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7 scandals, in which Vlipal Cocorina. How does it get out?

7 scandals, in which Vlipal Cocorina. How does it get out?

Alexander Corina, FC Zenit

1. Bath

In 2014, the internet appeared a photograph of Alexander Corina where he sits on his lap two girls only in Panties. It was reported that the girls are striptizjorshami, according to another version of Jeskortnicami. Despite this, the attacker managed to maintain a relationship with DARIA.

The beauty of the Day. The girl of Alexander Corina Daria Valitova
In the rubric "beauty of the day" – Daria valitova, The bride of the striker "dynamo" and the Russian national team Alexander Cocorina.

2. Champagne

In July 2016, everything eclipsed the news about the party in one of the most expensive clubs of Monte Carlo "Twiga". It was reported that Corina and Mamas ordered 500 bottles of champagne in the amount of €250 thousand. They were made official under the anthem of Russia. however, soon the owner of the club, a businessman Flavio briatore, assured that the players had nothing to do with that Party. however, This situation became a major scandal, as the party was chosen as the most unfortunate moment-soon after the sensitive departure of the Russian national team from euro-2016. later, Corina Apologized:

"i realize that all this looked silly." How apologized to Corina: video
Alexander Cocorina apologized for his participation in the Monte Carlo party, to which he ended up with Pavel Mamaevym after the departure of the national team from the Euro.

3. Escobar

In January 2017, Alexander was on vacation wearing a T-shirt with the image of Pablo escobar, and then posted a photo in Instagram. Escobar is one of the main and most famous criminals in history, the famous drug of the 90s. He was accused of torture and murder of people, corruption, and most importantly-the mass sale of Drugs. Approximately 80% of cocaine in the United States was supplied by the Escobar cartel. The photo is still there in the profile of the coremoved, he did not recapture it.

4. Message

Later in 2017, he got into one more unpleasant story. This time together with DZJUBOJ. Immediately after the departure of the Russian national team from the confederations cup, the strikers laid a joint photograph of his hand over the lip, which resembled a mustache. besides, the frame was accompanied by the signature "mjessedzh" – the word used by the head coach of Russian national team Stanislav Cherchesov. Many regarded this gesture as a burn Coach.

Everything can be kings. Why Mamas and Corina are not guilty
The answer to critics of campers, or why it is so hard to imagine themselves in the place of Corina and Mamaeva.

5. Shooting

In December 2017, while at a friend's wedding in ossetia, he took a photo with a pistol. Then satisfied that the event is filmed, under the whoop "chochi, with the wedding!" forward "zenit" fired several times in the Air. Soon the video appeared in stories "instagram" with the inscription "debut".

Funny Again. Now with the gun
At the wedding of a friend the striker "zenith" too much entered the Image.

6. Deprivation of rights

In 2017, he was detained by the DPS officers for driving on the counter Lane. Soon the World Court of Tver District of Moscow punished the striker of "zenit" with deprivation of rights for 4 Months. The striker filed an appeal but was Rejected.

7. Kick Chair

Today it became known that Corina and Mamas beat the official Denis Pak. Judging by the video, she showed aggression and hit Pak with a chair. Video of the incident can be seen here:

There was a video of the attack of Mamaeva and the Official. Understand
It seems that the most aggressive in the conflict were Corina and his brother.


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