National team as a holiday. Though everything flies in... – 1xSport
National team as a holiday. Though everything flies in…

National team as a holiday. Though everything flies in…

National team as a holiday. Though everything flies in...

Before the League of Nations game with Sweden in kaliningrad, I went to the hotel Team. Together with the staff of the press service, we discussed domestic issues, including the reluctance of the whole team to somehow touch the most popular in the country on the topic today.

Corina and Mamas will spend 2 months in the remand prison "butyrka". Live
All the details of "the case of mamaeva" are in our Broadcast.

The explanation seemed logical: people expect from us-players, coach, leadership-the holiday of football, and you need to leave them this joyful, free from scandals space.

Already at the exit I met Bezopasnik max.

"dim, look," He showed two women leaving. -imagine, pregnant, four hours waiting to be photographed.

Max's Surprise is a valuable event. He is a long time in the national team and such a simple and mutual love between the team and fans just does not remember.

of course, you can explain everything to the world Cup. condescendingly call it the arrival of glorikov, which in a couple of matches can become hejterami. But I think it's a different thing.

The other is manifested when in the morning the hotel is built a crowd. When players after training do not run into the rooms, brim caps, and jump into the People. The same dzyuba stuck at the entrance for 15 minutes until he was photographed and gave an autograph even to those who did not want to.

-we understand that everything can end, there will be a decline,-said artem half an hour before. "but people, their words and support, personally allow me to keep the fairy tale as long as Possible.

Corina and Mamas are a taboo theme in the national Team. Is that right?
Cherchesov is silent, Dzyuba gives a speech in Kaliningrad. But we were waiting for another.


By the way, those who have long been in the national team, are happy to tell how the players change before their eyes. That's the same Dzyuba. They say that earlier, especially at slutsk, He was also a sociable guy with a claim to leadership, but his behavior was a little different, prickly. Jokes were kind of funny, but often offensive, through personal themes. And without a difference-a beginner in front of him or coach Team. In the last time the sharpness has reached the captain level – with respect and love to each person in the national Team.

nojshtedter, on the contrary, looked sour and distant. and now-cordial, active, Own.

By the way, now it is impossible even to imagine that more recently active players of the national team opposed naturalized Partners. There were four of them in the match with sweden, but the German novel speaks Russian not worse than those we will not call Here. Another German konstantin-one of the most open russian-speaking players Rpl. Gilerme lives in our country for more than 10 years.

Chances of Gilerme to play for the national team are growing. And it's not just about leaving goalkeeper
Three months ago he did not go to the national team of Russia even the second spare goalkeeper. And now it can become the Main.

And Mario is a long-time favorite of the Nation.

Finders may recall Georgian Origin djikia, but flags are not so important. One should pay attention to the fact that every visitor to this team accepts its traditions and rules. And not only because it is necessary, but because it is good and pleasant. It is good and pleasant both to score, and simply and to Sit.

That is why football team Cherchesova not break due to the absence of individual performers. yes, The game may seem not the most bright and crazy, but everyone in this team exactly runs out if not until the end of the match, then to complete Turbidity. And the fan appreciates such a return above a pair of beautiful tricks, seeing the team even after ordinary zeros with Sweden simple and clear Ovation.

We really have something to rejoice in. That at the moment when all around flies in… the national team created a fertile ground, which is very difficult to Spoil. On the contrary, on this earth, it is easier to Grow-both fast, and bright, and especially technical. Look around, such we Have. And the feast must Continue.

Good second half of the Russian Team. But to win over Sweden this little
There is no draw in Kaliningrad.


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