

Artem Dzyuba (zenit)

Habitually for himself shifted in the flanks at Intimidations "krasnodar" on the other half of the field, clung to the balls, clocked the attacks of his team from the depths, and in the second half and scored a winning goal with a HEAD. In general, Artem did not show anything unusual, but gave a very high-quality match and became one of the key figures, devastated the plan of "bulls" to match with the leaders of the Championship.

Sebastian Driussi (zenit)

The most dangerous player of Zenit in the match against Krasnodar. For the tactics of rapid transition from defense to attack through the tall striker Sebastian Driussi just Needed. Driussi collected rebounds after the cast on the dzjubu, well opened on the flank and in a foreign penalty at least twice could score in the first half. As a result, gave two assists transfers, practically deciding the issue of the winner of the Match.

For loco fans, Syomin is a saint. And will remain so, even leaving in fnl!
Why is there still no monument to Yuri Palychu in cherkizovo?

Coach: Yuri Syomin (lokomotiv)

Made two decisions that influenced the outcome of the Meeting. The First-against Mario Fernandez put on the left in the defense Hjovedesa. The second-moved to the scheme 4-3-3 with two opornikami. As a result, "lokomotiv" strangled Cska's positional attack in the middle of the field, and Lev not only neutralized Mario on the flank, but also scored a goal at the end of the Meeting. bravo, Yuri Pavlovich.

Symbolic team of the 10th round RPL photo: "championship"


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