"monaco" dismissed the coach, who invited Golovin. But it's not about the Coach. – 1xSport
"monaco" dismissed the coach, who invited Golovin. But it's not about the Coach.

"monaco" dismissed the coach, who invited Golovin. But it's not about the Coach.

Leonard Jardim

Main news of the day: dismissal of Leonard Jardim (i insist, It is this news home). With him parted nicely, with mutual gratitude for the work and cutting the best moments in the Club.

But it does not cancel the gravity of the Situation. portuguese, who in 2017 sensationally took the first line from psg, lost his job after a series of 10 matches without victories. With six points in nine tours, Monaco is now in the relegation zone in league 1, retired from the 17th place by four Points. In the champions league, the odds remained the third place and participation in the Europa League in the Spring.

The situation in the team is clearly out of Control. This was implicitly acknowledged by Jardim Himself. In his penalty comments recently there was not a word about Tactics. Only about Psychology. "i'm disappointed, The team didn't play with the motivation I asked the players to do. We have to change to the next game with St. Etienne, "he complained of the defeat of" Angers. " But his words after the defeat of St. Etienne in three days: "players lack confidence, it reduces their effectiveness. We have to fix the Problem. " Two weeks have passed since Then. Did not correct: "monaco" at the exit was defeated "borussia" in champions and at home lost to the humble (11th place in the league 1) "rennes" in the Championship.

Jardim to blame or not to blame?

The coach Failed. "monaco" is really in a psychological pit: the team can play well, for example in the first half after "borussia", but after the first missed goal Crumbles. It is impossible to keep the quality of the game for 90 Minutes. Successful mistakes are not only young newcomers, but even experienced players: subasic, glick, Raja. When the team manages to drive, it unsurely defends the score, and eventually loses the Advantage. All this is the fault of the Coach.

Golovin comes out in the base and Loses. "monaco" is bad
The Russian midfielder played for the Monegasques full match for the first Time.

Maybe Jardim and fix the Situation. In two weeks, a month and a Half-now "monaco" suffers from unteamwork and trauma, It is an objective premise for the uncertainty in itself, which is demonstrated by the Team. But Dmitry Rybolovlev and Vadim Vasilyev decided otherwise: the season should be saved Urgently. The goal of "monaco" in the championship was not a secret: the third place on the results of the Season. It still doesn't look unattainable if you look exclusively at the tournament table, ignoring the form of the Teams. To the third line-10 points, 31 matches Ahead. Everything is possible, if only the demoralized team will believe in Themselves. apparently, The guide believes that it is impossible with zhardimom. But even if it is true, it does not relieve the responsibility of the Club. The coach was set up.

What is the fault of the management?

The summer transfer campaign was terrible. There is a popular view among the fans that "monaco" fell apart because it sold all the Stars. It's not quite true. Not always the stars are Irreplaceable. Juventus did not collapse, selling pogba, and Monaco survived the loss of Mbappe. There are several roles that you need to highlight in any Team. This: The main star, the leader, the best player, the most useful player, the most irreplaceable player. Not always these roles are combined by one or two Players. As a rule, they are evenly distributed in the Team. so, in the summer "monaco" made a strategic mistake: sold not only the star (lemara), but also at once two irreplaceable Players-moutinho and fabinho. Even worse, the last two were a bunch in the middle of the FIELD. And Lemar also often played in the center, despite the nominal position of the left winger: it features the positional structure of the Jardim. If there were at least one of the Fabinho/moutinho pairs, it would be easier. But they both left, and there was no one to fill the hole in the middle of the FIELD. It was supposed to be done by newcomers Aolu and pele, but there is a banal wrong level. Thielemans not impressed last season, not impressive now. diop, traore, bennasser, ndoram, thielemans, Pele and aolu: from this list of Jardim two months of the endless combinations in the center of the field, and not stopping on any one. It is not necessary to climb the coach in the head to Guess-he is not satisfied with the choice of central Midfielders.

"monaco" failed the beginning of the Season. What's wrong with the Golovin club?
One win in 11 Matches. Dealing with Problems.

Add the trauma of Alexander Golovin. It is already clear that the club in it saw the successor Lemara: a key player who accelerates the attack, shifted from the flank to the center, handing out assists and attacking the second tempo. Golovin has not yet played a single match for monaco, when it has become actually irreplaceable. Add Bad Luck. While Golovin was traumatized, Jardim tried to rebuild the team to the game with a net Ten. Jovetic in this role was not bad in the last season in the spring: he does not participate in positional attacks, but is able to make unobvious decisions, and is technically enough to implement Them. But in late August and Jovetic Broke. Jardim appeared at all without players who can deliver the ball to the attack and punch from outside the Penalty. Add the injuries of Sidibé and Roni Lopes. The first was a solid base player last season scored 9 points on the "goal + pas" in league 1: not bad for the extreme defender. Lopes scored 15 goals, gave 5 scoring passes and at some point even moved Lemara. "monaco" started the season too Unprepared.

I think Golovin the wrong address. "monaco" stuck in the departure zone
Monaco has eight matches with no wins and a third place in league table 1.

Who will be the new head coach?

News about several candidates for the post of the new coach is flickering in the Press. This is Thierry Henri and Claudio Ranieri. We don't know anything about Henri-coach Yet. As an assistant to Roberto Martinez in the Belgian national team, he created mainly the emotional connection of the team with the Coach. He explained that his task was to persuade players that they could enter history. Tactics were dealt with by Others. His coaching potential is obvious, but the style of talking early.

As for ranieri, he was dismissed from Monaco in his time after the second place, because the management wanted to see more attacking football performed by the team (so explained the dismissal of rybolovlev). Even if Claudio did not have a draught from a situation in which he himself compared himself with a husband-cuckold, who learns about cheating last, The Italian for sure will require a long contract-just for Guarantees. The fans are actively discussing the candidacy of Arsene Wenger. The Frenchman once led "monaco" to championship, though since then the club and the whole European football have changed beyond Recognition. Whoever became the coach of monaco, this should not affect the place Golovin in the Start. There are simply no other players with its qualities. That's One of the reasons why the team fell so low until he played.

"10 Teletubbies and Golovin". Fans of "monaco" idolize Russian football player
And guess he forgot in league 1.

But there is good news. Three days ago, Monaco received 10 million euros from Manchester United for the goal of Antony Marsjalja to Newcastle. This money is a bonus that the English club had to pay after the 25th goal of the Frenchman in the Ns. well, we had no doubt that Monaco's finances are FINE. Now it is left for the management to remember that the football club is not only about Accounting. More players are Needed. More materials of the author-in his telegram-channel "diego simeonovich".


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