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5 well-known players who received real terms

5 well-known players who received real terms

Adam Johnson

Eduard Riflemen

In 1958, the court filed an application from Marina lebedev, where it was said that Edward Riflemen raped her. Whether it really happened or the whole situation was rigged "from above" is a huge question. anyway, the 20-year-old player was in the hands of investigators and was interrogated for interrogation instead of a trip to the world Championship in Sweden. Riflemen was sentenced to 12 years in prison, but was released early in 1963.

Yuri Sevidov

Quite early-in 23-was sentenced to imprisonment and another Soviet football player. Yuri Sevidov by car hit the man, who was a famous academician Dmitry Ryabchikov. The academician died in the hospital, but not because of the fact that he got under the car, and because of the anesthesia, which he gave him an inexperienced doctor. But all the arrows flew to sevidova, who was sentenced to 10 years in prison and stripped of the title of Master of Sports. Four years later, Yuri was Released.

"so far this article 116 of the criminal code, but may be 111. And there up to 8 years»
Practicing lawyer Alexander Lastoveckij especially for the "championship" dismantled the fight with the participation of Mamaeva.

George Best

Was behind bars already at the end of his legendary Career. The reason was to control the car drunk and the subsequent attack on the Police. Best served three months in the London prison "pentovil", where he spent Christmas 1984. Someone claims that he played for a prison football team, but best denies: "it was a shame that someone would see me playing football in such an environment." Having stepped on the will, best did not give up the bottle and later again had problems with the Police. From a pernicious habit he could not give up until his death.

Tony Adams

Cured of alcoholism, but at the beginning of the football way constantly drank and fell because of it in various Scrapes. In 1991, he drove drunk and became the culprit of the Accident. Although none of the participants were injured, Adams went to court-in the uk, these things are cut to the Root. As a result, Tony was given four months, but released in Two. They say that during this time he managed to be a coach of the prison team and tamed the Mouse.

Adam Johnson

He played for England and became the champion of the country as a member of "man city". Life changed dramatically when the details of his sexual adventures with teenager became Known. 15-year-old fan of sunderland, for which then played adam, wrote him in social networks and once waited for him after the Game. Once in the car, the footballer not only kissed a girl, but also stuck her hand in his pants. The peculiar piquancy is that his wife was at the hospital at that Moment. Johnson was sentenced to six years, and his life in prison was a nightmare for Him. First he had to work as a janitor, and then there were problems with Cellmates. One of them cut his face and groin.

"u, vosmiklassnica…" Communication with schoolgirl sent Johnson to Hell
First did – then I thought. How did one of the hopeful players end up in prison?

P.S. by the standards of the other players in the list Bruno Fernandez is not very famous in the world, but the cruelty of his act he surpassed All. The Brazilian goalkeeper decided to order his mistress as soon as she began to demand alimony from him for the maintenance of their wedlock Son. At that time Bruno was married and smiled Householder. The player and accomplices turned the music louder and cut the girl into pieces right in the Yard. After that they fed their rottweilers, and the remains were poured with Concrete. The footballer was sentenced to more than 20 years, but last year was temporarily released as part of the reconsideration of the Case. He even continued to play Football.

Pulp Fiction. The goalkeeper, raschlenivshij mistress, returned
History of the Brazilian goalkeeper "flamengo" Fernandez. After this text, the scandalous actions of other players seem childish pranks.


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