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Syomin told the truth about working with SMORODSKOJ. Exclusive excerpts from the book

Syomin told the truth about working with SMORODSKOJ. Exclusive excerpts from the book

Olga Smorodskaja and Yuri Syomin

Olga Smorodskoj's work in "lokomotiv" is one of the most striking (and controversial) periods of Russian Football. The details of his relationship with the former President of the club head coach Yuri Syomin told in one of the chapters of the new book "lokomotiv". Return to the Pedestal. " Unmet hopes for cooperation, conflicts on players and personnel decisions, experiences about the fate of the Club. Publishes exclusive excerpts of Fay Memories.


Working in other clubs, I constantly followed the "locomotive", tried to watch his matches, was interested in the inner life, not having any possibility to influence it. I knew that the fans still carry banners on the matches, reminding about my merits in the formation of the club, which they often take away. Worried for them, for the brainchild and, of course, was glad, when the management of RZD finally appreciated the presidency of Olga smorodskoj, moving her from office.

After all that happened in the locomotive during the reign (july 2010-august 2016) "railway lady", It would probably be better for her reputation to forget about her, at least for a while. But as soon as Lokomotiv won the championship gold for the third time, she suddenly appeared, without any scruples, claiming that the team's success is also her merit. And the journalists were constantly asking me the same question: how I feel about the contribution of Smorodskoj to the new title of my Team. therefore, we have to give it a place in the narrative, although, frankly, there is no special desire. But she gave me a Reason. Her reign was a black period in the history of "lokomotiv", lost time for the development of the Club.

Igor denisov, Yuri Syomin and Marinato gilerme photo: Dmitry golubovich, "championship"

I had no prejudice towards the president of the club appointed in July 2010. Although after working together with such professionals as Valery Filatov and Igor surkis, for whom the football club was a matter of life, it was assumed that the new man in the "locomotive" may have difficulties. It was hoped that common sense, mutual desire for tournament heights "loko" will prevail over possible differences.

For loco fans, Syomin is a saint. And will remain so, even leaving in fnl!
Why is there still no monument to Yuri Palychu in cherkizovo?

We were familiar, I knew the former sports and business biography of the new President: woman so woman, hoped to work, understand each other, and division of spheres of activity will become, as in any normal club: the president is engaged in the decision organizational, Economic and financial issues, head coach-directly football, team with natural periodic reports on the situation of the President.

But on the first steps of the new president there was an impression that she intended first of all to get rid of the authoritative in the football environment and the fans of the coach, to establish in the club sole Board. She was proud of the fact that at the time she fired from CSKA hockey legendary Victor Tikhonov. From the answer to the question, whether it was better for the club, whether his achievements went uphill, she diplomatically left. The newcomers, with the help of which I expected to give the next result, would only reinforcing the position of the coach in the Club. And the President vetoed the acquisition of at least one forward, stating: "yuri Pavlovich does not need credit for trust, he has carte blanche to buy players, for sale."

Olga Smorodskaja photo: Denis tyrin, "championship"

The president immediately tried to "deeply enter the course of work" with the team, with the players, parallel to the human revolution, getting rid of the "people of the seven", although declared that no layoffs with her coming will not follow. But the contracts with long and successfully worked in "locomotive" the leader of a selection group, the excellent expert on this Part Viktor tishchenko, the coach of goalkeepers Alexander rakitskim, paralegals The professionals of the business were not extended. Masseurs Alexander Gasovym and Vladimir tkachenko, who was also a first-class manualshhikom, a number of other employees of the club, the Stadium. Later he was forced to leave the club and one of the best sports doctors Alexander Jardoshvili.

I smorodskaja almost from the threshold Announced: "we will do the analysis of the game immediately after its end in my office." I thought he was joking.

All this was done under the slogan of optimizing the expenses of the Club. Although in fact the state of the football club grew as a Yeast. The president has arranged in the commercial department of the youngest daughter lyudmila, and the son-in-law Cyril Kotov became the head of Department of selection, and then and the sports director of Club.

"lokomotiv" is still alive! "syomin triumphs and… Resents
After the derby, both coaches witnessed the move forward, each with their own team.


