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CSKA Derby – Spartak has already started. How is that possible?

CSKA Derby – Spartak has already started. How is that possible?

CSKA Derby – Spartak has already started. How is that possible?

Rakhimov became the head coach of "Akhmat" Rashid Rakhimov became the head coach of Grozny "Akhmat". Earlier the post of mentor "Akhmat" was left by Igor Ledjahov. "In recent days, in the media and social networks, football experts and fans have been discussing who will become the new head coach of" Akhmat ". Many fans of the native team wanted to see the mentor of Rashid Mamatkulovicha, from the former work of which there were pleasant memories in Grozny. Three and a half years Rashid Mamatkulovich was the head coach of the team, who left the collective after the end of the employment contract in May 2017. Then the specialist decided to take a pause in his career. At Rashida Rahimove, the team achieved the best result in its history, finishing fifth in the season-2016/17. "Ahmat" is not a stranger to the Rakhimov team. In Grozny, Rashid Mamatkulovich at home, he knows everything. We parted friends and today we are talking to Rashid Mamatkulovichu: "Welcome home!",-wrote the President of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov in his "telegram" channel.

Ledjahov did not reach Spartacus. First retirement of the season in RPL
It was unexpected and very strange.

CSKA fined for insulting scansion fans to Spartak, head of KDC RAF Artur Grigoryants told about the sanctions against clubs of the Russian Premier League on the results of the sixth round of the championship. "On the match" Wings of Soviets "–" Anzhi ": Fans of the" Wings of Soviets "chanted obscene expressions, as well as insults on national origin. The club was fined 100 thousand. Rubles. According to the match "Rostov" – "Rubin": Berdyev left the limits of the technical zone, he was fined 20 thousand. Rubles. Fans of "Rostov" threw paper airplanes on the field, the club was fined 20 thousand. Rubles. CSKA vs. Ural: Fans chanted insulting expressions against Spartak, the club was fined 40 thousand. Rubles. This is the fourth case in the season, "says Polina Kuimova, Grigorjanca correspondent of the championship.

The Russian Cup match "Tyumen"-CSKA moved from the end of September to October 10 "Tyumen" announced the postponement of the home match 1/16 of the Russian Cup finals with CSKA Moscow on October 10, the official website of the club from the Football National League reports. Initially it was planned that the meeting will be held on 26 or 27 September, but the clubs decided to play the game next month. "According to the mutual decision of CSKA and FC Tyumen in connection with the complex personnel calendar of both teams, the match 1/16 of the Russian Cup finals moved from the end of September to Wednesday, October 10. All further information (tickets, broadcast) will appear after the official announcement of the schedule of the Games RAF, "the press service of Tyumen said in a statement. At the end of this month CSKA will play with the Czech "Victoria" at the exit (September 19), at home with Spartak (September 23) and on a visit with Orenburg (September 29). At the end of the month Tyumen will take on its field "Sochi" (September 19), play at the exit with the "avant-garde" (September 23) and meet at home with "Shinnik" (September 30).

Photo: Spartak.com

Spartak: Zhigo The operation, he can return to the system in six months "Spartak" announced that today, September 5, the French defender Samuel Zhigo had an operation at the Roman clinic "Villa Stewart". The player will need six months to recover, the official website of red-white reports. "Professor Pierre-Paolo Mariani made our player plastic of anterior cruciate ligament and seam of internal meniscus. If there are no complications in the course of rehabilitation, Zhigo will be able to return to the system in six months, "said the head of the medical department of" Spartak "Mikhail Vartapetov. FC Spartak wishes to Samuel a speedy recovery and looks forward to his return to the football field, "the press service of the Moscow team said in a statement. Recall that Zhigo received a complete rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of the left knee joint during the retreat of the 6th round of RPL with Zenit (0:0).

Mbappe disqualified for three matches of the French championship striker "PSG" Kilian Mbappe was disqualified for three games for his behavior in the guest match of the 4th round of the League 1 with "Nîmes" (4:2), reports the official website of the French League of Professional football ( LFP). Thus, Mbappe will not help his team in a home game with Saint-Etienne (September 14), in a guest meeting with Rennes (September 23) and in a game on his field with "Reims" (September 26). 19-year-old player will be able to return to the field for the guest match "PSG" with "Nice" (September 29). Recall, in the end of the match "PSG" with "Nîmes" Mbappe pushed Theis Savane, after the defender made a rough tackle. PSG scored 12 points in four starting rounds and heads the tournament table of the French championship. Mbappe noted four goals and two results in 3 games for Paris.

Pots left the post of senior coach Zenit-2, he was replaced Radimov by mutual agreement of the parties Alexander pots leaves the post of senior coach Zenit-2, the team is headed by Vladislav Radimov, the official website of blue-white-blue. In addition, Dmitry Davydov and Boris Pastnou will join the coaching staff. Radimov headed Zenit-2 from 2013 to 2017. Since June 2017 he held the position of coordinator of youth teams "zenith" and during this time he promoted his coaching qualification, passing training in Russia and abroad. It should be noted that Andrey Mikhailov, assistant Gorshkov, will enter the coaching staff of the Academy and take up the training of goalkeepers. Speaking for Zenit, the pots helped the team to win the first championship in the club's newest history, won the cup of Russia, and together with blue-white-blue took the cup and the Uefa Supercup, as well as the Super Cup of Russia.

Turkey-Russia: Match will be served by the Portuguese judge the Union of European Football Associations announced the name of the chief referee who would work at the League of Nations match between the Turkish and Russian teams. He became Portuguese judge Arthur Dias, the press service of the organization reports. Help him will be Faverani Rui Tavares and Paulo Soares. Additional assistant referees-Tiago Martins and João Pinheiro, and the fourth referee appointed Bruno Rodrigues. The match between the Turkish and Russian teams will be held in Trabzon on September 7. The League of Nations is an international tournament among the European national teams, which is first held under the leadership of UEFA. The competition will be associated with the qualifying cycle for the European Championships, giving an additional opportunity to the final stage of a number of national teams.


8 stars not summoned to the national team

8 stars not summoned to the national team

Gonzalo Higuain

In the coming days the players of the national teams will have a lot of work: someone will play in the League of Nations, someone in friendly matches. But not all the players we used to see in the form of their national teams were called.

