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What the hell are you doing? We don't need to plant a mamaevym

What the hell are you doing? We don't need to plant a mamaevym

Paul Mama

First of all think of It: Sasha Cocorina with his brother, Pasha Mamas with dad, habib, officials, Politicians-this is all the real russia. The power here is not the Truth. On the contrary, the truth is in force. Not physical-today it is Ridiculous-and class. Who has more influence-that and Rights.

This conclusion is only indirectly related to the formed and more or less fettered by the law of the stratum, but if you look at the trends of the whole country-from the top to the millions in the poverty line-it is necessary to recognize the low level of development of society we Are. Here is stronger than the mamaevym of the Driver-and the day no one knows that a man in the center of Moscow break his face. I wouldn't know a week. and a year. But he was not simple bombing, and confident Lichnik on the big wheelbarrow of the leading first channel. Olga ushakov, by the way, asked Putin questions, and then her employee five minutes flattened into the Asphalt-and no imaging. It is terrible to think, that would be arranged by the company, caught to it on a way any Kyrgyz on "accent". Also irreconcilable, with social Responsibility. What would they do to him? Stripped? How did the wedding doll tie to the hood? I wouldn't be surprised. And I suspect that such trampled, humiliated, beaten were Still. It just happened to them, especially on Vacation. They're Weaker.

And the official ministry Denis Pak-stronger. He developed the limousine "motorcade" to Putin. And in this case, mamas in the "gucci", with a brother and a chair-they are not even rabid dogs. and so-mice, which, if desired, very easy to Etch. Once-they Strangle and Sting poisonous snakes from the magnificent Mash'a. Two-there are chairs, "chinese", "Gangnam style" and crushed Driver. Three-and Vovanu with Leksusom manages to record prank with Sergey Fursenko, who calls Sasha with Pasha Freaks. Four – Krasnodar and Zenit break contracts and for our heroes looms life suspension from Football. And this is for the Guys-god with her, with the game-the loss of hundreds of millions. And five is a prison. It will open the door if the strong does not forgive or does not consider the humiliation of otygrannym. well, isn't that a genius disinfection formula? But now just for a moment imagine that the "coffeemania" was not a Pak with a "motorcade", and someone weak. More precisely, normal as we are. I give a piece of tooth-we would not sekundochki from the pathos "coffeemania" did not see. The cameras would have broken, booze turned into lemonade, the remark would be a threat to health, and even the chair would eventually be liquid. By the way, I quite admit that in reality there were both lemonade and a threat to health – just try to prove it if the game is Strong. and the driver ushakova?! well, even if some weirdo laid out a movie, each of us would see that he, Buhay from the "mercedes", first beats Pasha Mamaeva in the Face. And how did this prick not answer? Do not remake, so that no longer touched a single player and insulted not a single woman. It's not revenge anymore, It's socially Useful. Remember how Igor Denisov kicked a driving instructor? So he pereuchivaled Hama on the ROADS. or Here's Nikolai Valuev. yes, if he did not send a pensioner at the mall, this evil guard would ever have brought to tears not only deputy, but also a foreign wife (for readers of the "championship" it is always worth adding that it is a bitter sarcasm).

And in general, beautiful russia, Positive. Where no Spit-good-well done. Politician Slutsky gives women attention, Zhirinovsky squeezed removes spoilage from persons, and hundreds and hundreds preserve for us bowels of the country. In my pockets, really, but reliably, strongly. So I want stability for another six years. The main thing in this matter is that people do not envy and do not interfere with the Russian people to create and earn money… By the way, Papa Mamaeva in his figurative and beautiful motherly speech very subtly Vycedil Guilty. And these are not the players, and not even the officials, but the Devils. first, the traits that do not allow us to just normally communicate with each other. Do you believe that the driver of Mercedes politely asked to get out of the car, let him brazenly thrown to him a friend of mamaevym? Or do you imagine that a flock of Pasha and Sasha really attacked him just like that?! The answer will be scary and ridiculous, because such battles for respect-in cafes or on the Street-not unique, and the daily scenario of life in Russia. Let me give you a fresh personal example. I recently drove the Circum railway by Train. Although it was difficult to name the Train: diesel locomotive, one wagon and armchairs for 30 people. And during this time in a tiny room unknown people at least twice sent each other and prepared to Fight. So what: do we have a problem with the players or the culture? And secondly, It is sad that "hell" in Russia is still a unit of personality Measurement. For the Pope Mamaeva Traits-we are envious of his family's money. But he is mistaken, because the knife in the back Pasha and Sasha shot not the People. The guys made harakiri on their own. Just confusedwith, jumped on the Neznanke on the one for whom the Devils. So Timati Crow on habib. Like Ulyukaev on Sechin. Like Khodorkovsky on Putin. As any person who in class Russia unexpectedly appeared weaker. So we all society need not players now to plant, and at least to talk to ourselves, standing in front of a mirror. And keep not to hit him with a chair.

Corina and Mamas are a taboo theme in the national Team. Is that right?
Cherchesov is silent, Dzyuba gives a speech in Kaliningrad. But we were waiting for another.

Corina and Mamas will spend 2 months in the remand prison "butyrka". Live
All the details of "the case of mamaeva" are in our Broadcast.


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