Jose Kousejru and Ian Ďurica photo: Alexander safonov, "championship"

For a short time worked at the headquarters of its appointed Portuguese coach José Kousejru and Vladimir Maminov with Oleg pashininym, you can say, the icons of "lokomotiv", already displaying their abilities in the coaching Profession. and Kousejru himself, Podtjagivavshij to the basic composition of the able youth, did not hold in the team and year. The locomotive career of the successor of Kousejru Croat Slaven bilić, who was immediately invited to the English premier league, Leonid heap, Miodrag bozhovicha, was quickly completed. On the level of selection of the club after the dismissal of tishchenko, the competence of the President and her law in matters of Manning says at least a story with the acquisition for 5 million euros from the split "hajduk" Bosniac Senijada ibrichicha, which the President presented as Among the top ten European Midfielders. But for two seasons in "lokomotiv" Ibrichich not even managed to break into the main squad, if he played, mostly on substitutions. Soon it was rented by Turkish "gaziantepspor", but for a short while. He found refuge in the Turkish clubs rank lower and lower, moved to iran, and now plays somewhere in Slovenia.

The president suddenly canceled the scheme of bonuses agreed with the players, because of which we had a serious clarification of the Relationship.

Blatant story happened with the acquired also for a lot of money from the Turkish "besiktas" midfielder Manuel fernandeshem, no matter what was sent to the second team after a successful debut in the main lineup. This beautiful football player deserves a special conversation, and i'll come back to Him. No less strange conflicts occurred with the Spanish Havbekom Alberto sapaterom, bought from Lisbon "sporting". It ended all through the Chamber for the resolution of disputes early termination of the contract and payment to the player of monetary compensation. I mean, Money's on the Wind Again. Anecdotic the case of mandatory at the urging of the President of the introduction of buckwheat in the ration of the players flew, it seems, all the Media. To me it almost from a threshold has declared: «the analysis of game will do immediately after its termination in my office». I thought he was joking. It turned out to be serious. It was necessary to answer: «first: it is necessary time that all have calmed down, subsided passions, emotions, coaches have analyzed a course of a match, having familiarized with statistics of actions of each football player. Second: as a head coach, I myself do a team review and then I am ready to answer your Questions. " From that moment on, our professional differences began. After many years of work with the leaders-professionals of the business Valery filatov, Igor Surkis, and Nikolai naumov, with the new president became simply Unbearable.

"locomotive fans, everything should be ok"
Syomin delighted Fernandeshem and explains the reasons for the unsuccessful Start.

I was against her attending our training sessions. What for? On the field, she still will not come out, the training process-not her concern, she does not understand Anything. There were many questions on which I had to firmly defend my professional position. In lausanne, for example, before the Europa League match, the president suddenly began to give a tactical, as she believed, fitting to the Match: "the attack should be played wider, and in the defense of narrower." Laughter and Sin. of course, I couldn't but react to her similar antics.


Photo: Denis tyrin, "championship"

In the next Russian championship we started Unsuccessfully. The team badly needed a strong, anchor Forward. When the newly breeders could not find anyone suitable, I asked to buy Artem milevsky, who was well known for Dynamo Kyiv. But with the submission of the President received a decisive refusal of the board of Directors.

In the "locomotive" there was an oral agreement: if the club sells players, then the money gets the player Attack. Besides Kievite Milevsky were considered Hugo almeida, which "besiktas" then bought from "werder", Graphite and jo-it could be rented. But none of these forwards fans of "lokomotiv" did not see. The budget of the club was solid, but I tried to reduce the transfer balance to zero, and even better to make it Positive. I didn't sell or buy Anyone. But at me the club has spent on purchases approximately as much as has helped on Sale. I did not have a claim to kuzmin, but Oleg in Kazan gave money, and came to his position Shishkin got to the club for Free. We released Dujmovicha and odemwingie, as there was an idea to take one very necessary team of the player in Return. But it didn't work Out. Plus the shuttle Biljaletdinova even though I objected to it. We didn't spend any extra money. And most importantly, all acquired players have played in the main lineup, and, if not for the serious injury of wagner, "lokomotiv" would get a first-class, and most importantly, a prospective dispatcher. The same maicon at the end of the season was already much more expensive than at the time of Purchase. so, the direction of selection work in the club was correct, and the people engaged in manning, Viktor tishchenko, Hakim fuzajlov, Valery maslov, quite Qualified.

There were constantly problems with the Composition. Suddenly I find out that ignatieff, who was waiting for the training, moved to another Team.