League of Nations: why it is needed and what it gives. UEFA New Tournament Guide
In the international calendar there is a new tournament – the UEFA League of Nations. Explain what its essence and with whom the Russian team will meet.

1. Jordi Alba

Luis Enrique's decision to ignore Jordi Alba was a surprise for everyone, first of all, for the player himself. "I did not expect that I would not be called. I don't know why the coach didn't include me in the application. But it's his decision to be respected. Now my goal is to earn a comeback. In my position there are Marcos Alonso and Jose Gaia, these are excellent players. "

The defender was even told by the Barcelona coach Ernesto Valerde: "If he wants to return to the national team, he should focus on his work and not be nervous." On the other hand, the choice of extreme defenders in the Spanish national team is really terrific. Recall that the world Championship was not hit by Marcos Alonso, whose new coach Chelsea considers the best in the world in his position.

2. Hugo Lloris

In late August, Hugo Lloris got into a nasty story. He got behind the wheel in a drunken state, was stopped by the police and hit the station. He was released on bail, but the scandal was decent, although the goalkeeper the next morning publicly apologized. On September 11, Lloris will be tried. In the meantime, he suddenly found some trauma. The coach of Tottenham Mauricio Pochettino stressed that nothing serious happened. On September 15, Lloris is ready to play. But he was not summoned to the national team.

Photo: RIA Novosti

3. Fyodor Resins

"Fedor moved to another team, and decided not to yank it. We will not touch the player, let him show himself, so that we could be useful. There's been a lot of noise around him lately. We did it with Artem when he moved to Arsenal. So does it make sense to touch Smolova? Moreover, we cannot guarantee a place at the base. " In principle, Stanislav Cherchesov explained everything, and the arguments brought. Just such a solution in any case caused a storm in the comments. Though, and the game for "Lokomotiv" resin did not give an obvious reason to call him to the national team. But Chalova is missing.

Photo: RIA Novosti

"What experiments?! Under the flag stand! "
Stanislav Cherchesov explained the composition of the national team. There's a lot of surprises.

4. Igor Akinfeev

As soon as the squad was announced for the upcoming League of Nations matches with Turkey and a friendly game with the Czech Republic, everyone had one question: Akinfeev did not leave the national team? No, he didn't. Cherchesov explained that the captain of the Russian team had a planned medical examination in Germany and refused to comment on the future of the player. In general, it is not clear yet, especially as Akinfeev himself is silent too.

Photo: Denis Tyrin, "championship"

5. Gonzalo Higuain

The Argentine national team has changed after the world championship more than any other team. And that's okay, given the game and the results. Head coach left. Finished with the national team Mascherano and Biel, took the pause of Messi. But of those who stayed, the new coaching staff did not summon all the stars. For example, did not receive the call Gonzalo Higuain. In the Italian media immediately appeared information that he upset a similar decision and ready to complete a career in the national team. But the newcomer of "Milan" did not make statements. Maybe we'll see him in the national team.

Photo: RIA Novosti

6. Sergio Aguero

Immediately after the departure of Argentina from France there was a rumor that Aguero will no longer play for the national team. But in a couple of days he dispelled the footballer himself. "As long as I am summoned, I will not stop. I understand that more young will come to my place over time, but I am ready to continue. " However, in the first matches after the World Cup-friendly games with Guatemala and Colombia-it will not be.

Photo: RIA Novosti

7. Di Maria

In general, it seems that the new coaching staff of Argentina-Lionel Skaloni, Walter Samuel and Pablo Aimar-conceived a revolution. Otherwise explaining the choice of players is quite difficult. In the line of attack, except Ikardi, whose appearance awaited, called Giovanni Simeon and Lautaro Martinez. All three were well answered by coach Skaloni: "Ikardi has long been in the status of superstar, but they are all players potrjasjajushhego level and can help the team." Ezequiel Palacios, Santiago Askasibar and Gonzalo Martinez will be able to help the national team. All this is good news for Leandro Paredes: Zenit midfielder also got a chance to prove himself in the national team. But it is still not clear why Angel Di Maria, who perfectly started the season in PSG. In five matches of the season: Super and four rounds of League 1 – he has three goals and three goal-scoring passes. He would definitely not interrupt the new team.

Photo: RIA Novosti

8. Sami Khedira

Maybe it's even a belated decision. Khedira has long been no longer reliable in defense, and the game on the attack has never been his strong side. Maybe Joachim Löw just saw this post on Twitter.

Bonus: did not come

Lionel Messi has suspended performances for the national team of Argentina until the end of 2018. Cristiano Ronaldo has decided not to come to the location of the national team for the next matches to better adapt to Juventus. Mesut Özil decided to leave the national team after the conflict with the German Football Federation. Löw couldn't reach him.

The best thing to do with the fact of leaving the Ozil of the national team, not to discuss it
The most lousy story.


Fedun is the king of improvisation. He's more interesting than Tony Robbins.

Fedun is the king of improvisation. He's more interesting than Tony Robbins.

Leonid Fedun

Leonid Fedun is the king of live broadcasts. In the Russian football he could compete with it except that the Roman broad, but he surrendered when he came to visit the "championship" two years ago. -When you communicate with Fedunom personally, it seems that an adequate person, but when you read it in the press… Roman did not agree, but we would add: it seems that it is more provocative, more precise and brighter than anyone in this party. The owner of "Spartacus" as a rifle that gives a holiday-and it is a pity that lately we hear her shots less often. No, Fedun moved to the press of software materials, but his best aphorisms were born improvisedly, during live communication.

A new opportunity to talk to him at the press appeared during the celebration of the quinquennium "opening of the Arena"-Fedun took a place on Brovke and did not disappoint.

Fedun: If America starts sneezing, there will be bloody vomiting
The owner of "Spartacus" is about transfers, sale of the Mesa, "Curse of the Crosses" in the team. And even America.

1. About Marchisio and Zenith

-After signing the Marchisio "Zenit" Carrera said that Zenit has the best line of midfield in the Russian championship. Agree? asked him. -I do not agree. We were also offered Marchisio, "Fedun noticed in passing. -but we believe that the players that we have in the center of the field, he is not inferior. The correspondent is hemmed. So do I. First, because he asked himself the question: who offered Marchisio? Has Massimo Carrera worked for see? Or is it an Italian agent Marco Trabukki? And if it is, then not the same people after "Spartacus" offered Marchisio "Zenit"? No, it's not a good thing to think about. Secondly, after the words Fedun it became clear that the Marchisio in "Spartak" really do not shove!

