"i will be able to reboot in the national team." Golovin returned to Russia – 1xSport
"i will be able to reboot in the national team." Golovin returned to Russia

"i will be able to reboot in the national team." Golovin returned to Russia

Alexander golovin, Russian national football team

Without dzagoev, lunev, Yerokhin and Cheryshev

Since the team of Stanislav Cherchesova ahead of waiting for the control matches, and the official, immediately move to the Main. namely, to the Personnel news.

FC Zenit Erokhin and lunev, whose arrival was in question due to Yesterday's injuries, still arrived at the location of the team and immediately passed the necessary examinations. They didn't come out to the Training. He left the field shortly after the meeting in the central circle and midfielder CSKA Dzagoev. And another absent was the midfielder of "valencia" cheryshev, but here the reasons are not medical, but Logistic.

Swedish football federation: The match in Kaliningrad will start one hour later due to an error

"dzagoev and Lunyova have no injuries as such," explained Cherchesov. -there is fatigue-the first achilles, the second thigh muscle. Nothing to worry about. And here at Yerokhin really slightly damaged a ligament of a knee. He won't help us at this gathering.

Will you call someone instead? Think. There are certain thoughts, but you will learn from the PRESS.

-cheryshev after the match against barcelona, which took place the night before, forced to linger a bit? Yes. I told the team about it. In general, we always try to arrive on time, but this is the case when Denis could not even on the slips to Catch. Gave him a chance to sleep and take a direct flight from VALENCIA. There was no sense to drive it on other cities with Transplants.

Golovin: "upset because of the decision of goalkeeper!"

But this time was able to come our main talent, who immediately after the transition to "monaco" was injured and because of it could not help the team in the previous two Games. "it's always nice to come to the national team," shared the joy of Golovin. -the more the past collection, unfortunately, Missed. and return to Russia is doubly pleasant!

-how did the partners meet? It's all Positive. Someone jokes: "sanya, learned the language?".

It's non-stop! We became the first
The main thing about the game day in the League of Nations.

Have you learned, by the way? Not yet, of Course. But I am actively teaching! -have you scored the optimal form after the damage? -i can not say that by 100 percent, but with each game, training I feel better and better. -do you follow the comments of the Russian fans and the press about your game in "monaco"? First came and Read. Now – No Longer. It is better not to pay attention to good, not to rejoice because of praise Reviews. The same goes for negative responses – even more upset because of Them. It's better to just do your job. "and we will tell you the general Opinion. You are all praised, celebrate your Game. But we are also worried that you are in "monaco" at such a difficult period for the club. 10 matches without winnings in a row! "but it's going to be fine, I'm sure! Each team has black Stripes. And Monaco and everyone else. This cannot last Forever. I just need a pause right now. or just Time.

-what are the first impressions of life in monaco? -i can not say anything concrete, because nowhere else was not. Got hurt, and all the free time this month spent on Recovery. Two or three times a day went to the Base. But as long as everything is good, it's okay. -do The partners not ask you to teach Russian slovechkam? "and some people know that!" The same Subasic and sidibé, who played for their teams at the world cup, can easily say "thank you!", "how are you?" and "to health!".

Russian and Swedish teams to play in League of Nations referee from Italy

-cherchesov is sure that in such a difficult period for "monaco" to get into the favorable atmosphere of the Russian team you even Useful. yes, it is. Here all my own, I can quietly communicate in my native language, a little reboot and Readjust. -the Next opponent, The swedes, have already been dismantled? no, we'll Start Tomorrow. But the general concepts we Have. We know that this is a very strong and very stable Team. — And what will you say about Cska's victory over Real madrid? Watch the former? Well! honestly, I didn't think I'd win. But it can be seen that young and very strong guys are assembled. And all are good from the individual point of view and very diligent. The result is Obvious. -surprised the decision of goalkeeper to finish his career in the national team? Yes. did not expect. and to be honest, I'm a little Upset.

Gilerme: "the Russian team will have a beautiful goalkeeper competition"

If the Golovin decision goalkeeper upset, then goalkeeper "loco" should be at least a little, but Please. In terms of personal ambitions, of Course. Now he certainly will be able to go out on the field more Often. -i came to the national team in a great mood, because yesterday "lokomotiv" won a very important victory over Cska,-said Gilerme. "i haven't talked to Lunev about his injury yet, I don't know what Happened. I hope his problems are not so serious. But if I need to be the first number in the matches with Sweden and Turkey – I am ready! — did Cherchesov not collect the goalkeepers separately after Akinfeev announced his resignation? Didn't you say you have a different responsibility now? no, there was no Conversation. But we understand that we now have a better chance. Igor always played for the national team at the highest level, all this is well known!.. Akinfeev for Russia – Number one forever! He fully deserved this title and place on the Pitch. It is good that after his departure in the country a lot of strong goalkeepers. We'll have a beautiful Competition.


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