Psevdojekonomija left the "locomotive" sideways, which was understood even by fans, Vyvesivshie in Cherkizovo before the return match with "lausanne" Banner: "in the first division can be another 40 million to save." Not having a player in front, who would constantly keep the defense of opponents in suspense, we changed the tactical Scheme. At clear new time was required, naturally fraught with loss of points, which could be avoided sometimes.


The match against Spartak was in question for a long time-in the suburbs were burning forests, and the capital was covered with creepy smog. For training, I was going to take the team to belarus, away from the unhealthy atmosphere, but the president found the charges outside the tank Impractical. We gave up the red-white-2:3. In the attack, we did not have enough players even quantitatively, and then there was a question of selling in English "west bromwich" Peter odemwingie, lost motivation in the "locomotive". I asked for a time to sell to the Europa League games with "lausanne", but the Russian Nigerian sold just before the meeting with Spartak. Psychological load, absence of attackers led to the fact that "lokomotiv" for the first time in its history did not live to fall in European competitions. Before the matches with "lausanne" the president suddenly arranged for anyone not needed a meeting of the team, made a decision to fine for being late for the meeting of aliyev, released by me at the reception to the Dentist. It is clear that I could not calmly treat CORRESPONDS. There were constantly problems with the Composition. Suddenly I find out that ignatieff, who was waiting for the training, moved to another Team. I have already told about the situation with Odemwingie.

Sjominu Bored in the Russian championship. He needs a Champions League
Coach of "lokomotiv" is interesting only in Europe.


The president suddenly canceled the previously accepted in the "locomotive", approved by the previous management, agreed with the players bonus scheme, because of what we had a serious clarification of the Relationship. It was unpleasant for me to listen to amateurish instructions, and I began to avoid it. I can't work when I get a note from the club every day: you did something wrong. At first I was going to answer these letters in detail, and then I began to finish with two words: I did not do it, I do not know. On that correspondence and Ended. Management decisions often went to the detriment of the Case. Gradually we adjusted the game, set the position and 11 matches at the finish of the championship were held without Defeat. "lokomotiv" was gaining a good course, there were prerequisites for a successful performance in the new Season. But the president, considering himself indisputable football authority, took advantage of the team's not getting into the top three and decided to get rid of the crooked Coach. She believed that I was with the team "obosobilsja" from the club, which negatively affects its results. I was ready to present to the President my vision of the past and upcoming matches, the state of the team and each player, but to her, Vnikavshej in all the details of the club work, which usually engaged ordinary employees, wanted to ruling and in the team of players Contrary to unwritten football laws. i, yes, i think, and to any real professional, it is difficult to find common language with the person trying to lead in those spheres of activity where he is full amateur. The players saw what was happening in the club, and I thank them for understanding the Situation. They tried not to pay attention to the President's antics, uniting around Football. Their professionalism, striving to achieve maximum results and allowed us to set up team actions and successfully finish in the 2010 Season. Taking the 5th place, behind only a point from "spartak", "lokomotiv" again won the right to perform in the Europa League.


Photo: Denis tyrin, "championship"

Two years of my work became the Club's most successful of the last Four. We started in spring from the 11th place and finished Fifth. This is a good result. But the president stubbornly sought an excuse to get rid of Me. We did not quarrel with her, I tried to be as delicate and at the same time firm in defending my Positions. But the friction in the club has long become the property of the press, and not once and not two I had to smooth corners, answering the acute questions. After all, in one of the interviews I think I clarified the essence of the Case: "everywhere write that the seven conflict with Olga Jurevnoj. I have no conflict with Olga Jurevnoj: she has a conflict with Football. " Press and active fans in that situation in the overwhelming majority were on my side, the president collapsed hard pressure media and Tribunes. But the Iron-railway lady continued to bend her LINE. fans, who were so wary of Olga jurevnu, began to arrange her obstruction. On the stands of the Cherkizovsky stadium, even on the houses in its vicinity appeared banners, distributed leaflets, the internet launched a campaign in my Support. It came even before the petition addressed to the Russian Railways administration with the demand to dismiss the club President.

It is necessary to work with fans, to communicate with Them-not only to conduct open trainings, but also to leaders to go out to Them. And not on "maserati" driving, demonstrating its financial superiority, and communicate on an equal footing.