Does 32-year-old Claudio make more useful in the center than unlimited zobnin?

Will Marchisio perform the standards or attack better than Fernando?

Maybe he, traveling from the fair and a total of a legionary, easily supplant captain Glushakova, still cheerful Eremenko or Samedov with Popov and Hanni? No, no, no. So why inflate a statement of salary and lifting under six million euros a year? For the team to burst?! Here "Zenith" Marchisio really is necessary: and after trauma Noboa, and taking into account its influence on young Argentines. But "Spartak" such expensive players are harmful and dangerous.

The world's best actor of the second plan. The main thing to know about Marchisio
Zenit got Pirlo on Minimalkah. And not only.

2. About Promese and Roche

Without proper worship Fedun spoke about the legend. -is the withdrawal of the more likely cash acquisition or loss of an important player? "We bought it for 11 million and sold it for 21," the owner of Spartacus said quite well. "The most important thing is the Quincy's desire to leave. He has repeatedly asked me to let him go-for some reason in Seville, although we had the best offers from China and England. But Sevilla he shipped three, so he was a subject of interest. I do not see problems, because, anticipating the care of Quincy, we bought Rosu, which polished the bench. In my opinion, it is a player who can fit into the game "Spartacus" and strengthen it.

No, he's mocking that Lee: What's there Rocha can amplify instead of a mesa? But let's evaluate the real conditions, not the legend.

Yes, Quincy was the best Legionnaire in the history of Spartacus.

Yes, he promised and led the team to championship.

Yes, it was bright, open, and performing a representative function.

Yes, yes, yes, but it's all in the past tense. The current promes was a man who seemed to be offended that he was not appointed captain of Spartak. Well, why would he get a bandage if the team votes for others?! He also became a footballer who confidently wore the best mask, but no longer matched the pattern on it. At the beginning of the season, his stellarness was manifested only in a disparaging attitude to PODKATYVAJUSHHIMSJA under it rivals.

where Promes went. And with whom he will now play
Perfect Championship and prospects to become a forward.

The Quincy studied from head to toe still kept the level, but showed nothing new. Comfort and stagnation would lead him to new rap-tracks with Memphis Depaem, rather than to titles. So the amount of 21 million really seems good in a situation where your best player can unnoticeably turn into a excitement. and Rocha?! No matter how ridiculous we may be, but it is still loved in Brazil, it was his phrase, he actually earned a penalty against Zenit. And yes, rumored last winter ephemeral Pedro was one of the best at the gathering and polished the shop to not annoy the mesa. So the words fedun and in this case should be carefully.

3. About Babayeva and Dzjube

Skillfully owner of "Spartacus" loosened and competitors. To the question "Dzyuba could have specially inflicted injury Zhigo?" Fedun could answer as he pleases, but chose the historical irony. -Look, I am not Fursenko or Babayev, who should be ashamed of the words translatable many years ago. Then the rivals of "Spartak" agreed and the United front disqualified excitement for six matches. This fact our football will never forget.

4. About transfers and young

The fans were waiting for Fedun and new free agents who would strengthen the defense after the operations of Kutepova and Zhigo. -Looking for a central defender go? -Naturally, any club of the world in this situation would look for a solution to the problem. Yes, so it was that Kutepova's groin. But he will be back in a month and a half and will miss only four games. A Zhigo… Yes, it's a tragedy, we just have a black stripe with some injuries coming. Zobnin was, Jikia, Zhigo. This situation cannot be changed, it must be relived. Again, we expect that the pair of central defenders, which is the best in FNL, will be ready to replace the players ' base. I'm talking about mom and Gaponova. The same stories, for example, helps already. Well, if we find options among the free agents, we will use them. But if we make sure that these players are stronger than we already have. I spoke to Massimo to use the young players.

Here, too, you can hohotnut on how the owner of "Spartacus" believes in winning the league by the guys from the second team. Only here is an example of Chalova, Golovin and Kuchaeva shows that investing in your own is probably the best solution when you want to buy another Mauricio.

5. About America

and finally. Hardly anyone can express the future of our football and the whole country in a strange way. -I have very pessimistic expectations for the next two years. If America starts sneezing, there will be bloody vomiting. Now the main thing is to survive. And this motivation from the billionaire is much more interesting, clearer and cheaper than the boy's quotes capture Moscow Tony Robbins.


"The Wagner's poster of lava in the room is still hanging." Forward CSKA-about the secret

"The Wagner's poster of lava in the room is still hanging." Forward CSKA-about the secret

Fedor Chalov

CSKA striker Fedor Chalov answered the questions in the live broadcast of the official group of the Russian national football team in "VKontakte". The most vivid answers of the best scorer RPL are in the "championship" material.

Chalov shipped three to Ural. New trauma in CSKA
The striker "army" already has five goals in the season.

-hat-trick in the match against Ural-my second hat-trick for CSKA. Overall, satisfied with the game. I got the uniform, it works. Of course, I could score even more in this match, but nothing, we work. I sighted, so in the moment with the first bare, specially scrimmage and shoulder scored. Lucky. Before scoring the second goal, he saw that the goalkeeper would be crash, so wheel in a free corner. Of the minuses-prosedal in defensive terms. I wanted to score more, so thrown, and we propasovyvali.


-In general, the transition to CSKA Obljakova is a big plus. I believe that he made a good debut, almost assist gave. I could have scored my head then, but I almost failed. Appreciate it out on five out of five.


I used to pay attention to criticism, especially when scored at the end of one season, and in the new did not succeed. About half a year could not score for CSKA. Worried about it, there was a lot of criticism in my address. Friends and family helped me through this. As a result, I realized that it was not important. You just have to play and have fun, enjoy football.


CSKA in the Role of Benjamin Button. Younger in front
For one summer, the basis of CSKA younger for a whole five!

— How treated to the national team before the 2018 World Cup? I didn't expect to be called before the World Cup. was very pleased. I did everything in my power. But I understood that the world championship itself would be difficult to get. This has become a good experience for me. Loved it, I want to be in the main team in the near future.


