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8 Bettorov errors that are costly to them

8 Bettorov errors that are costly to them

Theoretically, betting lends itself to direct accounting and its essence is to choose the right result. But if it were that simple, all the bookmakers would have been bankrupt by now. So why do only a few players achieve success in a sports betting? This is influenced by a number of different factors, and in this article we will consider 8 mistakes in sports betting, which do not bypass even the pros.

1. Trust the information of others

There are many betting communities where many experienced and competent players take part. These communities are based on trust and proven experience in specific areas. But it often happens that players are too trusted by the information provided by their mates. It is just so tempting when you read in the forum that the outcome of this match is "100% guaranteed" or when someone claims to have access to the closed information, which in fact may not correspond to reality. These people do not bear any responsibility in case of your loss. The choice is yours, and you have no one to complain about afterwards. The only person you can really trust is you.

2. Betting and booze

This is another common mistake in sports betting. Alcohol is never a good companion in the bidding process. It is very difficult to stick to your strategy, being under the influence of alcohol, because for you will make a decision your emotions, and for the player it is important to maintain rationality.

3. Allow emotions to make a decision

This error is akin to that described above. After all, in a sober state it is possible to make the wrong choice and accept the erroneous judgment. Each player experienced a bad bet, a series of events, when you seem to just not be able to win. Delayed goals, unreasonable penalties, unclaimed red cards – and this list can be endless. Players who are experiencing a bad streak allow emotions to take the upper hand when making decisions. They want to wager, they crave it right now! It is also common to bet against a team that you do not feel sympathy for – just in the hope that they will lose, and you at the same time actually earn some money on it. Double joy. One more choice-to put on the team you hate-something like "make bets on feeling". If my opponents win, I'll at least get some money from that, right? Both ones and other bets are equally bad in the long-term profit-making. Betting, fueled emotions, is the most reliable way to lose your bankroll. Stay cool and use analytical methods to determine your next bet.

4. Trying to be good in everything

A common mistake in sports betting is to try to be an expert in everything. The number of sports options and the determination of the outcome of sporting events is endless, and successful players focus their attention on priority areas. Remember that most bookmakers that accept sports betting have competent traders who are specialists in their field. Chances of profit are higher if you specialize in a certain sport, league or even types of bets, such as angular strikes or cards in football. If you try to cover everything, it is likely that you will be half good in many ways, but do not achieve real results in one thing ("Doc in all crafts-master in no Way"). Be a specialist, try to become a better bookmaker in a certain area. Many players think that they attacked the gold mine when they discovered a new sport. A good example is one of the occurred at the dawn of online gambling, when the Norwegian Tipster stated that he had opened the best cricket bid ever since. He was obviously not an expert in cricket, but nevertheless proclaimed himself to be an authority in this sport. He was so confident that Pakistan would win, saying, "Hell freezes before they lose this game." Guess what happened? Pakistan lost. The lesson is passed, limit yourself to what you know.

5. Do not put on undervalued events

The concept of VALUJNYH rates is the most important for achieving profit in the long term. Betting on undervalued events means that you bet only on the odds you think are likely to be in your favor. Bookmakers have margins for each bet, so it's not easy to find bets on undervalued events. The higher the margin, the big mistake will have to make the bookmaker to have a high value. Many players sin against this very important concept, and this error in betting is probably the most common. Evaluation is your personal opinion about the match. And if it differs from the opinion of the bookmaker, you can find a bet that will give the maximum profit in case of winning. Making an assessment decision is not an easy task and you need to have good knowledge of sports, probabilities and odds. The error that many allow is to first determine the result and then prove the need to match the odds. One of the most difficult things in betting is when you have to let go of the bet you believe in, since after the analysis you discover that it had no value at all. Bet on odds, not on the score. You believe Chelsea will win the English Premier League, but what are their real odds against Sunderland? 72%? What are the coefficients for the rate to give maximum profit?

6. Using Complex betting systems

This is a common case when players are experimenting with different betting strategies in search of profits, and there are many providers willing to sell such a miracle system. There's a limit to everything, no matter who says anything to you. So avoid new sensational ways of chasing profit. The strategy called Martingale is well known. Its concept is that you double your bet after each loss and in case of winning you get profit, covering the previous losses. The problem is that most gamblers do not own a limitless bankroll, and even if it were, very few bookmakers (if any) would accept the bets needed to cover, for example, 12 losses in a row. Instead, we suggest you stick to the size of the bet that is best for the proper bankroll management.

7. Do not bet on the best odds

Devotion is something that we usually think is a good thing, but why should you keep your loyalty to a bank or bookmaker? If they always offered you the best conditions and deals, then there would be no need for change, but it is hardly so. If you bet with only one bookmaker, then it is quite probable that you missing profit. Does this particular bookmaker always have the biggest odds on what you bet? Probably not. Be a valued and bet with the bookmaker that will give you the highest odds on your planned bets. If you see two stores with identical products and one of them is cheaper than another, why buy in the most expensive?

8. Bet on credit

Betting and purchase on credit, for that matter, seldom when are reasonable decision. This pushes you to make bad bets that you don't usually do, because you want to repay the loan as quickly as possible. Bet on the money you can afford to lose, and stay true to your strategy and the funds allocated to betting. The most successful players often use this slogan, explaining everything in one sentence: "Betting is a marathon, not a sprint race."