But she continued her tireless Activity. Quickly dismissed by her same guest coach Yuri Krasnozhana in a few matches changed one of the legends of "lokomotiv" Vladimir Maminov. And then went coaching Leapfrog-portuguese José kousejru, Croat glorious bilić, Belarusian Leonid kuchuk, Montenegro Miodrag božović, Former defender of "lokomotiv" Igor Cherevchenko. But even with kuchukom, brought "loko" during the presidency Smorodskoj the only time bronze medals in the season-2013/14, she debut so that it came to Trial. For creation — it was creation, as i, and filatov, and many in the club specially worked on it — the "locomotive" of the big army of fans took more than one year. People Judas Policy of the club, with previous presidents they received a lot of attention, and the audience of the stadium in Cherkizovo grew year by year. It was mainly youth, and thus active, there appeared interesting banners, own, original shouts, and management of the club welcomed the creativity of new fans of "loco", did everything to make them even more. smorodskaja, not met at his appearance in the club hot support stands, not to Otgorodilas from the fans, but to establish contact with them did not try. And when I decided, it turned out to be late, and she led herself so that only added negative emotions to her address.

10 main things that happened to the locomotive during the offseason
Lots of good news for the Fans.

And in the failures of the team locomotive public began to blame only her, which, of course, can not be annoying, not to anger the person, the more considersed himself with a circle of the right. The mutual understanding between the club and its supporters was Destroyed. Sometimes it was a direct feud. Banners were constantly present at the stands, requiring the president of the club to be Dismissed. It came to the fact that the tribunes began to applaud the rivals, scored goals in the gate of "lokomotiv", and the success of their team was perceived discreetly. After all, the president had his nerves. From here the list of 118 fans, which was closed entrance to the stadium stands, Appeared. And in 2013, the president decided not to sell tickets to the Fan Tribune on the last two matches of the Season. It is necessary to work with fans, to communicate with Them-not only to conduct open trainings, but also to leaders to go out to Them. And not on "maserati" driving, demonstrating the financial superiority, and to communicate on equal, to lead with them normal human dialogue, to feel their mood, their experiences. of course, working in those years in other clubs, I was very worried for "lokomotiv", seeing, realizing that our with Filatov blood, that we with great difficulty created for years, is Destroyed. The fans also saw everything perfectly and felt their powerlessness in this artificially created unfavorable situation. No matter how much they protested against the arbitrariness president, no one paid attention to it. On the contrary: in the management of Russian Railways it remained on a good account, despite failures of the club headed by it, on constant rotation of coaches and "generous" expenditure of the largest in all years of club Budget. And the fans voted with their feet-by the end of the term Smorodskoj the average attendance of matches at the черкизовском stadium, which by the efforts of the previous administrations of the club reached 15-odd thousand people, decreased more than one and a half times.


Yuri Syomin photo: Alexander mysjakin, "championship"

There was a discussion in the press, caused by rumors about my parting with "lokomotiv". Oddly enough, the team itself had no panic, hysterics. Usually after strong psychological strikes the team collapses, in the "locomotive" turned out the Opposite. There was unity, and the fans began to support us even more. And in the match against CSKA "lokomotiv" interrupted the winning streak-1:0. On the eve of the match against zenit, the Club's President notified fans with the Message: "there is no previous credit of trust to the coach". We lost the match-0:3. The negative has accumulated a lot, and it has resulted. in the meantime, a meeting of the Board of Directors of "lokomotiv" was held, on the agenda of which was the question of the change of the Coach. And although the participants left me in office, it became clear that the separation is just around the corner. We worked together for a short time. At the end of the 2010 season, after which "lokomotiv" took the 5th place, got a ticket to the Europa league, fulfilling the task-minimum, the President presented to the Board of Directors of the club our performance as unsatisfactory, said that the coach did not achieved the game and the result, which was expected of Him. My contract with Lokomotiv operated for another year. But I told the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the club Vadim Morozov that I do not see prospects of joint work with the current president, asked for Resignation. and the Council adopted it. I was both funny and sad. I stopped contacting the club manager, realizing that she was doing everything to keep the locomotive from fulfilling the tasks for the season to get a reason to fire Me. We ended up with the task, but there was only one way out of the situation for me: we have to Go.

Pre-order of the book "yuri Semin. "lokomotiv". Return to the Pedestal. "


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