— At the World Championship I went to the match Russia – Spain. It was something! Superjemocionalnaja game. Of course, they discussed in CSKA a kick-off penalty goalkeeper. In training he is so tapping, but only with the game. So now it's his trick.


Do you support communication with Golovin? Of course, even before this interview withdrawn. He was telling me how the recovery was going. It's all good. I think he's going to train in a general group soon. Slowly mastered, very much wants to play for the team. Waiting for the moment when the recover leg, and he debuts.


Fedor Chalov and Alexander Golovin Photo: RIA Novosti

Golovin had to come out at the base but now miss a month
Spartak lost in Greece, Kepa became the most expensive goalkeeper in history, the jacket moved to "real"-the main events of the day.

For me, Derby with "Spartak" is a game from childhood, which does not need to be tuned. Even at school, we didn't have to explain anything about the importance of this game. I think "Spartakovcev" had the same. Everyone sees and understands everything. I had the most memorable derby when I scored five goals. This topic has not been raised with the guys from Spartak in the national team. We don't have any trolling because of club sympathy. We are still young players, more happy for each other, when someone gets into the main squad. The same Sasha Maksimenko, who has now become the main goalkeeper of Spartak, is very cool. Stories, Lomovickij – it is nice that you are against them all the childhood played, and they are in the basis. But all these thoughts are only as long as we are against each other on the pitch.


-I am against the introduction of VAR in RPL. It kills the speed of the game, the nerve. I watched the game between Roma and Milan. Not counted two goals, do not know what the players felt at this moment. You can't do that.


"We need to go to a big team. From CSKA to Monaco-senseless transition»
Fedor Chalov told why in Austria the national team played in "Zhelezkah", where it is not necessary to pass Golovinu and why grenades are not to blame.

How did I get into football? We played with my brother on the box. We were invited to the "Young Dynamo" team. Brother is four years older, but we asked to train together. So I was engaged in 1994 year of birth. I was seven, and the boys were 11. A year later I came to CSKA. Took at once, it was easy to train.


Photo: Alena Sakharov, "championship"

-As a child my idol was Wagner love, so far in the room hangs his old poster. Plus Didier Drogba-his game also liked.


-I am closer to the Spanish championship, I do not think that I would approach England. "Real". I would like to play in the same team with Messi. I can't compare it to Ronaldo. Both are great.


-I want to play in such great teams as "real" and "Barcelona". But also CSKA team with a rich history, and I would not mind to play in it, as well as Igor Akinfeev, all his life.


Rating of candidates for the national team of Russia. 29-th round. Midfielders and strikers
The second part of the rating of candidates for the national team according to the version of the championship.

What kind of movie do I love? I'm watching everything. I love and laugh, and boot, so I can not allocate anything. From the last that looked, would advise "obsession".


-recently opened a beautiful park on Khodynka-I like it very much. Like the center of the city, but it is not felt. I advise everyone to walk there.


What do you dream about? To keep the family healthy, play football and enjoy it.


"This is an absolutely crazy situation!" Basta vs "Rostov"-a conflict over the field

"This is an absolutely crazy situation!" Basta vs "Rostov"-a conflict over the field


What happened?

On September 4, Rostov on the official website announced that the match with "Ufa" on September 22 could be the last one for the club at Rostov-Arena this year. According to the club, it is the fault of the upcoming concert Basta, which will be held at the stadium a week after the game-September 29. The management of the club is not enough that, despite all fears and objections on their part, the Stadium management company "Sport-in" has decided to hold a concert event.

"Rostov FC is sure that after such actions the lawn" Rostov Arena "seriously suffers. Unfortunately, this is no longer an evaluation judgement of management, but a fact confirmed by history. "Ahmat Arena", "Petrovsky" stadium, "Esprit Arena", "Wembley" stadium is only a short list of stadiums, the lawns of which were completely destroyed during the concert programs. Moreover, FIFA has banned any concert events at the new stadiums 2 months before the 2018 World Cup. However, the sports-in company that manages the stadium in pursuit of the momentary benefit, not taking into account the interests of the club, decided to hold a concert on the football field "Rostov Arena". Thus, the home match "Rostov" – "Ufa" on September 22 may be the last match of the Yellow-blues at the stadium "Rostov Arena" in the current season, "the statement reads. In case of damage to the lawn "Rostov" will move to "Olympus-2", and the owners of the season tickets get priority places at the old stadium.

What did Basta answer?

Vasily Vakulenko commented on the situation with the championship. According to him, the statement of "Rostov" seems to be a whim. "For me, as for Rostovchanina, every concert in the city is amazingly superputeshestvie. It was pleasant, when in recent years the leadership of the region and the city invited me to perform on the theater square, for me it was a real feast. The absolute record was beaten: 125 thousand people at the concert. We decided to hold a concert at the new convenient stadium, so that people came to the left bank to ws the Holiday for all my countrymen. And all this katavasija started. At first they said that we were transferring the concert because of the match with "Ufa", we answered that there were no problems. Then held a meeting of "Rostov", where something was decided. We were forced to spend an insane amount of expertise. As a result-I have on hand the design documentation, which says that "Rostov-Arena" provides for major events: during the concert Steletsja special coating, which does not allow the lawn to become unfit. If the concert does not take place, I will come to my district, for my money I will put a sound, and I will spend a concert for the residents of the district. For me, this is absolutely crazy situation, which really saddens me. The site owner agrees, the tenant agrees, the artist agrees. We wanted to take a picture and show what a beautiful city and a new stadium we have. And only "Rostov" makes a statement against the concert, without any names and instructions of positions. It's very similar to a whim. In "Luzhniki" concerts of large performers are held without any complaints, business is coming. We need to maximize all our resources to develop infrastructure, but there is a group of people here. It's not like footballers, "Vakulenko said.

Basta: The story of Rostov Arena is a crazy situation that saddens me

Did Rostov respond to that?

Of course. It turns out a good battle-true, through the media. "As for the concert, we do not oppose the holding of your event, we generally object to any concert program on September 29. The next home game "Rostov" against Orenburg will take place on October 6 – and we seriously fear that it will be impossible to restore the field in a week. We assure that if your concert was planned in one of the breaks in the Russian football Championship, we would not only have not objected, but would have supported, as we respect your creativity, "-said in the statement of the club.

"Rostov" responded to the statement of Basta about the concert at the "Rostov Arena"

What do they say in "Sport-in"?

