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Good second half of the Russian Team. But to win over Sweden this little

Good second half of the Russian Team. But to win over Sweden this little

League of Nations. russia-sweden-0:0

UEFA League of Nations. League B. Group 2. 3rd Round

October 11, 2018, Thursday. 22:45 MSK




Late football in Kaliningrad

The match between Russia and Sweden began surprisingly late in Moscow – in 22.45. It's more of a Ligochempionskoe Time. It turns out that in Uefa when drawing up the schedule just forgot that between the capital of our country and Kaliningrad hour Difference. It was not possible to hear about such foolish mistakes of a serious organization. nevertheless, the stadium "kaliningrad" built for the world championship, where four games of the tournament took place, gathered a full house: all 30-odd thousand. Tickets for the meeting of the two Chetvertfinalistov 2018 World Cup were sold.

Swedish football federation: The match in Kaliningrad will start one hour later due to an error

Stanislav Cherchesov made four changes compared to the match of the 1st round of the League of Nations with TURKEY. After Igor akinfeevym, the Russian team lost the second goalkeeper – the injured Andrei Lunyova. It was replaced by Marinato Gilerme. In addition, Konstantin rausch, Alexander Golovin and Alexey Ions appeared in the base instead of Fyodor kudryashova, Alexander Yerokhin and Daler Kuziaev.

Russian team without extravaganza

Team Cherchesova so high raised the bar at the world cup, that now we are waiting for her extravaganza in every home Game. But the Russian team started to play with the Swedes cautiously. Whether our team was waiting for the opponent, who has less points, will take risks and leave free space for kontrvypadov, whether the players just worried a little bit stronger than they can. however, The first dangerous moment the owners created only on the 18th minute, when they finally had a successful attack on Speed. Artem Dzyuba led the transfer to the penalty for the strike position of the ion, but on the way the ball got up, more precisely, went, the left defender of the guests Ludwig Augustinson.

Before that the ball almost did not reach dziuba, and something turned out only due to connections on the right flank of Mario Fernandez. At the superficial of half an hour the Dzyuba-cheryshev was activated during the 2018 World Cup. "spaniard" well opened under the discount zenitovca, but did not hit the way as he Can. In general, the Russian team did not create anything else before the Break. Except that the inaccurate blow of Alexander golovin, which greedy in a prospective attack, and as a whole in the first 45 minutes was not impressed, is Remembered. As if for "monaco" continued to play.

Swedish standards

The Swedish national team surpassed the Russian one in the first half, both by the number of strikes on the goal (7:6, on target 2:0) and by the angular (5:2). And each "standard" performed by the team Janne Anderson harbored a real threat. So guests created two scoring moments in 20 minutes. first, Roman Nojshtedter lost to the top Andreas grankvistu, who broke near the bar, and in the second case, the yellow almost scored already thanks to a discount from the former defender of Krasnodar. luckily, Mikael Lustig is also a defender, not a scorer, he missed.

Due to the good movement and pressure close to us in style Swedes blocked the center of the field, forcing the players of the national team of Russia to allow Marriage. For example, the mistake of Yuri Gazinskogo under the pressure of his penalty almost led to sad Consequences. Lucky that gilerme faster the striker had time to the Ball. It was very scary at the end of the first half. Marcus Berg and Emil Forsberg were close to Goal.

Best chance Dziuba

In the second half, the Russian team improved its possession of the ball and the Swedes were more difficult to withstand the tempo. apparently, on Demand Cherchesova owners already more actively engaged in offensive and the left defender Konstantin Rausha. His crosses did not end with dangerous moments until the 72-th minute, when his best chance had dzyuba. If forward "zenith" scored a head blow, playing ahead, would be a very beautiful goal. But still Artem in this match more succeeded in Podygryshe: as a goalkeeper "roma" Robin Olsen pulled the ball after passing Dziuba and hitting Daler Kuziaev under the crossbar?!

kuziaev, by the way, well came to replace the ion, whose efficiency in the game with the Swedes was clearly lower than in the meeting with the Czech Republic. Winger "rostov", perhaps, the most controversial figure in the Basis. It is one thing to sparkle in friendly matches and quite another-in the Tournament. In the end of the second half Cherchesov released another representative of "zenit" Anton Zabolotny in order to press his opponent with simple physical force. however, the stunt, which took place several times at Sergey Semaka, did not get in the national Team. Russia has played with Sweden in a DRAW. Normal result based on the situation in the GROUP. But we were waiting for a victory.

Corina and Mamas are a taboo theme in the national Team. Is that right?
Cherchesov is silent, Dzyuba gives a speech in Kaliningrad. But we were waiting for another.


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