In the management stadium the company also did not become silent. "Sport-in" assures that during the concert will be used a special coating that does not allow to damage the lawn. "We declare with all responsibility that the experience of organizing mass entertainment events at modern stadiums proves that they do not prevent the holding of football matches in any way. It is about absence of any risks of this kind experts of stadium "opening arena" and Fsue "sport-in" spoke at yesterday's meeting with participation of representatives of FC "Rostov".

During the concert will be used removable universal protective coating for natural grass lawn, available at the disposal of fsue "sport-in". The speed of its dismantling is 3-4 hours. And the application of modern technologies of laying and care of herbal coating allow to restore its properties in the shortest possible time and without any special expenses. For example, the Moscow Stadium "opening Arena" recently held 7 concerts, after which during the day the field was ready for matches. For example, on July 13 this year there was a concert of the rock band "Guns'n'roses", and on July 15 a football match was planned. Similar experience is realized at the stadium "Luzhniki" (Moscow). It should be noted that on the "Rostov Arena" football match will take place only 8 days after the planned concert (which at the request of FC "Rostov" has already been once moved from September 23 to September 29, and initially its holding did not raise objections with Side of the club management). This time is more than enough to bring the stadium into a functional state in case of unforeseen damage to the lawn, "-said in a statement of the company.

"Sport-in": Nothing threatens to hold matches at Rostov Arena

Do the concerts really have a bad effect on the lawn?

In general, yes. Specialists in the care of football lawns, with whom the "championship" spoke, insist that the concerts are really dangerous for the lawn. However, it is emphasized that everything depends on the time of finding the grass under the concert equipment, as well as whether the protective specialized material is used – plastic collapsible frame. For adaptation after the event is enough weeks: so, on November 4 in "Luzhniki" was a concert, and already 11-the team of Russia played with Argentina. A high probability of damaging the coating is in the event that the organizers saved on the underlying material and incorrectly entered the lawn in the concert mode. Recovery times vary from 2 to 6 weeks depending on the degree of damage. His comment on the situation was given by the owner of "Spartak" Leonid Fedun, at the stadium of which there were several major concerts: "Leningrad", "Depeche Mode", "Guns N ' Roses". "The field should not be closed for more than three or four days. The flooring needed for the concert must be laid the day before the event and removed the day after. Three pause in the lighting does not destroy the lawn, then he needs only a week to adapt, "he said.

Fedun-About Rostov Arena: Three pause in lighting does not destroy the lawn


No time to explain. Just return that Russian team!

No time to explain. Just return that Russian team!

Russian national football team

Russia's national team will hold its first match after the 2018 World Cup. All sensations are automatically compared with those that were during Mundial – dances, tears and waste. Now another atmosphere. It is felt already at the entrance to the base in Novogorsk. Police dogs are no longer sniff laptops, uncles with headphones and jackets do not follow you on the heels. -You have a second turn to the left,-security at the checkpoint sends to the independent way reporters.

The number of journalists was less. There are no more sultry Mexican correspondents who asked bizarre questions. During the training, the players are traditionally engaged on the far side of the field from the media. Suddenly, some of the reporters shoot at the camera, as the players swear by the mat (oh, God-that's a shock!).

It is impossible to discern something in 15 minutes of training. It is clear that all the players are healthy and nobody misses the occupation. As soon as the players put on shirt, journalists are asked to leave the training. It is a pity, because the composition of the match with Turkey can be quite unexpected and it is interesting to understand now the outlines of the new team. As long as it seems more modest without goalkeeper, Ignashevicha, Golovin, Smolova…

It became more modest and on the base itself. In view of the fact that the media was less, the reporters were transferred from the Special Hall to the sports complex, where they carefully installed the desks among the simulators. You can swing until the players come back from class. Although, to be honest, the soft ball does not reach the hands.

Photo: "Championship"

Hotel turned out for Dynamo Konstatina Rausha and Anton Shunina. They moved from one base in Novogorsk to another, which is actually behind the wall. If it becomes boring, a couple of minutes walk to the Dinamovskogo Corps and take a couple of books in the instability library. -I was invited to the national team after a long break (from Euro 2012 – approx. "Championship"),-began shunin. -Did you lose hope of a challenge all this time? Every professional always aspires to the national team. I am including.

Russian national football team photo: Alena Sakharov, "championship"

-Has the Turkish team already been dismantled? -The theory has already been and after the flight continue to study the opponent.

-Who do you know about the Turkish team? -I have not yet looked, but necessarily glance composition.

For whom Novogorsk completely in novelty so it is for 22-year-old Yegor Sorokina. Not long ago Nobody knew about this central defender. He is now a player of the Russian national team due to Kutepova injury.

-Was it scarier for the first time to go to school or to the national team to arrive? -a question to the defender of "Rubin" Sorokin. -Quite different emotions. Although now I do not remember exactly how it was during the first campaign to school. I'm glad to call you. Getting to the requirements of the national team. -Do you realize that you are now a player of the Russian national team? Do you feel dizzy? -Of course I understand. I'm an adequate person. The head does not whirl, there is an understanding that it is necessary to work a lot. -How did Dzyuba take the team? Just a couple of jokes.

-Ignashevich communicates with the defenders of the national team. Did you talk to you, too? -Yes, I said a couple of exercises in the gym Hall. Plus in training pays attention to details.

Continuity is great. Simulators for journalists – too. I wish I could bring back a little bit of the atmosphere of the 2018 World Cup. It is clear that it will never return, but even a drop. Maybe you should have held a training session for the fans again?


Fedun: If America starts sneezing, there will be bloody vomiting

Fedun: If America starts sneezing, there will be bloody vomiting

Leonid Fedun

Today "Spartak" has extended the agreement with the bank "FC" opening ". The "red-white" stadium will continue to be called the opening of the arena. The owner of the club Leonid Fedun told about the financial benefit of the partnership after declaring the deal. At the same comment the sale of Quincy Mesa in "Seville", Clash Dziuba and Zhigo. He also admitted that "Spartak" was also offered to buy Claudio Marchisio. -Are you satisfied with the results of the team in the championship? -the championship grid is fine. We have a plus six points to the last season and three to four to championship. We look good. The biggest blow and failure was not participating in the Champions League. This is a serious economic loss, as well as a moral loss for fans and players. Due to financial losses we were forced to sell our main star – the mesa. The big headache is the loss of two central defenders out of four. Maybe someone shamanit against Spartacus, because there are so many problems with the crosses.

-What are the challenges facing the team in the Europa League? -While the task is play-offs, but to reach the semifinal is real. In the domestic championship, everything will be decided in the matches with the outsiders. If we go through the schedule, we can fight for the championship. -Today the club has extended the agreement with the opening bank on the naming arena. How much income does it allow to provide? -Mikhail Dorn (Chairman of the Board of the bank "FC opening" – Ed.) has already said about the financial opportunities that the bank gives to the club. Today we have a very stable and good relationship, which we are happy with. As a result, a fairly solid sum is obtained.

-When the first agreement with the bank "opening" was signed, there were talks about Spartak's exit to IPO. Why is this idea stalled? –Then there was another situation. Now Spartak earns about 5 billion rubles, but due to the devaluation of 250% the cash flows generated by the stadium will not compensate the costs. If financial stabilization happens, we will return to this idea. -Is it soon to wait for this stabilization? -I have very pessimistic expectations for the next two years. If America starts sneezing, there will be bloody vomiting. Now the main thing is to survive. Thanks to "opening" Spartak has opportunities for survival and struggle for high places in the championship, as well as worthy performances in European competitions.

-Rostov said that the Basta concert could "kill" the lawn. Spartak has a great experience in carrying out such events. Share your experience? – The field should not be closed for more than three or four days. The flooring needed for the concert must be laid the day before the event and removed the day after. Three pause in the lighting does not destroy the lawn, then he needs only a week to adapt.

Basta: The story of Rostov Arena is a crazy situation that saddens me

-Are you satisfied with the performances of young players at the heart of Spartak and will this course continue? -Massimo and I talked this question. We said that we have no other way but to trust the young players, because in Russia there are no more quality players, except for those who perform in our second team. "Spartak-2" leads in FNL, which is nonsense in itself. Finally, the vertical "academy-double-" Spartak-2 ", which we have created, earned and began to issue players. In the clip there are a few interesting guys who in the near future can strengthen the team. In addition, it should be understood that in two years the limit will be only seven foreigners for the season. Other sources of replenishment of players, except for their pupils, No. – How did the transfer of the Mesa compensate the club's losses from falling into the Champions League group? Allowed. 20 million euros lost, 21 million euros earned. That's it.

-is the withdrawal of the compound more likely to be a cash acquisition or a loss of an important player? -We bought for 11 million, and sold for 21. The main thing is the desire of Quincy to leave. He has repeatedly asked me to let him go-for some reason in Seville, although we had the best offers from China and England. But Sevilla he shipped three, so he was a subject of interest. I do not see problems, because, anticipating the care of Quincy, we bought Rosu, which polished the bench. In my opinion, it is a player who can fit into the game "Spartacus" and strengthen it. -You can sign free agents until September 14 – will you use this right? -The situation with the central defenders-force majeure. Can't tell if there will be any acquisitions. Our head coach and breeders will decide this. We are working in this direction. -After signing the Marchisio "Zenit" Carrera said that Zenit has the best line of midfield in the Russian championship. Agree? –I do not agree. We were offered Marchisio. But we believe that the players that we have in the center of the field, he is not inferior.

The world's best actor of the second plan. The main thing to know about Marchisio
Zenit got Pirlo on Minimalkah. And not only.

-You know Taski well. Maybe we should sign it. -We know him well, so he will not be in Spartak. -but the search for the central defender go? -Naturally, any club of the world in this situation would look for a solution to the problem. Yes, so it was that Kutepova's groin. But he will be back in a month and a half and will miss only four games. A Zhigo… Yes, it's a tragedy, we just have a black stripe with some injuries coming. Zobnin was, Jikia, Zhigo. This situation cannot be changed, it must be relived. Again, we expect that the pair of central defenders, which is the best in FNL, will be ready to replace the players ' base. I'm talking about mom and Gaponova. The same stories, for example, helps already. Well, if we find options among the free agents, we will use them. But if we make sure that these players are stronger than we already have. -Dzyuba could have specially inflicted trauma Zhigo? -Look, I am not Fursenko or Babayev, who should be ashamed of the words spoken many years ago.

Dzyuba broke Zhigo. He disqualified for six matches?

-Are you in favour of allowing the sale of beer on the "opening-Arena"? -Yes, of course. -Is the Russian football ready for this? -We have passed the world championship. Was there any problem? Although the beer was sold everywhere. -and at the petrol station beer can be sold, as you think? -In my youth taxi drivers traded alcohol. Beer-yes, strong alcohol-No. -How do they differ? -If you drink beer, you will run, pardon, in a known direction, and from vodka you can pull on feats. -Can beer sales be a help for clubs in the matter of survival? -We have a good contract with the Moscow Brewing Company, and it is not even 1% of the income. Yes, any penny that goes to the budget is a help, but radically it does not change anything. The issue needs to be addressed in the whole country, and a political solution is needed. Now I'm writing an economic article about what our football is waiting for.


Football has died in this country. FIFA has achieved it

Football has died in this country. FIFA has achieved it


Do you know anything about football in Pakistan? Probably just what it is. There is one more thing-in this country is put on stream production of football balls. Maybe you had a ball with a "made in Pakistan" stamp in your childhood.

In fact, only one of these two facts is true. The one about the balls.

In Egypt fans are not allowed to the stadium. You knew?
It's been a lot of years, but it's gotta change now.

Years without official games

The last time the Pakistani national team participated in the official game, it happened in 2015. At the qualifying stage for the 2018 World Cup he had to play a return match against Yemen (the first one was lost with the score 1:3).

That game did not take place because of a terrorist attack in the city of Lahore. Blew Catholic churches, in that meat grinder killed dozens of people. The country was not up to football.

The game was moved to a neutral field for a week. The teams Skatali a zero draw, and Pakistan lost the chance to break into Mundial in Russia. Since then, the local team has not played a single match. First because of the internal turmoil and then because of the punishment of FIFA.

The lack of games affected the team's place in the ranking of national teams. Pakistan occupies a place in the last ten (201). Above such teams as Sri Lanka, Gibraltar and Mongolia…

Penalty from FIFA

The problems of Pakistani football began in 2015, when the president of the Federation Saleh Hayat decided to re for a new term. The decision caused a split among the football officials: some of them insisted on his leaving.

In the same year, the Hayat faction held elections in which the President won. This election was recognized by FIFA. In the meantime, the Pakistani court decided to take control of the Football Federation's offices and accounts. FIFA regarded this as interference by the state, which is a flagrant violation of the rules.

For this reason, Pakistan slapped disqualification. Since 2017, the local team and clubs could not participate in international competitions, and footballers with the citizenship of Pakistan have lost the opportunity to play abroad.

New Chance

Only in the spring of this year the FIFA sanctions were lifted. In the summer, Pakistan took part in the Asian Games. The ones that allowed the Tottenham forward to slope from the army.

The attackers of Tottenham are facing the army. It'll save the Asian Games gold
For the main star of the national team of South Korea, this is the last chance to get exemption from service.

Pakistan, by its standards, also performed there successfully. The victory over Nepal in the group stage became the first in the last 44 years at the Asian Games. The playoffs didn't work out, but no one was upset. Now the team is waiting for the South Asian Championship, which will be held in September.

Last summer superstars football came to Pakistan. Ronaldinho, Giggs, Anelka and Robert Pires played football to show: Football is needed in this country. Already not the most athletic country in the last couple of years has been behind the football family for a decade. Now she needs help from the outside as never before.


Hanni and Spartak: Why everything goes wrong

Hanni and Spartak: Why everything goes wrong

Sophia Hanni, Spartak

Where can I use Hanni?

The background to the almost open conflict of Sofia Hanni and Massimo Carrera is easy to find in the decision of the Italian coach to slightly modify the initial formation. If before Carrera allowed the presence of pure tens on the field, now "Spartak" plays 4-1-4-1 with pure Opornikom and two dense eights. Hanni, though not a classical ten on a set of skills, formally enough often occupies this position-now this player is deprived.

In addition, Hanni can be used insajdom (better-in the left Poluflange) or the second striker (Carrera experimented with 4-2-2-2). The riot of Algerian began immediately after the sale of Quincey is not accidental: the Dutchman occupied the place of the left insiders, but without him the second number Sofya saw without questions. Nevertheless, Allenatore "Spartak" has released for a key match in St. Petersburg not Hanni, and not the winner of a thousand years Pedro Rosu.

Spartak became too promesozavisimym. Quincy Care-a chance to rebuild
When the leader becomes more than the rest of the team.

How Hanni plays and why it can be useful for Spartacus

One fact is enough to demonstrate the coolness of Sofya: Last season he, in terms of every 90 minutes, was the best player in the team by the number of key gears — 3.6, even more than that of the mesa. At the same time, Hanni plays almost exclusively in a short pass at aggravation, because he seeks to open the defense of the opponent on the last third-a rare skill in the championship of Russia. It is possible to assume that the best on key transmissions/90 Algerian makes a small amount of game practice and because of it the big error, but is not present: In Belgium it has the same numbers and the same inclination to a short Paz.

When Hanni just moved to Spartak, he really looked the most Dikan in style (terribly klishirovannoe expression, but you immediately understood what the speech) football player. In addition to the short and cutting pass on the last third of the red and white Nineties in it there is also the ability to use free space, which makes Algerian irreplaceable in the game once-two-the most classic Stenochkah. "Spartak" with Hanni on the pitch creates almost one and a half of the penalty for 90 minutes more than without him-it is due to the fact that the opponent does not have time to readjust after the opening of the zone, which instantly dived Sophia. Yes, Hanni with the most of all in Spartak gives inaccurate short transmissions, but this is the case when it is necessary to interpret the statistics correctly. This is not due to the low culture of the pass, but because the player is more likely to risk, trying to play the aggravation. It also makes it on the last third, where a) the highest density of rivals; b) the chance to bring a clean counterattack to its gate is minimal.

So why doesn't he play?

Sofia Hanni Photo: Alexander Safonov, "championship"

There can be only two football explanations. The first is simple: Carrera not satisfied with the physical form of Sofya. In general, the matches Hanni it was noticeable that it reduces activity by the end of the match, and the coach of "Spartak" at the same time requires the team to play enough energy-intensive football. The explanation is logical, but a) to work out in the defense of the mesa was not forced and in its best form; b) Midfielders and eight red-white, with the exception of pulling the entire volume of Zobnina, also prosazhivajutsja to the endings. Therefore it is quite strange that the victim is Hanni. The second explanation is related to the style of the present "Spartacus". The greater the influence of Quincy on the game team, the big bet was made on counterattacks (true and reverse), and Hanni is still a player who is extremely useful in the positional offensive and transition phase to him. Perhaps, it is on the basis of the task to keep the counterattacking style without Mesa Carrera and released in St. Petersburg Rosu-The Brazilian is just very usable acting on counterattacks, performing in his best form a good rolevika. But also there is a strangeness: it is obvious, that to the best form of Roche far at least because he sat without game practice.

Guessing game. Is there a system in the new transfer of Spartak?
I think even Spartak fans will be able to answer this question correctly.

How is everything going to be resolved?

The unfavorable variant is simple: in the winter Hanni will be leased with the subsequent sale.

If we talk about how to embed Hanni into the game, there are two possibilities. Let's say that Carrera will not abandon the desire to counterattack, then the 4-2-2-2 can become an option. To do this, the coach of "Spartak" has active extreme defenders (Melgarejo dropped Kombarova for a long time, and stories very well can be included in the attack on the right), not ideal, but played a bunch of Fernando-Glushakov, actively pull in depth and creating Zone and extremely efficient zobnin, capable of insuring anyone. When disqualification Eremenko goes, the puzzle will be final: A second attacking player using the zones is needed. What you need for Hanni. However, with the departure of Quincy and even more so after the two central defenders were departed because of injuries, the Carrere might need to reconsider the general line. To use the best sides of their players and to remove part of the load from the defense without Zhigo, Spartak should return to control. Hanni in this case will take a comfortable position in the left Poluflange with inclusions in the penalty, giving the flank zone workable Melgarejo. "Spartak" will get the outdated of the region-suppose the right to bomb the flow of the penalty will be Samedov, and left Hanni will zauzhat the defense of the opponent and look for a pass against. This functional spread is always a big plus for the team. Carrere and his staff need to understand that integrating Algerian into the team is primarily for the benefit of the crew.


Russian football players have been massively rushed to Armenia. Why should I?

Russian football players have been massively rushed to Armenia. Why should I?

Andrey Talalaev and Russian Legionnaires "Pyunik"

Until recently, the Armenian direction has not enjoyed high popularity among our football Wanderers. Last season there were 8 Legionnaires from the Russian Federation in the Tamoshnem Championship, 9 in the previous year. And suddenly "passenger traffic" between friendly countries has increased dramatically. For one transfer window clubs of the small Transcaucasian Republic hired four dozen Russian players! Even taking into account the holders of two passports (not to be confused with dual citizenship) the scale of sport and labour migration is impressive. Overnight, Armenia became the largest importer player in Russia.

There's really nothing to be surprised about. Good neighborly relations here if you play a role, then clearly not dominant. All prosaic: Russian businessmen of Armenian origin came to the 46-th League of the UEFA rating, and together with them investments came.

The oligarchs predictably entrusted the realization of their football projects to the tried-and-true people (You remember: "Belkin, they do not risk such money"). Those, in turn, were guided by exactly the same considerations when recruiting personnel, improvised and football players.

Russian Legionnaires in the leagues of the former USSR 38-armenija16-BELARUS9-Latvia, Lithuania, Jestonija5-Georgia, Uzbekistan4-Kazakhstan, MOLDOVA2-azerbajdzhan0-Ukraine

The Russian track in the Armenian championship is easy to follow on the list of the main coaches. Of the nine clubs in the first League (analogue RPL), three are now headed by well-known characters. More precisely, two media and one slightly forgotten.

Former striker CSKA Ilshat Fayzulin-the brightest blonde with original equipment, the author of two scoring passes at the Camp Nou in 1992-arrived in Yerevan to raise the Academy "Banants", and for almost a month combines the director's position in the school with coaching in First team. It turns out not bad: three victories in one defeat. After six rounds, "Banants" is three points behind the leader – "Lori" from Vanadzor.

A rare top manager will trust the team coach, not praktikovavshemu on a serious level. But the owners of "banants" did not know firsthand about the business and human qualities of the candidate-themselves have recently revolved in Russian football. Dzhevan Chelojanc had a serious weight in the board of directors of "Spartak", Oleg Mkrtchan not one year minder "Kuban" (and earlier-Metalurh Donetsk). Chelojanc continues to be the main shareholder of FC Armavir, parallel to the "Banancem". Also in a sense a room.

This summer, "conveyor belt" between Krasnodar Krai and Yerevan slowly went: one player of "Armavir" joined the first team "Banants", two more-the second. Apparently, over time mutually exchange of players-a kind of pre-sale training-should be put on the stream. Otherwise, what is the point in such an inexpensive "cooperative"? Another major Russian businessman, Arthur Soghomonyan, was involved in the game. Unrealized in the school "locomotive" Children's dreams, he now embodies a life on a fundamentally different, in all respects adult level. Last year, the graduate of the Moscow Institute of Electronic Engineering and the Academy of National Economy acquired "Pyunik". Big by national Standards The club has recently passed positions (third, fourth, fifth place after Gold 2015). Judging by the scope of orchestrated in the team of perestroika, the new chief of this state of affairs categorically does not suit.

To correct the situation Soghomonyan appointed one of the most interesting Russian specialists new-or relatively new-waves. In Yerevan, Andrei Talalaev got what he had never had at home – actually carte blanche for picking. In the selection of "Pyunik" you feel a thorough knowledge of the head coach of the "bowels" of Russian football. Only from FNL and MNP he pulled a dozen predominantly young guys, not counting the Russian goalkeeper Kobozeva, six months sitting without work after the end of the Swedish career stage.

The aggressive transfer campaign brought quick tournament returns. Talalaev first in history spent "Pyunik" in the second round of Eurocup. And then the third! Only the Israeli "Maccabi" Armenian-Russian JV has conceded a minimal sum of two matches. Anyway, noise "talalaevcy" decently-even in Russia heard.

Not just Slutsky. All Russian coaches in the Europa League
7 Russian coaches have already started in the Europa League. Before the third round of qualifications four of them got.

Samvel Karapetyan has developed no less vigorous activities on the football field. The founder of the group "Tashir", which consists of more than 200 companies, has decided to spend a particle of its capital ($4.5 bn. According to Forbes) for a favorite game of millions. At the end of last year he acquired a modest club "avant-academy", renamed it "Ararat Moscow", united with the Russian namesake and called the "Ararat-Armenia". The new Ararat has nothing in common with the "just" Ararat, which has been rattled by the whole Union from time to times. But his plans seem to Napoleonic.

26 newcomers signed Ararat-Armenia before and after the start of the season. Again in words: twenty-six. In this crowd even the pupil of the Madrid "Atletico" Sergio Gonzalez wormed. But the main contingent here also Russians (12 holders of passports of the Russian Federation). The most famous is the defender of Hozin from the Urals.

And he instructs all this brigade someone Vadim Skripchenko. Have you forgotten that? The former colleague, and then the successor of Viktor Goncharenko in the Urals, consistently lowered to the bottom of the table RFPL "Wings of Soviets" and "Anzhi", but instead of downgrading went to increase-to the top division of Armenia. Now his "Ararat-Armenia" divides the second-fourth place with "Banancem" and "Alashkertom". Maybe the man here fights for medals.

Russian coaches and footballers in the first League of Armenia "Ararat-Armenia": Abakumov, Avanesyan, Hambardzumyan, Davidyan, Guz, Kobjalko, Oslonovskij, Pustozerov, Siukaev, Hozin, Yaschuk. "Ararat": Abidinov, Golovach, Zakharyan, Maljaka, Marikoda, Ostrovsky, Petrushhenkov, Stark, Stukalov, Tatas. Artsakh ": Agamagomedov, Boers, Ermakov. Banants ": Fayzulin (i. About. Coach), Gultjaev, Solovyov. Lori: Volchkov. "Pyunik": Talalaev (coach), Bogatyrev, Wars, Dmitriev, Dorozhkin, cruel, Kobozev, Kolychev, stitch, cockroaches. Shirak: Gogichaev, Ermakov.

The count is the case. The most popular coaches-foreigners in RFPL
While many Russian specialists sit without work for years, Božović changes teams like gloves. Waiting at the zenith?